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Chapter 93 - Spare My Pride

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 93: Spare My Pride

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    That night, Xiao Luo couldn’t fall asleep. He lay awake in bed listening to Zhang Dashan’s thunderous snoring. The opportunity Chu Yunxiong was offering him made him feel uncertain. He didn’t know whether he should seize it or not. No matter how hard he thought about it, he was unable to come to a decision.

    Forget it, don’t think about it for now. Anyway, there are still three days left to think about it!

    He sighed, opened the Genius System, and began to browse.

    The value of his points was not quite 46,000, which allowed him to exchange for most of the abilities in the mall. He adhered to his previous principle of not making exchanges at random. The more points accumulated, the better.

    The next day, after buying groceries to prepare a table’s worth of tasty dishes for Zhang Dashan, his younger sister, Xiao Ruyi, called.

    The first sentence out of her mouth was: “Brother, you changed your number?”

    “Xiao Ruyi, your reaction is way too slow. I sent you a message last night and you only replied this afternoon,” Xiao Luo said, slightly exasperated.

    “I’ve been working the night shift lately. By the way, come over to my place for dinner. Tang Ren and I both miss you,” Xiao Ruyi said coquettishly.

    Xiao Luo was doubtful and said, “Are you sure that you miss me and are not trying to set me up with someone?”

    “Hehe! It seems that I can’t hide anything from my brother,” Xiao Ruyi replied, grinning.

    “You can introduce her to someone else. I don’t need it.”

    “Brother, I swear to the heavens this she a great girl. She’s 22 this year and 5’3″ tall. Her looks, well, needless to say, if I’ve approved her, then it means she’s a beautiful woman. She’s a good match for you!”


    “Big brother, you’re not allowed to say no. Besides, introducing you to someone is not my main goal. I haven’t seen you in a long time, and I miss you,” Xiao Ruyi purred, cajoling as she pushed and pulled. “If you don’t come, then I will call Mom and Dad and tell them that after I got married, my big brother drifted apart from me and doesn’t acknowledge me as his sister anymore.”

    Xiao Luo smiled helplessly and submitted to her, “Alright, alright! I’ll come over, okay?”

    “Hehe. That’s my good big brother!” Xiao Ruyi chuckled, pleased with her success.

    “What time should we meet?”

    “Eight o’clock tonight. I’ll meet you outside the hospital’s front gate. Big brother, you should sort your hair out. It would be best if you wore a black shirt. You look really handsome in a black shirt.”

    Xiao Luo was speechless.

    After hanging up the phone, he walked into the hall, where Zhang Dashan was lying on the sofa playing Honor of Kings, and kicked him in the butt.

    Zhang Dashan turned and loudly shouted, “What are you doing? Do you think my butt is sexy or what? Why are you so annoying? I can’t even play a game in peace!”

    The last sentence reminded Xiao Luo of when Song Dandan played Baiyun.

    “Ruyi called and told me to go over to her place, would you like to come?” Xiao Luo asked him while sitting on a stool and putting on his socks.

    Zhang Dashan sat up and replied, “Wait, why are you going over to Sister Luo’s?”

    “I haven’t seen her for a long time, so I’m going over to see her,” Xiao Luo answered calmly.

    “Impossible. Based on my understanding of your sister, she must be introducing a girl to you,” Zhang Dashan said, raising his voice.

    Xiao Luo looked at him indifferently and remarked, “Not bad. Even you could guess that.”

    “Well, what type of girl have I not seen before? I know how girls think.” Zhang Dashan patted his chest confidently. “But I thought you were disgusted by blind dates, so why did you agree?”

    “As I’ve already said, it’s mainly to see Ruyi. I haven’t seen her in a long time,” Xiao Luo replied feeling anxious.

    “Ah, that makes sense.”

    “Are you coming or not? Can you please just give me a straightforward answer?”

    “Sure, why not? I’ll get a free meal out of it, in any case.”

    Zhang Dashan jumped up, took off the shirt which Xiao Luo had given him, and put on one that was more formal. “Since Sister Luo is introducing someone to you, you should pay more attention. What if it’s a pretty girl that you are attracted to, then you can…hehehe…you know…”

    His smile was frivolous, his expression lewd, and his voice lecherous. His eyebrows were jumping up and down as he giggled. He was really the best of the best.

    To hell with your understanding!

    Xiao Luo really wanted to kick him in the butt again.


    Jiangcheng was divided into four districts: the Southeast District, the Northwest District, the Guangming District, and the Taihe District.

    Huaye was in the northwest. Xiao Luo lived in the southeast area, less than one kilometer from the border of the Guangming area, where Xiao Ruyi worked at a government hospital.

    The drive from Xiao Luo’s residence to Xiao Ruyi’s workplace would take about an hour and a half without traffic, so he set off with Zhang Dashan at six o’clock that evening.

    “Old Xiao, you take the wheel. I didn’t sleep well last night, so let me close my eyes for a bit on the way there,” Zhang Dashan said, throwing his car keys over to Xiao Luo. With a yawn, he walked toward the front passenger seat.

    “You’re not afraid that I’ll end up crashing your car?” Xiao Luo said jokingly.

    “If you damage it, then you will buy me a new one. Anyway, you’re rich now and have assets worth more than 1 million. You are going to be a CEO soon. I’m afraid that, out of our university classmates, you will be the one who turned out the best. Hmph, if Zhao Mengqi knew about this, she would definitely cry over the fact she missed out on a huge mountain like you.”

    “Hold up, I still haven’t figured out if I should take over Luo’s Workshop or not. Let me consider it over the next few days,” Xiao Luo said.

    Zhang Dashan really couldn’t figure out what was going through his old friend’s mind. What was there to think about? This opportunity was obviously a pie in the sky landing on top of his head. If he didn’t take over the business, was he waiting till someone else did?

    With a sigh, Zang Dashan conceded, “Fine, I won’t talk about it anymore. Anyway, I have already decided that no matter what you are doing, I will follow you. Oho! With the two of us working together, imagine that! We will make it in Jiangcheng, no, nationwide!” Suddenly he thought of something else and added, “If we can achieve recognition from the country’s leaders, that would make us the pride of our ancestors. That would be enough for me to boast about for the rest of my life.”

    “Look at you!” Xiao Luo said as he started the car slowly. He really despised him.

    [Guangming District People’s Hospital]

    One man and two women were waiting at the door of the hospital.

    The man’s skin was fair and clean. He had a scholarly vibe about him with a baby face that made him look like a 17- or 18-year-old teenager. But his actual age was 24, and he was Xiao Luo’s brother-in-law, Tang Ren.

    The girl standing next to Tang Ren was Xiao Ruyi. She had short, clean hair and wore an oversized long-sleeved t-shirt with slim black trousers underneath. She had distinctive features and exuded the aura of a pretty girl who’d come from a humble family.

    Xiao Ruyi was talking to a girl wearing a white long-sleeved hood. “Yuyu, let me tell you this, my brother is much more handsome in real life than in photos. His personality is particularly great. When you see him, you will definitely fall in love.”

    The girl lowered her head and smiled shyly, then in a humble way, she said, “Your brother has a degree, so I’m scared that he’ll look down on me.”

    “Education is nothing so long as you feel something for each other. Am I right, Tang Ren?” Xiao Ruyi asked, glancing at Tang Ren.

    Tang Ren immediately smiled and chimed in his agreement, “Yes, yes, that’s right!”

    The way he pronounced the word ‘right’ was somehow off.

    Xiao Ruyi kicked him and said, “Right your head! You must have watched too many sitcoms. Not only do you not learn anything, but you learn to speak like an old lady!”

    “Wifey, it’s okay if you beat me at home, but when we’re in the outside world, can you leave some pride for me, please?” Tang Ren said, whispering in her ear.