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Chapter 237.3 - You Suddenly Fainted

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     "What for?" Qing Yu raised an eyebrow as she looked up at the sky that was still rather dark. "It is barely just past the Mao hour, isn't it a bit too early! ?"

    "I don't need to hear your nonsense. Just go when you're told." Yue Fen scoffed coldly, and went ahead to turn himself around as he walked off without waiting for her.


    [If she had known, she would not have stopped Lou Jun Yao from beating this guy here into an idiot.]

    But Yue Fen who was walking in front could not help feeling that there was something wrong with his body. It was only a little while later that he came to think why was his back hurting so badly?

    [He did not remember being injured on his back at all, but why does it feel like someone had punched him very hard…..]

    Yue Fen brought Qing Yu to the main hall they had gone to before and he immediately departed.

    It was different from yesterday when she had come. The vast hall did not have a whole bunch of oppressive men in black in there but just two attendants standing outside by the door.

    She was standing there in the middle of the hall and had not even said anything when the woman behind the curtain veil called out in a soft gentle voice: "Have a seat!"

    Qing Yu was dazed for a moment before she went to sit down on a chair at the side.

    And there wasn't a single sound in the hall for a while.

    Qing Yu sat there in awkward silence for a while till she could no longer remain quiet and wanted to open her mouth to say something when the curtain veil suddenly moved. A pale white hand then stretched out, beautiful and exquisite like fine jade.

    Qing Yu was surprised for a moment. [Is she going to…..]

    It was said that the Bright Moon Temple's Temple Lord was highly mysterious and never revealed her face even when she met with guests, always veiled behind sheer silk curtains, where only her svelte and slender figure could be seen.

    Although her countenance had not been seen by people, but since she was hailed as Cloud Heaven's greatest beauty, that she must extremely beautiful looks. So why had she never shown her face to people was an unsolved mystery.

    Seeing the woman's actions at that moment, Qing Yu could not help but think in her heart. [Is she coming out from behind those curtains?]

    As she had thought, the woman's hand gently parted the curtains, to reveal a corner of her scarlet clothes.

    Qing Yu's heart thumped involuntarily inside.

    [What is this woman thinking of doing? Why is she suddenly coming out from there? Would she then want to kill anyone who comes to see her countenance! ?]

    Qing Yu lowered her eyes as she tried to think up a countermeasure. She could hear the sound of light footsteps coming down one step at a time from the raised pedestal. In a blink, the woman was already standing just a few steps away from her.

    Qing Yu looked up reflexively. When she saw the person in front of her, she could not help but be stunned.