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Chapter 238.1 - Daggers Hidden Behind A Smile

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Qing Yu scoffed disdainfully in her heart but her face did not show anything but just a slightly puzzled look. "What kind of a creature is it?"

    The smile on the ends of Qing Luo Fei's lips stiffened for a moment. "You have not seen it before?"

    [This lass can really pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger.] She was naturally not about to believe that the always loyal Yue Fen would feed her lies.

    [The Crimson Gold Fiery Phoenix's final remnant consciousness had dissipated. For the past several hundred years, it had hidden itself in the lower realms. What could it have been guarding for such a long time?]

    [That person is clearly no longer around anymore……]

    The expression on the young lady's face was still steady and calm, not showing the faintest sign of uneasiness. Qing Luo Fei's eyes darkened as she then started to ask: "Does the young miss know what is this place you're in?"

    "Bright Moon Divine Temple." Qing Yu replied with an arched eyebrow.

    "Since you know what this place is, do you know that when you tell a lie in a place that is so close to the gods, you will be punished by them?" Qing Luo Fei's enchanting eyes narrowed, as she glanced at Qing Yu with an indiscernible smile.

    Qing Yu almost wanted to burst out laughing. [This woman is rather interesting isn't she? Has she become so fond of trying to scare her?]

    [She has had her fair share of scares growing up.]

    "What the Temple Lord is saying is really frightening. For a nobody like me to come to a place I've heard only in legends for the first time, I am already jittery with fear, afraid that any word or action from me might be inappropriate or wrong. How could I possibly dare to tell a lie?"

    The young lady took a deep breath, her tone of voice filled with puzzlement.

    "Do you really not know?" The smile on the ends of Qing Luo Fei's lips had come to be tinged with a slight iciness, and her attractive and immersive eyes were filled with a chilling cold.

    It was probably because the young lady before her really looked too much like that person, and also because she was not responding to either patient coaxing or insinuated threats, Qing Luo Fei suddenly just could not contain the murderous rage that rose inside her in that instant. Her hand raised up, and swung right towards the young lady's forehead.

    Qing Yu's expression did not change as she stared straight into the rush of wind blowing towards her. With the palm coming in close, not the slightest ripple showed on her face, but her body secretly tensed up, and her hands under her sleeves held golden needles in their grip, ready to deal with this sudden unexpected turn of events.

    Just as a blood filled scene was almost going to happen before her eyes, the woman's palm suddenly halted just an inch before the young lady's face. Just short of that tiny minute distance away, or the young lady's blood would have splattered all over.

    It was not known why she had suddenly stopped.

    The two pairs of eyes looked into each other quietly for a long while, when Qing Luo Fei suddenly laughed softly and moved her hand away from the young lady's head. She then said slowly: "You're quite a bold one, but was born in the lower realms. What a waste."

    "Is that so?" Qing Yu returned the woman's smile. "It must be affinity then, as I have encountered one of the Temple Lord's subordinates before."