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Chapter 91 - President Qian And Old Mr. Qi

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 91: President Qian And Old Mr. Qi

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    Qianmo was a graceful girl, so even with short hair, she still looked like a goddess.

    Boss Lu was androgynous, so she was rather handsome looking.

    The two of them could model for couple photography. That was if Black agreed to it, of course.

    Their faces were only a palm’s length from each other. They could smell each other’s fragrance with every breath. This was way past the comfortable distance for normal people, yet Qianmo still managed to be calm and collected. This was no easy feat.

    “Lass, why are you so close to people?” Boss Lu came from City D, which was close to the sea. She usually used the common tongue, but she would use a few City D’s slangs when she was happy. It was rather interesting.

    “Close to people” was a slang that meant very likable.

    “You wouldn’t molest me, right?” Qianmo yawned and flicked on Boss Lu’s forehead.

    “The instructors always have a meeting at noon, and it usually takes about 20 minutes. They need 3 minutes to come to our hostel after their meeting. As long as you can fold the blanket within that time frame, you could have a proper rest.”

    Boss Lu liked to tease girls with her androgynous looks, only stopping after making them embarrassed. Who knew she would meet her match today.

    Boss Lu felt her forehead after being flicked by Qianmo. She looked at her and thought,

    She was counter-teased by her instead, ahhhhhh!

    “Not every girl who has an androgynous appearance has a problem with her sexuality, nor do they have sexuality identification disorder. Don’t try this on me; it doesn’t scare me.”

    Qianmo shut her eyes and slept immediately after she explained herself.

    Boss Lu was embarrassed as this was the first time she had met someone like this in her life. Did she have an X-ray vision?

    Qianmo fell asleep shortly as she was exhausted. It was already too late for Boss Lu to ask when she recovered her wits.

    “Hey, you still have not said how you know the instructors are having a meeting…”

    Although Boss Lu’s attempt to tease Qianmo failed and she was teased instead, she had guessed one point correctly: Qianmo’s eyes could really be described as a psychological X-ray machine to a certain point. She was good at observing details and deduction.

    She saw the instructor talking to a few other instructors during lunch. During their short conversation, Qianmo saw a flash of…

    …Erm, excitement in their eyes.

    She was very familiar with this look. After all, she also had it on as a boss, just before preparing to conduct a surprise check.

    Goddess Mo slept in peace after reaching a conclusion with the information.


    In the Imperial Capital’s Psychiatry Research Institute, Chen Meng, who was wearing a white coat, was wiping her sweat off her forehead. She looked at her father, Chen Zixi, who was the world’s leading authority in Psychiatry. Both father and daughter shook their heads at the same time.

    Yu Changmo was still sleeping in the room, fully attached to the machines. Chen Meng felt at her lowest ever after two days of intensive treatment.

    “Is it the same as before?”

    Chen Zixi nodded. He, too, felt terrible as he had failed to cure his grandson.

    Both father and daughter had been trying to treat Yu Changmo’s psychiatric problem all these years. They had tried everything and even risked bringing back equipment from overseas to solve the secret of Yu Changmo’s phobia. However, the two world’s leading authorities still failed even after they combined forces.

    “I don’t know how to tell my son… I can feel he really wants to be with that girl when he came looking for me.” Chen Meng felt heartache when she remembered her son’s gaze.

    That child seldom wanted something so desperately, and he was suffering because of his childhood illness. Furthermore, his mother, Chen Meng, the expert in this field, also felt helpless as she couldn’t find a cure for him.

    “I can see that girl is an outstanding and faithful person. She had been taking care of Changmo when he was sick. It will be a regret if the two of them can’t be together because of this illness.” Chen Meng sighed to her dad.

    “Maybe the girl doesn’t care about this. They can have a platonic love relationship…” Chen Zixi was having a headache since he had exhausted all his solutions after today’s treatment. He couldn’t fix this good child even with this intense treatment. What was the use of having all this expertise!

    “Husband, husband. One needs to have an intimate relationship with her husband. My son was already very distant from her. How could we do this to her! Who can stand having a man whom she can’t be intimate with?”

    The father and daughter almost hugged and cried together as they couldn’t do anything. They were heartbroken for Black.

    “Shall we… get Professor Qi and his daughter, President Qian, over and have a combined consultation together? The Seven Acres Farm studied different areas of mental illnesses from us. A consultation is better.” Chen Meng said, testing the water.

    Rejection could be seen across Chen Zixi’s face. “Find that old fool Qi Yuxuan?”

    Chen Meng nodded. “President Qian’s disciple is also doing her training there. President Qian will give a lecture in Qianmo’s school when the training is over. It is a good opportunity for her to get in contact with Black and Qianmo. I will only give up after President Qian herself diagnoses it as incurable, just as we did.”

    Her voice became softer as she spoke because her dad looked murderous.

    The Qi Yuxuan that Chen Meng was talking about was the founder of the world’s famous leading psychological research institute, Seven Acres Farm. His daughter, Chen Xiaoqian, was one of the country’s top psychotherapy experts. Chen Meng’s expertise was criminal psychology, while Chen Xiaoqian’s was studying complicated cases in psychological illnesses. She had the largest psychotherapy institute in the country.

    Both ladies were the best in their fields. Although their study areas were different, they had a healthy personal relationship and often exchanged their experiences and cases. They could be considered as good friends.

    Their fathers didn’t share their sentiments, though.

    Both fathers were the world’s leading psychiatric doctors, and they were always competing with each other. Chen Zixi hated President Qian’s father, and they couldn’t stand each other’s company.

    Chen Zixi was very unwilling, yet he was also worried about his grandson, Yu Changmo’s, illness.

    “Why don’t I know that you are on such good terms with that old fool Qi’s daughter? Why are you calling her President Qian? She is at least 12 years younger than you! She should be calling you Auntie!” This meant his hierarchy would be higher than Chen Xiaoqian’s father!

    Chen Meng shrugged. Who wanted to be addressed as Auntie? It made her seem so much older! “She addresses me as Professor Chen.”

    She didn’t know what her dad was being fussy about. It was a small circle, and they were all leading authorities. They were equally good, and wasn’t it better to have a cordial relationship since they would see one another quite often?

    “We shall have a consultation when the training is over. We will only invite Chen Xiaoqian and leave her immoral dad out of this. I know that she is much better than her father.” Chen Zixi couldn’t care much when it came to his grandson. It didn’t matter she was his competitor’s daughter, as long as she could cure Yu Changmo.

    They noticed that Black was about to wake up; thus, they decided to lie to him that he was about to be cured. This was done so that he would not be subjected to too much psychological stress.

    Everything would wait until Qianmo finished her training.

    “Oh yes, you said Chen Xiaoqian’s disciple was doing her training there too? What’s her name?”

    “President Qian didn’t mention it, but she seems… to be staying in the same room as Qianmo.”