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Chapter 237.4 - You Suddenly Fainted

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     The woman in front of her looked to be very young, seeming to be in her early twenties. Her pair of seductive and enchanting narrow eyes seemed to be permanently filled with a hazy and indiscernible smile, the type to mesmerize a person with just one look, an alluring beauty that could make a person lose their soul with a second glance.

    Even for Qing Yu who had been so used to seeing good looking people, her eyes could not help but light up upon seeing the person standing before her.

    But after the initial shock wore off, she thought that something was a little puzzling.

    The Temple Lord looked so young beautiful, so why was she always hiding behind a veil, refusing to let people see her?

    Compared to the faint and hazy figure she saw far behind the curtains yesterday, Qing Luo Fei now stood just a close distance away, and Qing Yu was able to see her clearly.

    [The same. Looks exactly alike!]

    The woman walked over to her and came to sit down beside Qing Yu slowly. Her beautiful hands lifted the superior quality purple sand teapot from the table and poured out a cup of deliciously fragrant tea. Her voice was gentle as she said: "This is tea that you can only find in the divine temple. Have a taste."

    Qing Yu was flustered as she saw the woman pushing the cup of tea with steam billowing over it towards her, and she was unable to react for a moment.

    [She is….. offering her tea? Should she drink it or not?]

    Seeing Qing Yu caught in a helpless daze, Qing Luo Fei could not help laughing as she purred: "What, you're afraid there's poison?"

    Qing Yu snapped back to her senses when she heard the woman's voice and she curved her lips up in a smile to say: "Why would I? The Temple Lord would naturally not do something like that."

    Upon saying that, Qing Yu was already picking up the cup of tea.

    Truth to be told, she really wasn't afraid that the woman would spike the tea. Not to mention that she was an Elixir Cultivator herself, most drugs and poisons would have absolutely no effect on her. And just the fact that she looked so much like her mother would mean that the woman would not be so hasty in doing anything to harm her.

    Seeing the young lady tasting the tea earnestly, Qing Luo Fei then showed a sincere smile on her face and asked: "How is it?"

    "It's great tea. It does not have the bitter taste like most teas, and it carries a uniquely refreshing sweetness as well, which relaxes one's mind." Qing Yu said, giving the tea a serious evaluation.

    "Looks like the young miss here is someone who likes tea as well." Qing Luo Fei said in satisfaction as she nodded her head.

    "I merely know a little bit about things here and there, all superficial knowledge. It cannot compare to the Temple Lord at all." Qing Yu said modestly.

    Qing Luo Fei's eyes flashed with a glint, like a certain emotion had risen up inside her out of the blue and had quickly passed. She then opened her mouth to say: "I heard from Yue Fen that he brought you back from the lower realms. The Crimson Gold Fiery Phoenix is the Divine Temple's symbolic divine beast that disappeared all of a sudden many years ago. The Grand Priest suddenly detected the divine beast's aura several days ago and we sent out people down to bring the divine beast back. I wonder if the young miss has seen the divine beast?"

    [Bring it back?]

    [Ha! It didn't look that simple at that time!]

    [When she first reached the cave, she had seen two of the divine temple's disciples attacking the Crimson Gold Fiery Phoenix. It was clear that they had been trying to kill the divine beast and to seize the item that it was guarding.]

    [So why is she suddenly changing her tune now?]

    [Did this woman think that she is just some ignorant and naive little girl from the lower realms and was trying to pull a fast one over her head?]