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Chapter 442 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 18)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Calm Martial City, Di Manor.

    Di Luo Feng’s Manor.

    He didn’t go back to the Celestial Hall three years ago. He didn’t know the meaning of going back, the meaning of being an Imperial Beast Master.

    When he came in, he gave her to the maid Bijng’er and gave an order, “Separate a room for it.”

    “Yes.” Bing’er carefully took the rabbit and said, “Young master, the Luo Family’s second young miss came to find you again, do you think…...”

    “Ask her to leave…..”

    “I won’t leave!” Before Di Luo Feng could finish, Luo Ying Ning’s soft voice sounded out. She was standing under a tree not far away with her hands at her hips.

    Luo Qing Chen turned her head and saw the appearance of that person.

    She was wearing an aquamarine robe with her hair tied in a bun, as well as a gold covered hairpin placed through her hair.

    She looked completely like a family’s young miss.

    “Big brother Luo Feng.” She pursed her lips and said, “Don’t chase me away…..”

    Di Luo Feng’s eyes were cold as he said with slightly knit brows, “Young miss Luo, there isn’t anything to say between us.”

    “There is! You have an inextricable relationship with the Luo Family.” Luo Ying Ning quickly came up and grabbed his sleeve as she said, “I’ve heard your master say that you have an engagement with the Luo Family…..”

    When she said this, her voice became very small and there was a small look of indignation in her eyes.

    She remembered when she first met Di Luo Feng, that was the beginning of a thousand year love in her eyes.

    On a certain afternoon a year ago, she came out of the manor to play. She didn’t know she would encounter a medium level spirit beast and it was one that hadn’t been tamed yet.

    The spirit beast’s attacks were very strong and she was pinned down right away, unable to move at all.

    At that time, Di Luo Feng came out of the sky. Azure light softly surrounded her body and the spirit beast lost all ferocity, as it laid down on the ground.

    To Luo Ying Ning, that sight was her entire life.

    Di Luo Feng was like a hero that fell out of the sky, firmly protecting her behind him.

    “Even if I have an engagement with the Luo Family, it isn’t with you and is with your little sister, right?” Di Luo Feng’s eyes were very cold, as if those eyes could freeze someone in that moment.

    This marriage was arranged by his master and it was set when he was ten.

    Who would have known that third miss Luo would get sick and be in a coma for over six years now.

    He had never seen third miss Luo and could reject it at any time, but one phrase had appeared in his mind over the past three years.

    “If there really is a day, I will just have to steal you then.”

    That girl had said that if he really married the Luo Family’s third miss, she would steal him…...

    This was a promise that was already set…..

    “Big brother Luo Feng!” Luo Ying Ning’s face was a bit stiff as she said while biting her lip, “My little sister has been in a coma for all these years, father will definitely set a new engagement for you. The Luo Family has three daughters, my big sister has already married, so there is only me left……”

    She said what she was thinking in her heart…...

    Over the year, she had mentioned this matter to her father many times. But her father was also in a hard spot, saying that the person the Celestial Hall’s head had set was her little sister.

    Based on what could a sick person who had been laying in bed for six years could steal the man she fell in love with at first sight.

    She wasn’t willing…...

    Di Luo Feng said with a cold snort, “I, Di Luo Feng do not owe a single thing to your Luo Family, so why should I marry you? For an important thing like marriage, even if it means going against my master’s orders, who can force me?”