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Chapter 237.2 - You Suddenly Fainted

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     "Are you even worried that I will fall for him?" Qing Yu said in exasperated resignation. [Isn't this guy too quick to see everyone as competition? Does he lack confidence so much even with the countenance he possess?]

    Against anything she could have expected, the man went on to say: "You are so fond of going about on your philandering ways everywhere you go, sparing neither men nor women alike. Moreover, this one is a man here, so my heart cannot be at ease."

    Qing Yu did not know what to say. "….."

    [Hearing those words said….. Made her feel somewhat awkward. Was she really such a philanderer?]

    After reminding Qing Yu to be more careful, the man on the ground was seen to be starting to stir. Lou Jun Yao did not remain there any longer and disappeared from sight in an instant, leaving soundlessly like how he had come.

    Qing Yu clicked her tongue, wondering what kind of levels that fella's cultivation could have reached. But to be able to become the reigning lord over one of Cloud Heaven's major powers, and also to be able to freely enter and leave from the divine temple which was supposedly highly difficult to go into, his cultivation must have reached a level that was almost impossible to attain.

    She was contemplating deeply when the man on the ground came to stir awake, his eyes befuddled for a moment.

    Qing Yu was worried for a moment that the man would suddenly jump up in rage towards her but just saw the man climb slowly to his feet, and then crease up his brows as he asked her: "Why am I here?"

    Qing Yu's eyes blinked in confusion. "Don't you remember?"

    [What is happening here? He is actually asking why he is here? ?]

    "Remember what?" Yue Fen's eyes filled up with suspicion.

    "Nothing much, but you came to look for me and I don't know what happened when you fainted all of a sudden. You would not wake up no matter how hard I called out to you and I was just about to go ask for help!" Qing Yu managed to react quickly, coming up with an adequate response on the spot.

    But Yue Fen was not that easily fooled as his face filled up with suspicion. "I fainted all of a sudden?"

    "That's right, that's right." Qing Yu's face was earnest as she nodded.

    "Why did I suddenly faint?"

    "How would I know! ?"

    "Did you surprise me with an attack?" Yue Fen's gaze grew sharp.

    "Ha! We're in your territory here. How would I dare to try such a trick? I am not seeking my own death here you know?" Qing Yu said with a roll of her eyes.

    Yue Fen saw nothing suspicious in her reaction and she was not showing any signs of guilt. Moreover, with his own level of cultivation, it would not be easy for her to spring a surprise attack on him, so he was no longer suspicious.

    With that outburst from her, Yue Fen remembered his purpose in coming here. He immediately said in a cold voice: "The Temple Lord wanted me to bring you to go see her."