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Chapter 162 - The Man in Black: Luo Tian of the Miao People

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 162: The Man in Black: Luo Tian of the Miao People

    It was late at night and quiet. The only light in the dark jail was the flickering of a few dim, dusty oil lamps hanging on the wall.

    Ye Jiuge was curled into a ball in her cell with her eyes shut tight. Her long lashes pointed downward like a bushy, small fan.

    Her breathing was steady, and she looked as if she had entered dreamland.

    The bright-pink Chinese violet in the corner bloomed bit by bit, emitting a thick, murky fragrance.

    The jail was still. The warden on night watch and the Crown Prince’s guards sat on either side of the cell—one to the left and one to the right. They both leaned against the wall and dozed off.

    Suddenly, a light-green smoke wafted through a gap in the door and quickly spread through the whole area.

    The dozing warden’s body suddenly lost its strength and fell to the ground.

    The others, too, dropped to the ground with a “plop,” just like how dumplings are dropped into water to be cooked.

    The jail’s metal doors opened with a creak.

    Five black-clad men slipped nimbly into the jail. After searching for keys from the warden’s fallen body, they headed straight for Ye Jiuge’s cell.

    Just as they were about to open the cell door, a clear and cold voice rang out, “Who’s there?”

    The leader of the group stepped back, motioning for his subordinates to light torches.

    The bright torch flames lit up, illuminating every inch of the small cell.

    Ye Jiuge, who was supposed to be sleeping, was standing in a corner.

    Dressed in green, she stood gracefully. Her features were beautiful, exquisite, and beyond compare.

    The clarity in her dewy eyes made it look as if she had never been asleep.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, we were sent by Lord Wan and Lord Bai to rescue you. The Crown Prince wants to kill you, so please come with us!” the leader of the men in black said, moving to unlock the cell’s door.

    He had no warning when a purple light that sparked thunderbolts landed on the lock.

    If it weren’t for the man’s fast reflexes, he would have been struck by the thunderbolts.

    “Eldest Miss, what do you mean by this?” The man in black lifted his gaze to Ye Jiuge. He sounded anxious as if he were in disbelief.

    Ye Jiuge dissipated the purple light from her hand and flashed the man a fake smile. “Tell Lord Wan and Lord Bai that I will not leave this place until the investigation is complete.”

    “But you will die if you remain here!” the man in black urged anxiously. He made it sound like the Crown Prince was going to appear in the next instant to drag Ye Jiuge out for execution.

    Ye Jiuge replied slowly, “Dongfang Jianming wouldn’t dare kill me. He still needs me as a shield so that the real Sorcerer can kill more Spiritual Practitioners for their cultivation. You can go back without worrying. Tell Lord Wan and Lord Bai to investigate the Crown Prince, Su Junqing, and the Sorcerers from the Bloodthirsty Sect.”

    If Ye Jiuge believed that these men had sent by Wan Ziyang, then she would be as stupid and inept as Dongfang Jianming.

    Hearing what Ye Jiuge said, the leader of the men in black frowned. He quickly came out of his daze and continued urging, “Eldest Miss, I don’t know about any Crown Prince or Sorcerers. I only know that I was sent by Lord Wan and Lord Bai to rescue you. I have to bring you with me!”

    Ye Jiuge rubbed the bright-pink Chinese violet’s petals with her fingers. The slight smile on her face was more attractive than the flower in full bloom. Except that the words that came out from her cherry lips were not so sweet: “What if I said no?”

    “Then, you have to forgive us!” A cold glint flashed in the leader’s eyes.

    He swung down, hacked through the metal lock, and rushed into the cell after kicking open the door.

    Ye Jiuge lifted her finger slightly. A purple Spiritual Force glowed at its tip. She was about to attack with the Thunder Spiritual Force and the Befuddlement Drug.

    But suddenly, the man in black, who was standing right at the back, turned on his peers. Swiftly and nimbly, they were all put down quickly.

    Internal strife? How interesting!

    Ye Jiuge clamped down on her Spiritual Force and trained her gaze on the black-clad man, waiting to see what he was up to.

    The man tugged down the mask covering his face, revealing a tanned and ruggedly handsome face. His eyes danced with a wolf’s sharpness. It was the Medicinal Pill Tester who had disappeared.

    “You belong to the Crown Prince?” Ye Jiuge raised an eyebrow before continuing in admiration, “You are so ruthless.”

    It was amazing. This Medicinal Pill Tester’s heart meridians were broken, which was a severe injury that could kill him at any time.

    “No, I don’t know any Crown Prince.” The Medicinal Pill Tester’s voice was hoarse, but it sounded surprisingly pleasant.

    However, his accent was not from the Lei Kingdom. It sounded like he came from the southern border.

    “So, what business do you have with me? Seeing if I’ll repay your kindness, perhaps?” If that were the case, then this guy was not so bad.

    She was sure the Crown Prince had sent the men in black. He was quite capable of infiltrating into the group.

    “No,” The Medicinal Pill Tester confessed with a shake of his head.

    Being slapped with reality hurt.

    Ye Jiuge was a little unhappy, and her face fell as she said, “Since you aren’t trying to repay my kindness, then let’s talk about your medication fees. The bottle of Level-three Heart Nourishment Pills from Great Master Dongfang is worth about 10,000 gold pieces. My consultation fee is 10,000. Pay up now.”

    “I have no money.” The Medicinal Pill Tester shook his head.

    “What are you doing here, then?” Ye Jiuge narrowed her eyes, running her eyes up and down the Medicinal Pill Tester’s muscular body.

    If this guy dared to make fun of her, she would make him pay with his body.

    “My Master would like to discuss a deal with you,” the Medicinal Pill Tester announced in a no-nonsense manner.

    “Who is your Master?” Ye Jiuge raised an eyebrow.

    The situation in Medicine Refinery City was so messy. It was amazing that someone would dare get involved during such a time. It would be interesting to meet this Master.

    “He said you would understand after seeing this.” The Medicinal Pill Tester raised his hand and opened his palm.

    Then, there was a movement at his sleeve, and a small poisonous worm-like parasite slithered out. It had a blood-red body, a mouth full of sharp fangs, and wings.

    Its long body curled up in the palm of the Medicinal Pill Tester, and its small eyes gave Ye Jiuge a lethal glare.

    This poisonous worm-like parasite looked even more powerful than Ye Yu’s.

    Not only was its body blood-red, but its eyes were also fully developed.

    Although the black, beady eyes were small, its gaze was a vicious tesatment to its prowess.

    Besides Little Mute, Ye Jiuge couldn’t think of anyone else who could raise such dangerous and fierce worms.

    “I thought he was an orphan?!” Ye Jiuge said with a sigh, although she was probing at the same time.

    “My Little Master and I were separated while we were escaping. I have been searching for him all these years.” The Medicinal Pill Tester paused for a while, then continued, “Not only did you save my life, but you were also a great help to my Little Master. Therefore, my Little Master would like to discuss a deal with you.”

    The Medicinal Pill Tester sounded rather earnest.

    Most likely, in his opinion, the best way to pay back his benefactor was to bring her to meet his Little Master to discuss this deal.

    If anyone else had presumed to decide on such a method of repayment, Ye Jiuge would punish them without fail.

    But, knowing the Little Mute’s aloof nature, she decided to forgive this simple and honest Medicinal Pill Tester.

    “I can leave with you. But, before I do, you have to answer a few of my questions.”

    “Where did you two escape from? Who are the people after you? Why doesn’t he speak? Also, where did he learn how to practice parasite witchcraft?” These questions had been boggling Ye Jiuge’s mind for quite a while. Now that she had a chance to ask, it felt really satisfying.