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Chapter 444 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 20)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 444: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 20)

    In the following days, it implemented its plans!

    How to make the Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master of the Hundred Beast Continent to make her believe that she as a rabbit was the Luo Qing Chen that fought the three divine beasts with him!

    The plan was very complete, but it was very hard to implement them!

    Moreover, there were many stumbling blocks!

    For example, Luo Ying Ning.

    That girl really wouldn’t give up, she came to the Di Manor every day.

    When Di Luo Feng said he wouldn’t see her and she couldn’t enter through the main door, she jumped over the wall…..

    She always liked to throw the rabbit Luo Qing Chen into strange corners as she ran to talk to Di Luo Feng.

    Luo Qing Chen completely understood a phrase now.

    That was: Putting a hot face to a cold ass.

    Di Luo Feng always picked up her who had been thrown in a corner and then ran somewhere else.

    Then the housekeeper came forward and stopped Luo Ying Ning.

    Until one day, when Luo Ying Ning threw her into the water, she realized something.

    Spending these days in the Di Manor, she didn’t learn anything, but she had become ten times fatter.

    She had turned from a little rabbit to a giant rabbit that was half a foot taller than humans.

    Luo Qing Chen called out in anger!  It was bad enough she had been turned into a rabbit, but now she was being bullied by this young girl, she really couldn’t take it!

    The moment she was thrown into the water, she grabbed Luo Ying Ning with her two front paws.  She called out in shock as she fell into the water with a splash.

    Then she sunk right down.

    After all, she was just too heavy.

    When Luo Qing Chen felt she was about to leave this world, an azure light surrounded her.

    “Peng!”  She flew out of the bottom of the water and landed into Di Luo Feng’s embrace.

    Di Luo Feng slightly knit his brows, as it seemed like it was difficult to hold her.

    Luo Ying Ning was saved by the housekeeper.  Seeing how she looked while trembling, Luo Qing Chen was much happier!

    Bullying this baby rabbit…..Come, keep going!

    When they returned to Di Luo Feng’s room, he took a large towel and slowly helped her dry up.

    He did this while doubtfully saying to himself, “No matter how low level a spirit beast is, it should have a special ability…...But why is it that other than getting fat, you’re not evolving at all……”

    She almost cried when Di Luo Feng said those words.  She looked over herself in a mirror and she was so fat that she didn’t even seem like a rabbit anymore.

    She didn’t know what breed she was, it just looked quite strange and quite ugly…..

    How could she be that fat and ugly…..

    Di Luo Feng lazily laid down on the bed and looked at her as he said, “I wonder if we were still in the Other Shore Forgotten River, would the rabbit that she raised be as big as this?”

    Luo Qing Chen heard this and her fat body moved as her ears fell down.

    Other Shore Forgotten River, how distant and familiar that name was.

    After being a rabbit for so long, she almost forgot that she used to be a Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master worshipped by the people of the Hundred Beast Continent.

    After that, he looked up and rubbed her ears as he said, “You have to learn something.”

    To evolve a special ability, it required fighting!  That was the so-called awakening in battle!

    The next morning, when Luo Qing Chen was still sleeping, Di Luo Feng carried her out into the courtyard.

    With a wave of his right hand, the Snow Mastiff came out from behind him.  With a roar, the blue sky suddenly changed colours.