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Chapter 89 - Complicated Relationships

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 89:

    Complicated Relationships

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    Although Qianmo didn’t receive any training in school in her previous life, she was not an inexperienced little girl. The prison was also an enclosed-style of management; thus, she wasn’t a stranger to this type of drill. She just listened to Sesame Oil’s complaints with a straight face.

    Sesame Oil deliberately described the hellish training to test whether this dainty school belle had really changed, or she was only faking the calmness on the surface.

    Sesame Oil failed to get a reaction from Qianmo, so she continued to explain the horrible parts of the school. Nevertheless, she only saw Qianmo smiling at her.

    “Thank you very much.”

    Sesame Oil blushed, quickly turned her head away and said awkwardly, “I’m not doing this for you. It’s only because you and I belong to the same squad, and the school takes camaraderie seriously. I just hope that you won’t get us punished together with you.”

    She was a straightforward person and had a tender heart despite having a razor-sharp tongue. She was also the first person to inform her about the whistle earlier. It was easier to be friends with her.

    As for the other two… Qianmo sighed. The world was indeed small as one of them was sort of connected to her previous life.

    Qianmo had only made a brief appearance at the school in her previous life. She came and left in a jiffy, and then, she got expelled. She had only seen these roommates of hers once, and after all these years, she had already forgotten how they looked like.

    Qianmo only remembered their faces today when she saw them again with their short hair.

    After she was released from the prison in her previous life, her bodyguard was almost hacked to death by the attackers sent by her competitors. The bodyguard’s younger sister came and gave her a tight slap outside of the Intensive Care Unit.

    That sister was one of the other two roommates. However, it wasn’t that slap that bothered Qianmo.

    Qianmo was already at her life’s peak at that time. Her business was doing the best since she had started, and it made her one of the top businesswomen in Q City. Still, she had someone whom she envied. And it was that younger sister.

    That person wasn’t just only the best assistant of her mentor, Chen Meng, Qianmo had also seen her together with Black for a few times. Even though Black said she was only the daughter of an old friend, it had still bothered her.

    Although she trusted Black’s integrity, she was also sure that she had seen the love for Black in the eyes of that younger sister.

    So now… she was going to become roommates with the girl who carried a torch for Black?

    How… exciting.

    “Why do you keep staring at Duoduo?” Sesame Oil asked curiously. She didn’t get a reaction from her even after she explained so much, and then, she discovered Qianmo was eyeballing Duoduo in front.

    Qianmo retrieved her gaze and said with a tinge of helplessness, “She’s good-looking, and she has… good taste.”

    She fell in love with the man that she, Chen Qianmo, also took an interest in among all the people in the world. Didn’t she have good taste?

    The police academy had an unspoken rule: they preferred to use their own people. From guards, patrols, duty officers to instructors… all of them belonged to the academy.

    Thus, the instructor for Qianmo’s squadron was her senior from two batches ahead. Although he was also a student, he had an intense presence and interests to “fix” his juniors.

    He was counting down with a whistle in his mouth and a stopwatch in his hands. The last to arrive would have to run laps.

    Qianmo wasn’t the first, nor was she the last. She was standing in the squad when she saw the last girl running there with a hat. She looked helpless as bubbles dripped down along the hat’s edges.

    She must be washing her hair when they called for the fall-in.

    Sesame Oil said they had to assemble at least four times a day. Qianmo already knew from that moment that the four fall-ins included surprise calls, just like the current one.

    Someone in the squad was grumbling that it was inhumane to rally just after they had eaten.

    The instructor heard his comment, and he was called out to run laps together with the girl who was late.

    That tall instructor was preparing to lecture them when he suddenly saw Qianmo standing in the last row of the squad.

    “You, the new girl!”

    “Yes!” Qianmo stood at attention, which surprised the instructor.

    He knew there was a conniving girl in this squad who lied about having family matters to apply for a leave to escape from the training. She had even done many bad deeds.

    However, the instructor didn’t expect that the outrageous girl from the phone conversation looked so… erm… prettier than the photo on the forum.

    “Step forward!”

    “Yes!” Qianmo stepped out perfectly. The instructor was shocked again.

    This girl was absent for the past few days. How could she march better than these trainees?

    How could she not be good at marching? After all, she had spent so many years in that place in her previous life.

    “Your appearance and grooming…” The instructor wanted to give her an opening gambit. He tried to find faults in her outfit because it was the easiest to nitpick. Besides, almost none of the recruits had passed the test.

    However, he found out that this girl had already worn her uniform and leather shoes neatly. This was also the unusual part. Everyone wore leather shoes instead of trainers. Qianmo discovered it when she was cutting her hair, so she changed into those too.

    She was already an expert in microexpressions. Thus, even though she was not able to learn all the rules in time, she could get the gist of it. A smart person could survive anywhere.

    The instructor couldn’t find any problems with her. Furthermore, Qianmo was standing there with the perfect posture and attitude that surpassed half of the people in the squad.

    Qianmo didn’t fancy standing out since she had only just arrived. She wanted to blend into the crowd and get the training done and over with. But, she could vaguely sense an inexplicable hostility in the eyes of the instructor.

    Qianmo was confident with her analysis. The instructor was indeed looking at her with a hostile gaze. She was able to detect a quarter of the microexpressions, and he was already displaying his despise and enmity in a distinct manner.

    “Reporting, Sir. What is wrong with my appearance? Please instruct.” Qianmo didn’t know how she had offended him when she had only just arrived.

    The instructor retrieved his gaze from her as he couldn’t pick holes in her appearance. Then, he suddenly remembered that photo of Qianmo in her casual clothes on the forum.

    That full head of long and straight black hair was truly unforgettable.

    The instructor quickly reached out his hand and took Qianmo’s hat off as he remembered that.

    “Your hair has failed! Do you think you came here to film a commercial? Do you know what kind of place our academy is? This long hair of yours, long…”

    Erm, where did the long hair go?

    The instructor froze in the midst of shouting.

    The squad was as quiet as a church mouse.

    Every one of them had witnessed the instructor’s perversion and nitpicking in the past few days. They were all unhappy with him even though they dared not complain.

    Therefore, although the atmosphere was weird, all of them kept quiet and waited to see what would happen next.

    “Reporting, Sir. Long hair is against the rules, so I have cut it off. Is there a problem? Please instruct!” Qianmo said confidently.

    “Go back to the squad!” The instructor could only suppress his curiosity and let Qianmo off as he failed to find anything amiss.

    Maybe someone had told her about the school rules beforehand?