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Chapter 742 - The Sour Cherry

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 742: The Sour Cherry

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    In recent months, the Wen Family had been the highlight of the circle. Firstly, it was the revelation of Ning Shuqian’s pregnancy at the Wen Corporation’s annual gala, followed by Wen Xinya holding an expensive coming-of-age ceremony, Ning Shuqian’s fake pregnancy being exposed in front of the crowds, and then Wen Xinya’s kidnapping incident some time back which landed her in the hospital up till now. Following right up was the news of Wen Haowen cheating and being caught in bed by the reporters which caught the capital city by storm.

    Although Wen Haowen betrayed his first wife, almost everybody in the circle could see how loving he and Ning Shuqian were. Many people also liked his faithfulness and devotion.

    Nobody could have expected that Wen Haowen acted as the model husband for eighteen years and out of a sudden, things changed drastically when news of him having an affair with a female worker under him was exposed.

    Instantly, Wen Haowen became the focus of the media, reporters, and the masses.

    “Jerk” became Wen Haowen’s nickname.

    Even the Wen Corporation’s shares were affected.

    Wen Xinya was reading the reports on the papers and magazines. From the time Wen Haowen’s news was exposed, the media and the Wen Family had been in a mess. Wen Haowen, punished by Grandpa using the Family Rod, didn’t even dare to go to the hospital and was recuperating at home like a coward. Old Mrs. Wen stirred up never-ending issues at home. Ning Shuqian lost control of her emotions, got sent to the hospital, and her condition had yet to stabilize. The Wen Family’s old mansion and the hospital were dotted with camping reporters.

    Wen Xinya didn’t want any part of this—any mistake could cause her to be implicated in Wen Haowen’s scandal. Thus, she returned to the hospital very quickly.

    Si Yiyan saw that she didn’t look too good as he took the magazine from her hand and fed her a cherry. “The cherry is very sweet, try it.”

    At this season, the cherries in the south had already started to ripen. Xinya had always liked to eat seasonal fruits. In order to ensure the cherries’ freshness and taste, these cherries were all sent to the capital city in a private jet after being harvested.

    When the cherry was being washed, it was soaked in ice water for a few minutes. Upon entering the mouth, it was mildly chilly, sweet, refreshing, fragrant, and juicy. However, she felt that it was so sour that she salivated as she instinctively furrowed her gorgeous brows slightly. “Sour!”

    The sourness wasn’t due to the cherry but caused by her bad mood. Si Yiyan looked at the papers and magazines on the tea table hazily. “Although your head injury has recovered, you still have to focus on recuperation. Don’t think too much, it’s bad for health.”

    Wen Xinya said rather angrily, “Wen Haowen was determined to divorce Ning Shuqian who was full of tricks and is now hospitalized. Afraid that he wasn’t up to the task, I’d secretly arranged a lawyer who had also warned him to take note of some matters before the divorce. Unexpectedly, he actually still created unnecessary trouble, causing things to end up like this.”

    Si Yiyan didn’t comment about this and only felt worried for her health seeing her being worked up like this, held her him his arms, and gently massaged her head for her.

    Wen Xinya knew that at this stage, nothing could be salvaged anymore. She merely ranted. “Unfilial as a son, unfeeling as a father, and despicable as an elder—even I, as his daughter, feel ashamed for him.”

    She had such a superficial relationship with Wen Haowen and already felt so ashamed—she could only imagine how terrible Grandpa felt.

    Then, she recalled how Grandpa’s condition almost acted up this morning and felt an indescribable feeling. He had built the Wen Corporation single-handedly, but his son ended up being unfilial, causing his daughter-in-law to die from early labor, and his granddaughter went missing shortly after. He had found her back with great difficulty, yet realized that he had invested fifteen years of kinship on the wrong person…

    However, it was understandable. He had such a complicated relationship with Xia Ruya—he obviously suspected her, yet couldn’t help but take pity on her, but was afraid of doing too much and causing his legitimate granddaughter’s unhappiness. Sandwiched between a deep relationship of twelve years and blood-related kinship, he had difficulty balancing.

    “Okay, don’t be angry anymore—it’s not worth it for such a person.” Si Yiyan knew that although Xinya only had a superficial relationship with Wen Haowen, after all, they were father and daughter in name, and Wen Haowen’s infidelity also reflected very badly on her reputation as his daughter. As the daughter of his first wife, facing her father’s repeated mistake, she was definitely a target for the media’s attacks.

    Wen Xinya nodded and changed the topic. “I didn’t expect that Ning Shuqian, already ended up like this today, could actually still manipulate Wen Haowen. After all, it’s my carelessness for belittling Ning Shuqian.”

    This incident indeed refreshed her understanding of Ning Shuqian. She ultimately belonged to the same species as Xia Ruya—a centipede which didn’t topple over even when dead, someone who could rise from the ashes even after being cremated.

    Ning Shuqian had originally already lost all of her reputation in the circle and nobody would say anything about her divorce with Wen Haowen. However, merely within a night, she became the victim whose condition of losing control of her emotions acted up again as she was too badly hit by Wen Haowen’s infidelity.

    Right now, if Wen Haowen insisted on divorcing Ning Shuqian, regardless of looking from the standpoint of his infidelity, where he would be blamed for his immorality, or from that of him already causing his already recovered wife’s condition to act up again, the divorce wouldn’t stand.

    This tactic was extremely brilliant.

    While scheming hard against Ning Shuqian, she had thought about a thousand ways that she might save herself with, but she didn’t think of this.

    To use the entire Wen Family’s reputation, status, and power to scheme against the Wen Family, achieving her own goal from it.

    Si Yiyan said plainly, “When a person is desperate, she would be able to do anything. The limits of the human nature is something that we’ll never be able to measure.”

    If one wasn’t strong enough to suppress the human natures of everyone around, he would definitely be disadvantaged.

    Wen Xinya was enlightened. Xia Ruya’s scandal forced her to do an earth-shattering thing such as exposing her virginity test report. Now that Ning Shuqian ended up like this, it wasn’t surprising that she personally sent Wen Haowen to another woman’s bed to secure her status.

    Wen Xinya said, “I got the Celestial Detective Agency to investigate on Wen Haowen’s infidelity, but they couldn’t find any leads. It was as if everything was coincidental.”

    It had been more than four hours from the time Wen Haowen’s infidelity was exposed. The basic investigation outcome of the Celestial Detective Agency had already been presented to her—such efficiency was extraordinary. After working together for three years, she had experienced for herself the brilliance of the Celestial Detective Agency. If even they couldn’t trace anything, it showed just how cautious Ning Shuqian was.

    Si Yiyan knew that Xinya trusted the Celestial Detective Agency deeply and would always engage them whenever she needed to investigate anything. They had not made any mistakes in the three years they had worked together. He had also run background checks on the Celestial Detective Agency and consented her move.