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Chapter 443 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 19)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 443: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 19)

    Having said this, he turned to leave.  He didn’t even spare a glance for Luo Ying Ning standing there in place with tears almost coming out of her eyes.

    The rabbit Luo Qing Chen was still being held as she felt her heart beating fast.

    Di Luo Feng wasn’t this ice cold person in her eyes.  On occasions, she would even see a warm sparkle in his eyes.

    But now, whether it was his tone or his attitude, he kept people far away from him.

    Also there was the Calm Martial City’s Luo Family’s third young miss.

    She had heard Di Luo Feng mention that person before.  She had thought that it was a joke, but she never thought that it was real…...


    The maid Bing’er carefully put her in a side room before talking to herself with a confused look, “What do rabbits eat?  Carrots or vegetables?”

    The rabbit Luo Qing Chen said in her mind: I don’t want carrots or vegetables, I want meat.

    She shook her ears, showing that she didn’t want it!

    Without knowing it, Bing’er happily said to herself, “I knew that you would like it, I’ll go to the kitchen to take a look!”


    As expected, humans couldn’t guess a spirit beast’s mind.

    She didn’t want carrots or vegetables, she wanted to eat fish and meat.

    With this determined heart, she seized the chance of Bing’er being away to get on her four limbs and quickly charged towards Di Luo Feng’s room from memory.

    On the way, she attracted countless gazes.

    She jumped up and over the fence and landed in front of a table of delicacies.  Her rabbit stomach began to gurgle.

    When she was about to jump onto the table, Di Luo Feng picked her up and held her right in front of his face.

    He narrowed his eyes and said, “You shouldn’t run around while your foot is still hurt, the wound might open again.”

    Luo Qing Chen looked down at the blood on the bandage over her right foot and her rabbit ears slowly hung down.

    A faint smile appeared on Di Luo Feng’s face as he said to the housekeeper on the side, “Bring a medicine box over.”

    “Yes, young master.”

    Luo Qing Chen gave two strong taps of her foot and Di Luo Feng slowly put her in a chair to the side as he said, “You want to eat this?”

    She heard this and her eyes lit up.  Her ears kept flickering up and down which looked quite funny.

    “I know that you aren’t a normal rabbit since you are a spirit beast, but…..”  Di Luo Feng revealed a doubtful look, “Do spirit beast rabbits like eating meat and fish?”

    Luo Qing Chen didn’t say anything and pointed at the table with her front paws as she looked at the dishes on the table.

    Di Luo Feng saw this and couldn’t help revealing a smile that hadn’t appeared in a long time.  He picked her up and put her at the table before saying, “What do you want to eat?”

    Luo Qing Chen raised her rabbit claw to grab a leg and then she ate it with relish.

    Un, this meat is delicious and has a nice chew.

    Di Luo Feng gave a soft laugh as he looked at her with sparkling eyes, “So low level spirit beasts like to eat their companions.”


    Luo Qing Chen’s actions instantly paused.

    Rabbit leg…...

    Di Luo Feng saw her stop and narrowed his eyes to say, “Your ability to understand human words is quite good.”

    If it was trained well, perhaps it could become a divine beast.

    She awkwardly swallowed the meat in her mouth.  She wanted to put it back, but she didn’t let it go and kept eating it.

    After all, she was a human and not a rabbit.  No matter what it was, she was just someone in rabbit skin.

    Not to mention that she was still a spirit beast if she was a rabbit, she wasn’t a normal rabbit!