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Chapter 744 - A Peek of the Conspiracy

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 744: A Peek of the Conspiracy

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    With Wen Haowen hiding in the old mansion of the Wen Family without going out, all of the camping reporters couldn’t do anything to him. The media’s attention, in a rare instance, all focused on the person who played the wife’s role in Wen Haowen’s scandal, Ning Shuqian.

    They firstly reported how previously, at Wen Xinya’s coming-of-age ceremony, Old Mr. Du checked on Ning Shuqian and said that she lost control of her emotions as a precursor to hysteria, as a reminder.

    The reporters followed up shortly by reporting on Ning Shuqian’s hysterical act by running out of the hospital, proving that she had been badly triggered by Wen Haowen’s affair and lost control of her emotions once again.

    A reporter even stole a shot of the state of Ning Shuqian when she was being sent to the hospital by the Wen Family, how crazy and hysterical she looked with a clear trail of dried blood at the corner of her lips, which caused a commotion among the masses. Finally, the reporter’s words were icing on the cake. “Previously, Old Mr. Du mentioned that a loss of control over emotions could easily deteriorate into hysteria. While recuperating in the hospital, as Ning Shuqian was once again triggered by the exposure of Wen Haowen’s extramarital affair, will her condition deteriorate into hysteria?”

    There were also some reporters who recounted of Ning Shuqian faking her pregnancy, deceiving the Wen Family members, and plotting against her stepdaughter previously. They had used words of sympathy, lamenting that she was pitiful and must have been filled with hatred.

    The words were already unlike those words of accusation of viciousness previously, but instead had a tinge of condolence. This showed that… the weak nature of women made others take pity on them easily.

    Someone even mentioned that Wen Haowen was currently in talks with Ning Shuqian about the divorce, feeling that Wen Haowen’s extramarital affair was slightly strange, his words slightly hinting suspiciously about Ning Shuqian intentionally scheming against Wen Haowen so as to fight for the best benefits for herself.

    However, no matter what, the exposure of Wen Haowen’s extramarital affair implicated morality as well as his personal character. Wen Haowen’s reputation was completely tarnished.

    The ward was finally quiet.

    Ning Shuqian opened her eyes gradually, took her phone, went into the washroom, locked the door, pulled the curtains tight, and made a call.

    This phone was given to her by that person, could disrupt all detection signals, and also had a specially made phone card. It wouldn’t give anything away.

    The phone got through very quickly. Ning Shuqian covered her mouth and asked angrily, “You promised to only let others take an unglamorous photo of Wen Haowen being involved with another woman. Why did you send Wen Haowen to the bed of another woman—you didn’t keep your word…”

    Ning Shuqian had never expected that she would one day catch her husband in bed with another woman red-handed. Thus, when she saw the news on the papers and magazines this morning, she was struck by a bolt out of the blue. As things derailed from her plans, this made her even more upset.

    The voice on the other side became mockingly sharp. “Are you really so naive to think that the Wen Family members will really be so silly as to allow you to plot against Wen Haowen? Just based on an unglamorous photo of Wen Haowen being involved with another woman can make Wen Haowen lose his case for divorce? Simply stupid to the core! If it weren’t really true, regardless of how well the planning is, it’ll eventually be exposed. Previously, when you used your fake pregnancy against Wen Xinya, you planned so flawlessly. However, didn’t you still get led by the nose by your stepdaughter, got yourself into a difficult situation, and eventually got exposed by your stepdaughter? Fakes will always be fake, they’ll never become true no matter how you hide them.”

    His words were totally blatant. Ning Shuqian’s expression became terrible and pale, yet she was speechless. Nonetheless, the other party didn’t convince her. Wen Haowen was her husband—to arrange him onto another woman’s bed to enjoy an extramarital affair was intolerable every time she thought about it…

    “Indeed, I sprayed an aphrodisiac perfume on Yang Ziyu while no one was looking. However, in order to avoid suspicion, the perfume scent was very mild and the effect took place more gradually and less strongly on Wen Haowen. If he really had true feelings for you, it’d pass after bearing with it for a while…”

    The sharp voice pierced through her eardrum like metal. Ning Shuqian was provoked and cut him off sharply. “Stop talking…”

    She understood that the other party spoke the truth. Previously, when Wen Haowen didn’t know about her fake pregnancy, he could already cheat on her with two women at the Jiayuan Club. Now, towards Yang Ziyu, a fine good which threw herself at him, how could he resist. The so-called true feelings were but pretense.

    She already knew Wen Haowen’s character long ago. It was just that she still refused to admit it, and that she still had unreleased resentment and anger within her.

    “Women! You’re just so stupid. You obviously know that the man is despicable, shameless, and heartless, yet you still harbor thoughts in your heart, refusing to admit, cheating others as well as yourself. You treat him as your husband, but when he slept with other women, did he once think about the relationship between you and him? I didn’t expect that a woman as intelligent as you can also be so blind. In this world, the most reliable thing is money…”

    She had to admit that the other party struck her greedy nature and her weak spot which was none other than—money! Wen Haowen’s heartlessness towards her played in her mind bit by bit, gradually devouring Ning Shuqian’s resentment and hatred in her heart.

    With the change in topic, the hoarse voice was as vicious as a poisonous snake. “As long as you’re willing to listen to me, I’ll definitely let you link up with Wen Haowen again and be secure in your position as Madam Wen. Nobody will be able to shake your position, and the huge assets of the Wen Family will belong to you eventually.”

    Only by letting her acknowledge her situation and see Wen Haowen’s character clearly would she finally be of use to him, listen to him, and be manipulated by him.

    Ning Shuqian’s heartbeat accelerated incessantly and even her breathing hastened due to her burning heart. However, she maintained whatever was left of her senses and asked cautiously, “Why should I believe you? If you were to suddenly cut off all communications with me suddenly as you did previously, who can I look for?”

    The other party laughed nastily and said, “You can choose to say no, but… you better think it through. If you reject my help, even if Wen Haowen has lost his case of divorcing you, do you think you’ll still be that glamorous Madam Wen previously?

    “Wen Haowen is arrogant and dumb, but he’s far from an idiot. Conversely, he’s suspicious by nature—you think he won’t be suspicious of you? Based on Wen Haowen’s character, will you lead a good life?

    “Moreover… now you already look like you’ve aged ten years. Even if you exhaust your tricks, you’ll never be able to link up with Wen Haowen. If I were him, I would throw you into a rehabilitation center based on your condition, and let you spend the rest of your life there until you age and die… I’m sure you’re very clear on the kind of place that a rehabilitation center is.”

    The other party’s words were like sharp knives that ruthlessly pierced into her heart. Ning Shuqian looked horribly pale, her body shook, her hands gripped tightly on the bedsheets, and her teeth gritted as she said, “Okay! I’ll promise you.”

    At this point, there was already no other way out for her.