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Chapter 445 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 21)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 445: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 21)

    System, system!

    Luo Qing Chen’s first reaction was to call the system.  After all, seeing the Snow Mastiff looking like it wanted to eat her, her little heart was really beating fast.

    [The system can’t help the host.  Di Luo Feng just wants to help the host awaken your ability as a low level spirit beast!]

    Damn, what ability can I awaken?

    [The host is a fat and ugly rabbit that only knows how to eat, you can’t awaken any abilities at all.]


    So angry!  Although she wanted to argue with the system, she had to solve the biggest problem in front of her first!

    The Snow Mastiff!  If it wasn’t for Di Luo Feng hitting its weak spot, she as a Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master would have been powerless against the number one divine beast!

    Wasn’t this asking her to die!

    The Snow Mastiff charged in her direction while the youth was covered in azure light, waiting for the final moment to make a move.

    The rabbit Luo Qing Chen had her eyes tightly closed and her ears were high up over her head as she kept trembling.

    When the Snow Mastiff was only a few meters away from her, it actually lied down and rolled around twice in front of her.

    Not only was Luo Qing Chen stunned, even Di Luo Feng standing on the side revealed a sparkle in his calm eyes.

    The number one divine beast of the Hundred Beast Continent when faced with a low grade rabbit——

    It was acting cute!

    The “Qing” letter on the Snow Mastiff’s head loomed.  She saw this letter and her eyes turned wet.

    Di Luo Feng waved his right hand and blue light sparkled around, as the Snow Mastiff slowly disappeared.

    It seemed to look back with each step before it finally disappeared.

    “I think that you won’t be able to awaken an ability…..”  Di Luo Feng said with a slightly surprised look, “If she saw this, she would feel that you were very cute…..”

    As an Imperial Beast Master, this was his first time seeing a spirit beast without a skill.

    The most important thing was that the Snow Mastiff didn’t attack it.

    Perhaps some things were already destined…..

    The next morning, Luo Qing Chen was basking in the sun beside the window when An Qiao Yu from the Celestial Hall suddenly arrived at the Di Manor.

    To be honest, the supporting male lead An Qiao Yu was the one she hated the least after all these worlds.

    Because his appearance rate was just too low!

    “Senior brother, have you been well recently?”  An Qiao Yu didn’t seem to change.  He was still wearing the same white robe and the tear mark by his eyes were quite eye-catching.

    “Un.”  Di Luo Feng said with a slight nod, “Did master have you come?”

    An Qiao Yu said with a shrug, “You really are powerful, you guessed it in one guess.”

    “Just tell me if you need something.”  There was a slightly rushed look on Di Luo Feng’s face.  It was time to eat, the rabbit should be hungry.

    An Qiao Yu gestured as he said, “Two things.”

    “If you keep hesitating, I’m leaving.”

    “No, no, no.”  An Qiao Yu quickly grabbed his hand and said, “I’ll talk, I’ll talk.”

    He cleared his throat and continued, “The first thing is that there have been strange things occurring near the Beast Mound.  You know that the Beast Mound is suppressing the heavenly beast that can’t be tamed, the Emperor Contract.”

    “Un, I’ve personally taken a look over the past few days.”  He walked over to where Luo Qing Chen was basking in the sun as he said, “The second matter?”

    “Wa, such a large rabbit!”

    Di Luo Feng’s cold eyes narrowed as he glared at him, so he quickly returned to the topic, “It’s related to your engagement to the Luo Family’s third young miss……Master’s meaning is that you can cancel the engagement.”

    After a while, his soft as water voice slowly said, “We’ll talk about this another day.”

    If he cancelled it, wouldn’t the last thought in his mind disappear?