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Chapter 88 - A Quick Snip

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 88: A Quick Snip

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    The shorter girl was called Luo Duoduo. She was number three in that room. She had hair that reached her waist, the kind of hairstyle which traditional men preferred. She always spoke with a gentle tone of voice. Chen Baichuan, a conservative guy, believed this was how a proper girl should look. But Mu Mianmian warned Qianmo secretly about this snitch just by looking at her.

    Almost everybody was surrounded by a few “good kids” like her while they were growing up. They had good results, “good” behavior, and always wanted to give feedback to teachers. They might not be popular among their own kind, yet they always left a strong impression on the opposite sex.

    They had not met for a few days only, and Luo Duoduo had already cut away her long hair, sporting a bob now. She looked like a different person with her short hair and dark blue uniform. She looked much better when her hair was not covering her face.

    Qianmo was startled when she saw Luo Duoduo and her new refreshing hairstyle. Then, she quickly realized what was different between herself and the rest.

    She had long hair while everyone else had short.

    Qianmo’s first reaction was to take out the camera that she had brought along. She would need to pass this over later as all these gadgets were not permitted during the training. She took a quick look at her three roommates.

    Qianmo already had an idea of what personalities her three roommates had with that one glance.

    She looked at Mai Mayou, who had fought with her before. Although they weren’t on good terms for now, she was the most dependable among the three. Qianmo passed the camera to her.

    “Help me take a picture, Sesame Oil.”

    She removed her hat as she spoke, and her long hair fell down smoothly. A pleasant scent wafted into the room as the hair broke loose from its restraint. The three girls were mesmerized when Qianmo shook her hair in a natural but seductive manner.

    “Why should I take a picture for you…” Mai Mayou despised herself a little. Both of them were female, so they had the same physical attributes. Why was she charmed by one of her actions?

    Qianmo smiled at her. “Thank you.”

    She was electrifying!!!

    Before Mai Mayou was aware of her own actions, she had already taken the camera from her and started taking her pictures.

    The other two girls had totally different reactions from her.

    A tomboy and the boss of the hostel room, Lu Shangka, took an interest in Qianmo. But, the “good student” felt threatened in that instant.

    Sesame Oil opened her mouth. “Why did you ask me to take pictures?”

    Qianmo kept the camera without answering. She was saving those pictures for Black after the training was over. She then took out the sewing kit from her luggage and got a pair of foldable scissors out.

    “Oh my! What are you trying to do?” Sesame Oil immediately got into a boxing posture. Was Chen Qianmo trying to fight with her? She had even brought along a weapon!

    Qianmo raised the scissors and did a quick snip. The room suddenly became quiet.

    The long, straight, black hair that she had kept for years was cut off with that one move.

    She had left a deep impression on the three girls when she took off her hat and shook her hair. Her hair texture was fabulous and smooth without applying any hair products. One could even film a TV commercial with that hair.

    Girls who kept long hair usually had an attachment to it. It was common to witness an upheaval in hair salons when the hair was cut shorter than it was supposed to. Luo Duoduo had even cried her heart out when she was forced to cut her hair.

    The girls in the room became speechless when Qianmo cut her hair so suddenly.

    Qianmo didn’t care how others looked at her. She would not be able to keep her hair long in these few years. It was already good enough that she had taken a few pictures earlier. Although she thought she looked equally beautiful with short hair, she wanted to leave a memento for Black.

    She tidied her hair up with the scissors. Even though it wasn’t as nice as if it was cut in a hair salon, it wasn’t too bad-looking either. Maybe it had something to do with her looks.

    A beautiful girl would still look attractive with short hair. She was truly the school belle without a doubt. The hostel room’s boss looked at Qianmo with admiration. She liked this kind of girl who was straightforward.

    Qianmo cleaned up the hair on the floor after she was done cutting it. Next, she raised her head and asked, “Where is the trash bin?”

    Luo Duoduo pointed it out to her, and Qianmo said her thanks.

    “Never mind, we are roommates, so we should take care of one another,” Luo Duoduo smiled and said her superficial niceties. She was staring at her guardedly as she felt Qianmo would threaten her status.

    The androgynous boss whistled at this moment. “She’s even more manly than us.”

    Sesame Oil rolled her eyes. “You are just a tomboy, while she’s a true alpha female. It’s different.”

    “Didn’t you say that you wanted to challenge her once she’s back?” Kaka rubbed her chin naughtily and looked at Sesame Oil’s flat chest.

    “Why don’t you challenge her with those? Oh, don’t bother. I can already see that you are not going to win… Come on, let me touch and feel them.”

    “Damn! Are you trying to die? See you at the entrance of the washroom!” Sesame Oil exploded. She reached out and tried to fight the boss.

    “Let’s not do this. We are all staying in the same room, after all. We should take care of one another.” Luo Duoduo was backing up at the same time as she was telling them to be united.

    Qianmo looked at the three girls with different personalities and smiled. The youth had myriad representations. A hostel was also a miniature society, and one could meet all types of characters here.

    Chen Baichuan was too naive as he believed that his daughter should be friends with everyone in her bedroom. Qianmo thought that was totally unnecessary.

    They could be friends if they could get along. If they couldn’t, it was already good enough to maintain a cordial relationship, with everyone minding their own business.

    Everyone had come here from different corners of the country. It was not that likely for them to have personalities and beliefs that could match up with each other to become good friends. It was already sufficient if there were no intense conflicts.

    A shrill whistle broke her line of thought at this moment. The three girls in the bedroom ran out together as soon as they heard it.

    Qianmo had no idea what was happening. Sesame Oil came back and kicked the toilet door.

    “Hurry, hurry. We got to fall in! We have to run laps if we are late.”

    Although there were training regimens for every high school, none had it as tough as theirs. Not only the time spent on training was longer, but it was also very twisted.

    Qianmo quickly ran along. Sesame Oil explained the rules to her briefly as they hurried to the field.

    Similar to the usual high school training, they started with practicing the military postures and folding the blankets. However, they were much more stringent when compared to traditional schools. They were already divided into their squadrons when Qianmo was not around. Both Sesame Oil and she belonged to the third squadron. Despite everything, the whistle was the truly twisted part.

    Every squadron had its own unique whistle. The members had to hurry and line up outside when they heard it, no matter what they were doing at that moment. They would have to run laps if they were late.

    Besides that, their blankets would also be checked randomly. The quilt would be thrown downstairs to the grass patch if it wasn’t folded into a perfect cube. They would only get their blankets back when they could fold it as instructed.

    Luo Duoduo already had hers thrown down for the past three days. It had left a deep psychological shadow in her mind.

    Most girls were particular about cleanliness. Therefore, not many could tolerate the blankets that they used to cover their bodies being thrown into the mud.

    However, this was a police academy with strict rules and regulations. Even though the ratio between males and females was seriously disproportionated, they were treated equally. If a girl wanted to survive in this environment, she had to work harder to make her presence equal to a man’s. So, she had to tolerate them even if she couldn’t.