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Chapter 745 - The Solution

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 745: The Solution

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    The hospital verified that although Ning Shuqian’s condition had yet to deteriorate into hysteria, it had indeed worsened. Currently, Ning Shuqian was still in a coma. According to insider information from a nurse, Ning Shuqian was injected with a huge amount of sedatives and could be in a coma for a long time. The reporters fought to report her condition. Currently, Wen Haowen, as well as the entire Wen Family, was still at the tip of the storm.

    Especially Wen Haowen—the reporters even dug out the death of his first wife, Mo Yunyao. His repeated mistake completely tarnished and destroyed the reputation that he had painstakingly built over the years…

    The shares of the Wen Corporation continued to plummet and was already down by 300 points at the moment!

    The mention of Mo Yunyao’s death hit this daughter of hers the most. Naturally, she couldn’t continue staying in the hospital. Thankfully, her injury had already healed completely and she was looking forward to being discharged from the hospital so that she could go back to her rigorous revision. Thus, she decisively completed the administrative procedures for the discharge.

    In order to prevent further trouble, Grandpa got Butler Yu to pick her up.

    Luckily, she didn’t get surrounded by reporters and managed to smoothly return to the Wen Family.

    Old Mr. Wen looked at Butler Yu and asked, “How’s Xinya’s recovery? What did the doctor say?”

    Butler Yu replied respectfully, “The doctor said that Missy’s injury has already recovered fully and there shouldn’t be any issues. However, as she lost too much blood previously, she still needs nourishment.”

    Only then did Old Mr. Wen become relieved. He had been worried that the blowing up of Wen Haowen’s infidelity would affect Xinya’s recuperation.

    Wen Xinya knew Grandpa’s worries and consoled him. “Grandpa! You don’t have to worry. I’m already well now. Previously, the doctor already said that I could be discharged from the hospital. I only stayed a few more days to accelerate my recovery so that I can focus on the revision for the final examinations.”

    Old Mr. Wen’s expression softened.

    Wen Xinya changed the topic and said, “Instead, Grandpa, previously when the family doctor came over to check on your body, he asked you to relax and recuperate quietly—you have to listen to him.”

    Previously, due to Wen Haowen being caught red-handed in his infidelity, Grandpa was so enraged that he almost relapsed. Luckily, he had taken care of his health well and managed to pull through. However, she was still worried and, when Grandpa calmed down slightly, got the family doctor to come over and check on Grandpa’s body. Thankfully, there were no major issues with his health.

    Old Mr. Wen sighed slightly and said, “Don’t worry! Now that your father is such a humiliation, I’m too embarrassed to face the Wen Family’s ancestors in hell.”

    Wen Xinya had nothing to say about her father’s mistakes and only remained silent.

    Old Mr. Wen calmed his emotions down, looked at her silent look with his cloudy eyes, sighed slightly, and said, “What’s your take on your father’s extramarital affair?”

    After asking, Old Mr. Wen suddenly realized that it was slightly inappropriate to ask her about this issue as she was his daughter. He then thought about how, since sometime back, he had started to ask for her views regarding many matters out of habit. Unknowingly, this granddaughter actually affected him so much.

    Wen Xinya said, “I heard that Father is discussing with Ning Shuqian about divorce. Previously, when Father went to the hospital to look for Ning Shuqian, it didn’t go well. After that, Father’s lawyer has also interacted with Ning Shuqian on many occasions.”

    She was merely stating facts and didn’t intentionally point her finger at Ning Shuqian. However, given how coincidental things were, it wasn’t possible for Grandpa to not suspect Ning Shuqian.

    Old Mr. Wen nodded with a solemn expression and said, “I didn’t expect Ning Shuqian to actually have such a vicious plan to bring the reputation of the Wen Family down with herself. Things have developed in such a way that it’s beneficial for Ning Shuqian no matter what. However, I’ve sent people to check on her and didn’t get any leads.”

    Now, Wen Haowen had become the target of criticism for the media and masses, thoroughly humiliated himself in the circle, and implicated the entire Wen Family to become the laughing stock of everyone. The good reputation that he had maintained for the Wen Family over the past decades had been completely tarnished.

    Old Mr. Wen couldn’t help but regret that he hadn’t persisted in preventing Haowen from marrying Ning Shuqian then. Otherwise, these storms wouldn’t have happened to the Wen Family, affecting the Wen Family’s reputation, making the Wen Corporation’s interests suffer, and even sacrificing his only son.

    Looking at Grandpa’s aged and exhausted face, Wen Xinya suddenly felt a sense of guilt. “Grandpa, it’s my fault for not handling things well this time, forcing Ning Shuqian to desperation, causing her to retaliate recklessly, implicating the Wen Family’s reputation, and damaging the Wen Corporation’s interests.”

    However, it was merely guilt—she had never regretted her actions!

    To deal with Ning Shuqian and reveal the powers behind her was her goal.

    Old Mr. Wen saw her hanging her head rather emotionally, sighed and said, “You can’t be blamed for this matter. Ning Shuqian deceived everyone in the Wen Family with her fake pregnancy and plotted against you, showing her viciousness. Only your father can be blamed for marrying such a disaster.”

    Wen Xinya looked down and remained silent.

    Old Mr. Wen saw that she was speechless, changed the topic and said, “What’s more important now is to solve this issue. Xinya, what do you think?”

    This incident had already dealt a massive blow to the Wen Family. If it was allowed to continue developing, the Wen Family would lose all of its reputation.

    Wen Xinya looked up with her clear, bright eyes and said, “Grandpa, he that hides can find—the crux of this matter lies on Father. We can strike on Yang Ziyu.”

    As long as it was proven that Yang Ziyu had ulterior motives on Wen Haowen and intentionally plotted against him, his major infidelity mistake would be understandable. Everyone would curse Yang Ziyu for being a shameless vixen who seduced a married man, and Wen Haowen would instead become a victim.

    Although it was impossible to regain the Wen Family’s reputation in the near future, at least they would be rid of the immorality blame, and Wen Haowen would also shake off the reputation of being improper and immoral.

    Old Mr. Wen suddenly looked towards her, his gaze glowing with unexplained complications, and only said after some time, “Grandpa has indeed aged!”

    After such a major incident, Wen Haowen had been hiding in his room venting his bad temper, Old Mrs. Wen was always making incessant noises at home, he was only concerned about being angry and disappointed, and, before they had come to their senses, this young girl had actually already sized up this matter and thought of a solution.

    He had indeed aged.

    Wen Xinya looked into Grandpa’s eyes and continued, “Grandpa, on the day when Father’s news was reported, I’d sent people to check on Yang Ziyu and realized that she had been having an ulterior motive towards Father. I have reason to believe that it’s Yang Ziyu who plotted against Father.”

    Even if Yang Ziyu didn’t plot against Wen Haowen, she was going to make it true!

    After all, with his years of experience, Old Mr. Wen understood Wen Xinya’s meaning immediately. He thought it through carefully and felt that her idea was extremely good—there was no better solution than this.

    Seeing Grandpa’s encouraging gaze, Wen Xinya said, “Now, the media’s attention is still focused on Father and the Wen Family. We have to think of a way to shift the media’s gaze towards the other party involved in this incident—Yang Ziyu. Come that time, we don’t have to come forward—the media will naturally clear the names of Father and the Wen Family.”

    Old Mr. Wen said mildly, “Your method is extremely good—we’ll do as you say. However, this is, after all, an embarrassing matter. You’re still young, so don’t meddle in this.”

    Wen Xinya was more than happy—she didn’t have the weird habit of cleaning up after Wen Haowen. “Grandpa, I got it!”