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Chapter 91 - Fast Fingers

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 91: Fast Fingers

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Xiao Luo thought that he despised Chu Yue. But when it finally came time for him to leave, compared to the mixed emotions he felt around his departure in general, he realized that the little bit of hatred he harbored against her was actually insignificant.

    Chu Yue was drenched by rain. When a gust of wind blew, her body shivered uncontrollably. She was like a flower amid a violent storm—pathetic, helpless, and pitiful. She, who should’ve been like the moon surrounded by a myriad of stars, was now a miserable worm begging for Xiao Luo to come back. She couldn’t forget the warmth and sense of security that the events at Wild Boar Ridge had caused her to experience. She wanted to grasp him tightly with all her might.

    Xiao Luo, however, wasn’t feeling great on the inside. It wasn’t because of Chu Yue. Even if it been Huang Ruoran, An Huanhuan, or any of the others who had shown up, he would’ve felt the same.

    However, he couldn’t look back. He and the girls were not from the same world. He was merely a passerby who’d just happened to stroll into their world. How could a passerby be so nostalgic for scenery encountered along the journey?

    With a chilling expression, Xiao Luo toughened up his heart and chastised her, “Young Mistress Chu, you’re really childish. Do you know that? I hate you. You’re an arrogant, stupid girl. You’re like a kid who never grows up. No girl your age eats lollipops every day, aside from you. Do you think that you will have good teeth forever? Or do you think that munching on a lollipop makes you cute? Let me tell you, you’re just weird. And do you know what the funniest thing of all is? You gave me those lollipops as a present. Are you sure that you are Huaye’s prettiest girl and not its biggest joke?”

    Each and every word was like a dagger stabbing deep into Chu Yue’s heart.

    She widened her big eyes and gaped in amazement at Xiao Luo. Tears woven with rain rolled down her cheeks. Why was this happening? Had she been in a one-sided relationship all along? Was she really so tiny and insignificant to him?

    “Go back and be the young mistress you were meant to be. Don’t come to me ever again. The person whom I want to see least in all the world is you!”

    Afraid that he would soften, he shook her hands off and walked back to the cab without looking back.

    “P-poser…Xiao…Xiao Luo…”

    Chu Yue pursued him with a few tottering steps. At last, she stopped, gazing helplessly at Xiao Luo’s back as it moved further and further.

    Xiao Luo went back to the cab and told the driver to leave. He grabbed his phone and called Chu Yunxiong, informing him of Chu Yue’s location.

    As he turned around, through the cab’s rear windshield, the driver could see Chu Yue standing in the rain, shivering and bellowing.


    Why did she have to come and find me?

    Xiao Luo sighed deeply. He was had accomplished his duty to protect her, so now she should simply continue being the big missy she was. They should simply go about living their mutually exclusive lives. Wouldn’t it be great if they could just part ways and treat each other as total strangers?

    “Young man, that lady looks pretty great, I must say. Comin’ after you in her car on a rainy day…I can see that she really likes you,” the cab driver remarked while peering at Xiao Luo in the rearview mirror.

    Xiao Luo smiled, discontinuing the thread of conversation.

    Did Chu Yue like him?

    He didn’t know.

    Did he like Chu Yue?

    No, at least not yet. He only didn’t hate her like he had that time after the dance party.


    The pattering rain seemed unceasing.

    The moment he returned to his rented apartment, Xiao Luo began cleaning up. Having been gone for almost a month, the surfaces and furniture were covered in a thick layer of dust.

    After bathing, Xiao Luo sat on the bed, took out his phone, and called Zhang Dashan.

    “Hello, who’s calling?”

    Zhang Dashan often received calls from anonymous customers. Hence, when he received a call from an unknown number, he greeted the other party courteously.

    “It is me, Xiao Luo!” said Xiao Luo.

    “Xiao Luo? What the hell? Why did you change numbers?” His voice immediately became rough and loud.

    Xiao Luo replied, “I’m not using my old number anymore. I also opened a new WeChat account. Hurry up and add me on my new account.”

    The purpose of changing contact information was to sever every connection he had made back at Huaye.

    “What’s going on with you, bro? Something got ya?”

    “Stop the gibberish. Just add me, alright?” Xiao Luo’s head was a mess because of Chu Yue.

    “Da heck? You eat grenades for dinner or something?”

    Zhang Dashan asked him, “Where are you now? I’ll come find you. I’m in the city.”

    “I completed Chu Yunxiong’s assignment in advance. I’m at home now.”

    “Alright. See you soon. Oh yeah, prepare some clothes for me. I’m gonna spend the night at your place.”

    As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Dashan hung up before Xiao Luo could reply.

    Xiao Luo was speechless. Subsequently, he sent his new contact information to every contact saved on his phone via mass messaging. But his fingers were too fast, and he accidentally sent the message to the person whom he least wanted to receive the text, Zhao Mengqi.

    This idiotic move left him speechless. He immediately deleted her contact information, lest something else awkward happened again in the future.

    What he hadn’t expected was an instant reply from Zhao Mengqi, who texted back, “How are you doing these days?”

    Xiao Luo facepalmed, recalling the familiar old pain in his neck. He really was making trouble for himself.

    As for her text message, he didn’t feel obliged to reply.


    An hour later, Zhang Dashan arrived along with a case of beer and a ridiculous amount of junk food.

    Xiao Luo’s apartment was on the top floor and consisted of a living room and a bedroom. It accounted for only half of the rooftop area. The other half was a massive open-air balcony with a floor covered in red tiles. He didn’t really need to clean it, as the rain basically tidied the area for him. On sunny days, he could even walk around barefoot.

    Since today it was raining, they had no choice but to place the table under the roof, which was made of aluminum sheets. After they turned on the lights, the atmosphere felt like that of a super cool spot.

    “Are you planning to drink until you puke tonight?” Xiao Luo looked at the case of beer on the floor.

    “Puke my a*s! I never vomit. These beers will quickly become the piss that I’ll piss out.”

    Zhang Dashan was munching on a chicken drumstick that smudged oil all over his mouth. His attire today was very casual: tank tops, shorts, and slippers. He looked so impressive that it couldn’t be described in words. He passed his phone to Xiao Luo, encouraging him to take a look at what was on the screen, then asked, “What do you think of this girl?”

    The girl’s picture was obviously edited. Xiao Luo glanced at the photo and shook his head. Her mouth was too big, and her facial features were mediocre. She gave off a bitter, stinging aura. However, he couldn’t just judge her blindly. If she was going to be Zhang Dashan’s new girlfriend, it would hurt his dignity if he said that she was not pretty.

    “What do you think about her?”

    “I’m the one asking you, so why are you asking me back?” Zhang Dashan gabbed loudly with his mouth full of meat.

    “Who is she to you?” Xiao Luo decided that he’d better be more cautious.

    Zhang Dashan answered, “My superior.”


    After some thought, Xiao Luo decided not to tell his friend the truth. Judging from his face, Zhang Dashan seemed to be interested in his superior.

    Xiao Luo nodded and said instead, “Well, I think she’s not bad. She has a nose, a face, two eyes, and well, you know, she has the temperament of a regular woman at work.”

    Contrary to his expectations, Zhang Dashan immediately heated up after hearing Xiao Luo’s remarks. He slammed the table and shouted, “Temperament your foot! You’re saying that this wh*re has a ‘temperament’?! Are you blind, Xiao Luo? Can’t you see her big a*s mouth? I think she can take two d*cks at the same time, and you’re telling me that she has a temperament? Holy f*uck head.”

    “What’s the matter with you? Why did you start complaining about your superior right after you got here?” Xiao Luo was confused.