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Chapter 92 - Let’s Duel One on One

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 92: Let’s Duel One on One

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    After the medicine wore off, Yu Changmo regained consciousness, and his first reaction was to ask his mother, “How’s the effect?”

    He already could not wait to see her.

    Holding back her sorrow in her heart, Chen Meng acted as if it was just a trivial matter.

    “Much better. Of course, you won’t be able to feel it yourself. Only us professionals will be able to notice the subtle changes. In short, it can be treated.”

    This was how a mother consoled her son. Yu Changmo was extremely happy, but then he thought about all the times how his mother had duped someone all these years, and asked warily, “How can you tell that my condition improved?”

    “Uh, this…”

    In her heart, Chen Meng thought,

    “Look, son, I pulled a lot of strings to get my hands on these.”

    Pulling out a bunch of photos from her pocket, Chen Meng laid them out on the table.

    When Yu Changmo glanced over, he could not turn his eyes away.

    “See, hundred-day-old, one-year-old, three-year-old, ten-year-old, twelve-year-old… so many Chen Qianmos. Are you experiencing any pathological reactions?”

    Chen Meng showed the photos to her son one by one. The little girl in the pictures really had been pretty since young.

    Some people say that children who look good when they were young would grow up to be ugly, and vice versa. However, this was not necessarily the case.

    Chen Qianmo’s appearance would change a little every once in a while, but since young, she had always been a rosy, chubby girl. The older she grew, the more beautiful she became.

    Yu Changmo stared at the photos, unable to take his eyes off them. “Mom, where did you get these from?”

    Chen Meng stood with her arms akimbo. She was so proud of herself for this.

    In order to help her son, this professor practically became a detective. It wasn’t easy to obtain these photos that evidenced Qianmo’s growth!

    “Don’t worry about how I obtained them. Just tell me, is your illness acting up?”

    “Nope… But Mom, why don’t you have any photos of her in adulthood?” Although he liked the photos, he was not about to have a pathological reaction upon seeing a minor-version Qianmo.

    The photos that his mother had brought were all from when Qianmo was young. There were none that were post-adolescence.

    His mother instructed him earnestly, “Don’t you know how to find your future father-in-law for photos of her in adulthood? Haven’t you learned from your father how to bootlick your father-in-law after watching him do it all these years?”

    Her son mercilessly exposed her with just a few words, “Do you dare to mention ‘bootlicking’ in front of Dad?

    Chen Meng was speechless.

    Her son was very sharp towards everybody except Chen Qianmo.

    “In short, your condition has improved. Although you can’t feel it yourself, it can eventually be cured. She is in military training now, so don’t disturb her. If you have time…”

    Before she could finish speaking, she looked back and noticed that her son was gone.

    Peering out of the window, Chen Meng saw that her son, who was in the house just a moment ago, had jumped out of the window and taken a shortcut, heading straight to the car park.

    The photos on the table had all been taken away by her son. Not even one was left.

    Chen Meng felt a headache coming on. She had made up this white lie because she was afraid he would be unconfident, but her son’s behavior now… Isn’t he a little overconfident? She had not even finished talking. The moment he heard that he could be cured, he immediately went to see Mo.

    When they met, she did not know whether her well-intentioned lie would be able to hold down the fort.

    Thinking about this, Chen Meng took out her phone and dialed a number.

    “President Qian, do you have time to spare? Let’s make an appointment to go to the school. There’s something that I want to work with you on…”

    “Professor Chen, you’re too polite. Your business is my business. But I am leading a team to compete overseas now. Is a week later okay with you?”

    “Sure, let’s meet at the school a week later.” Chen Meng did a mental calculation.

    “It just so happens I miss my apprentice too. I’ll go over with you to take a look.”


    Qianmo took a relaxing twenty-minute nap that effectively relieved her fatigue, which was a result of this morning’s military training.

    When Mayou and Luo Duoduo came back, they saw that Boss Lu and Qianmo were sleeping peacefully. Seeing them still lying in bed, they were a little envious.

    Lying in bed to sleep in the morning was a luxury for these military trainees. Afraid to crumple their quilt, they would usually just rest their heads on the table to nap. Seeing that her two roommates were sleeping on their beds, Mayou had the urge to jump on her bed as well.

    Luo Duoduo tugged on her sleeve, though, snapping her out of her dreams. “Haven’t you run enough?”

    Two days ago, everyone was so tired that they could not help but lie down on the bed. As a result, when there was a sudden spot check on their quilts, their entire dorm room, except for Boss Lu, had been thrown to the field. They were asked to fold their quilts within the stipulated time. As Luo Duoduo did not manage to do it properly, she was made to run and do gymnastics with her quilt.

    Mayou was traumatized. It had been her dream since young to be a policewoman. However, she did not expect military training in the police academy to be so terrifying. After hearing Luo Duoduo’s words, she decided against giving in to her urge, falling asleep on her desk.

    When Qianmo woke up, she heard a roar coming from outside, “The third squadron, inspection on your housekeeping in three minutes!”

    The voice of a man rang out in the female’s Panda House.

    Boss Lu sprang up from the bed. Glancing at the clock on the wall, she saw that it was the same time Qianmo had said. Exactly twenty minutes.

    Quickly folding her quilt, she did not forget to give Qianmo a thumbs up.

    Many people thought that folding quilts into regular tofu-like pieces was a waste of time. Those who had never experienced it absolutely could not imagine how difficult it was to wrap. After joining the army, the first year for new recruits was usually spent in training, eating, and folding blankets.

    In the beginning, it took an hour or more to fold the quilt. Even veterans would take a few minutes or longer. For freshmen, the police academy was not as strict compared to the military. However, they still had to fold it roughly in the right shape. To meet the requirements, they had to spend fifteen minutes or longer.

    When they heard the instructor calling for a housekeeping check, Luo Duoduo’s expression turned into one of joy, reveling in others’ misfortune. Looks like Chen Qianmo is about to suffer.

    The day Boss Lu came in, she already knew how to fold the quilt. Everyone knew she could do it quickly in five minutes, but Chen Qianmo, who had been absent for several days, had never received training. How would she know—

    She knew.

    Qianmo got up in a jiffy, folded the quilt on one side, and pressed down the inside of the quilt with her hand. As quickly as lightning, she completed a series of actions that felt even more brilliant than the instructor’s demonstration. In less than four minutes, she had folded it into the required tofu block.

    However, she was not done yet. Swiftly, she spruced it up with her hands, deftly neatening the sides in a right angle. At the side, both Luo Duoduo and Mayou gaped in shock till their mouths formed an O-shape.

    “Why do I think that the quilt you folded… is even better than the instructor’s demo?” Mayou was about to kneel before her.

    “Thank you.” Qianmo nodded humbly. In her eyes, the instructor was like an inexperienced youngster.