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Chapter 90 - Not Interested In This

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 90: Not Interested In This

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    The instructor thought it didn’t matter if he couldn’t find any problem with her yet. There was plenty of time to get back at her.

    He put on a stern face when he remembered the information he had heard over the phone. Having made up his mind, he was going to start the day’s training energetically.

    He was going to make Chen Qianmo, that evil woman, suffer during the training. After all, what she had done was unforgivable.

    The instructor picked at Chen Qianmo that entire afternoon. Although she was above average for most of the actions, there was never a need for excuses when it came to nitpicking. She ran laps after laps in the field under the hot sun that whole afternoon. Qianmo could even feel the cells in her entire body burning afterward.

    But her brain cells weren’t fried yet, and she kept thinking about one question: what vendetta did this instructor have with her? Why was he doing this?

    An instructor who hated her and a roommate who liked Black, this was how Qianmo started her university student life. It was a total mess.

    She finally understood why the three girls in her room became darker within three days.

    Her skin was much more delicate. Even though she had applied sunblock, it still became red from the tanning. Nonetheless, she was still fairer than the rest of them.

    Qianmo observed her seniors in the canteen during their lunchtime. She found all of them to be slightly tanned, and they sat and behaved in a particular manner. She understood many things in her heart at that moment.

    “I hope this damned training passes as soon as possible. It’s torturing.”

    A recruit next to her was complaining quietly. Qianmo shook her head.

    These youngsters were too naive. Did they really believe they would be free once the training was over?

    A huge no!

    Others might not understand, but Qianmo had already caught a bit of what was coming for them next. She had deduced from these tanned seniors that life wouldn’t be much easier after the training. Maybe…

    It would get even more tiring.

    As an academy that had more than 90% of its students entering the police force after graduation, the school had to have exacting standards for them. Or else, they would have failed the people that they were supposed to protect. After all, 9.5 out of 10 of them would become the people’s shield.

    The metamorphosis, in which they transformed from naive high school students to outstanding police cadets, would make them stronger, both physically and mentally.

    Qianmo felt she could continue to express her love for the academy if she wasn’t so hungry. She went back to her bedroom alone after wolfing down her meal.

    She needed to make effective use of the time she had to rest as she was a little tired.

    Her roommates were laughing and chatting at a dining table in the cafeteria. Sesame Oil didn’t feel good to see Qianmo all alone by herself.

    There were four of them in that room, and three of them were sitting together without Qianmo. That indeed felt a little weird.

    “Why don’t we ask her to join us?”

    “Have you forgotten that she fought with you during the orientation? She even got us, her roommates, running extra laps,” Luo Duoduo said, blinking her eyes.

    “Maybe I should invite her to come over?”

    “It’s too late. She has already finished her meal. Let’s eat quickly since we still have to nap after lunch.” Sesame Oil ate her rice, but she was thinking about Qianmo’s expression when she said thank you to her.

    It seemed that Miss High and Mighty wasn’t so bad after all…

    “Boss, what do you think of Chen Qianmo as a person?” Luo Duoduo asked Boss Lu. Boss Lu was a happy-go-lucky person, her personality and physical looks resembling a boy.

    Boss Lu gave Duoduo a chicken leg and said, “Let’s not talk behind people’s backs.”

    Luo Duoduo couldn’t fathom why Boss Lu said that. However, she was worried that Boss Lu would have a bad impression of her if she kept talking about it. Never mind, she would speak with Sesame Oil when they were alone later. Sesame Oil was a hothead who could be easily persuaded. Let Sesame Oil go against Chen Qianmo while she would watch from the side.

    Luo Duoduo looked at the chicken leg that Boss Lu had given to her, counted its calories, and then gave it to Sesame Oil with a smile.

    “Don’t you love chicken leg, Sesame Oil? There you go.”

    “Oh, thanks.” Sesame Oil was a simple person, so she started eating it after saying her thanks. Boss Lu smirked after she saw their interaction.

    She wasn’t interested in the little girls’ politics. Luo Duoduo was perhaps planning to use Sesame Oil to isolate the school belle. It was easy to outcast someone amongst the girls.

    They would alienate you if you were too nice.

    Go to the loo without asking you along.

    Put a worm in your bag.

    Go to the canteen without asking you along.

    Go home after school without asking you along.


    However, based on the way she snipped off her hair, School Belle Chen didn’t seem to be a pushover.

    Boss Lu felt her university life had just gotten less boring after meeting Qianmo, this interesting woman.

    The School Belle wasn’t acting aloof. She just really didn’t care. She wouldn’t ignore you when you talked to her. But neither did she care if you isolated her.

    She seemed to be an outsider who had seen through everything, remaining uninvolved, as if she was looking at these girls playing a game.

    Boss Lu stood up and cleared her cutlery. She said to Luo Duoduo while passing by her, “I will not antagonize Chen Qianmo if I was you. This is an advice.”

    Luo Duoduo looked at her and said innocently, “What are you talking about, Boss Lu? Why would I antagonize Chen Qianmo? We are all roommates and should all get along.”

    Boss Lu laughed and then left.

    Qianmo wiped herself directly with a towel after returning to her bedroom. She took off her jacket and was prepared to lie down to relax her aching muscles when she heard a lazy voice from behind.

    “A friendly reminder: it would be better to sleep on the table. It could be troublesome if you mess up the blanket.”

    Lu Shangka pointed at the blanket that was neatly folded up like a piece of tofu.

    They were required to fold their blankets in the army-style, which meant not a single crease was allowed on them. They would be spot-checked numerous times a day. Those who failed would have their blanket thrown down to the field.

    That’s why many of them didn’t dare to sleep on the bed even though they couldn’t rest properly on the table. They were afraid they would be unable to fold their blankets in time for the surprise checks.

    “Thank you for your kindness. However, the instructors will not be conducting any surprise checks within the next 20 minutes. So you can rest for a while, too, provided you can fold your blanket perfectly in three minutes.”

    Qianmo opened up her “tofu” and slid in after saying her piece.

    She felt something amiss after she closed her eyes. She opened them again and saw a flawless face right in front of her.

    Boss Lu had proven a point with her looks: extreme beauty was androgynous. She seemed a little like a handsome youth. Qianmo would have been mesmerized if she was not an experienced woman.

    “What are you doing? Are you trying to seduce me? I am not interested in this.” Qianmo turned onto her side and looked at her with an arm supporting her head.

    Black would definitely be vomiting blood if he witnessed this. Why did they look like a couple?

    “Sorry, girl. I am not interested in this either. Speak honestly, how do you know the instructors wouldn’t be here within the next 20 minutes?” Boss Lu was thrilled. She was indeed correct to think that the School Belle was an interesting person