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Chapter 93 - What did he Hear

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 93: What did he Hear

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    In her previous life, Qianmo had only lost once when competing in folding quilts. And the person she lost to was Yu Changmo.

    After all, Black had served as a soldier. Qianmo’s hand movement speed was slightly slower than his. However, he did say that with her speed, if she was in the army, she would still have a chance to win even against veterans.

    Hence, when the instructors and others came to inspect their dormitory room, their eyes almost bulged out at the sight of the impeccable housekeeping.

    Pointing to Qianmo’s bed, the instructor asked, “Which one of you helped her fold it?”

    Boss Lu replied, “Reporting, no one!”

    The instructor walked over and looked at it closely. He had been studying in the police school for three years. Asking himself honestly, he knew he would not be able to fold the quilt better than this.

    “Over here, it is a huge taboo to lie. Chen Qianmo just arrived today. How could she find the time to learn how to fold the quilt! Chen Qianmo, tell me, did someone else help you do it?”

    “I folded it myself.” Qianmo’s indifferent attitude angered the instructor once again.

    “Looks like you won’t tell the truth until you’re punished. Fine, we’ll find out after this! All of you together! Two people in a group, run with your bedding around the field!”

    The instructor’s orders caused the girls to look famished. He was giving them an extra meal, aka punishment.

    The instructor walked up to Qianmo. Using his height to his advantage, he looked down at her with a fake smile.

    “If you can’t finish folding within the stipulated time, I’ll have you running till your legs break! Our school does not tolerate lying b*stards!”

    After saying his piece, he turned around and was about to leave when he heard Qianmo calmly say, “Reporting to Instructor, what if I manage to do it?”

    “Do it? Haha, that is just your duty! Need I say more? Execute the order. You, Chen Qianmo, pick up your quilt and go to the field!”

    The instructor turned around.

    Had it been another freshman, he or she would likely have already exploded in anger.

    Kids like Qianmo, who were from the 90s generation and an only child, were usually pampered and spoiled since young, having never been mistreated like that.

    If Qianmo dared to argue with her instructor at this point, she was likely to be punished during her entire time in school, starting from the military training.

    Listening to such demeaning words, the impulsive Mayou felt her fury rising. She was standing right beside Qianmo. When she heard what the instructor said, she unconsciously took a step forward and clenched her fists, the veins in her forehead about to pop out. Just as she was about to open her mouth, she felt her arms being restrained by two forces next to her.

    To her left was Boss Lu. To her right was Qianmo.

    Boss Lu shook her head at Mayou. Obeying orders was the first thing freshmen had to learn to do.

    “Report, Instructor!” Luo Duoduo opened her mouth.

    The instructor’s attention was diverted. Boss Lu took the opportunity to pull Mayou away to her side and whispered in her ear, “Calm down. If you get angry now, we’ll all be in trouble. You can’t help her.”


    “Instructor, if you have doubts about Chen Qianmo’s housekeeping, you should give her extra training separately on her own. There is no need to make our whole dorm—”

    “Are you the instructor or I am? Execute the order!”

    After the instructor finished talking, he led the few people beside him and left.

    These girls had never suffered such grievances. They felt like the instructor was an inhumane devil, finding all sorts of problems with them.

    Mayou grimaced at his back and grumbled under her breath, “What bullsh*t is this? Isn’t he a student too? Just because he’s two years our senior, does he have to be so arrogant? Not even talking about where he’s going to work after graduation, he’ll have to work hard for many years in order to get promoted. My uncle is an army officer, but you don’t see him being so smug! He’s just waving a chicken feather like a token of authority!”

    Patting her shoulder, Qianmo said, “Thank you for willing to stand up for me, but we are at a place where we are not allowed to contradict our superiors. Please don’t do that in the future.”

    Still a young child, Mayou was not yet fully accustomed to the school’s atmosphere. Qianmo’s and Boss Lu’s familiarity with the ways of the world and their farsightedness was something that she did not have at the moment. She was just full of hot-blooded criticism.

    “He’d better pray that he doesn’t fall into my hands. Else, I’ll squeeze him till he explodes!” After she finished speaking, she clenched her fist as if crushing something.

    Boss Lu replied sarcastically, “Squeeze what? You don’t even have two ounces now! What can you squeeze?”

    Mayou, who was still like a baby, had a vicious mouth. However, she did not understand the connotation. Looking at Boss Lu with her bright eyes full of questions, she asked, “What two ounces?”

    “Okay, let’s go quickly. If we’re late, the prison warden is going to nag.” Qianmo, who was a woman with experience, naturally understood Boss Lu’s hidden meaning.

    The few of them walked out briskly with their quilts. Luo Duoduo walking all the way at the back grew more sullen the more she thought about it.

    “Hah, if you didn’t stop me, I would have reasoned with him.” Mayou finally understood. She really should not be impulsive.

    Seeing her disgruntled look, Qianmo comforted her. “There’s still twenty more days of military training. Just endure it, and everything will be fine.”

    Luo Duoduo said cynically from the back, “Hah, Mayou was being kind. Not only is someone not grateful, she’s still pretending to be a life mentor. I wonder who caused all this trouble.”

    “Stop talking. Save the energy to fold the quilt later,” Boss Lu said indifferently, not forgetting to see Qianmo’s reaction.

    It was not anger, apathy, or fear. Instead, it was an emotion that she could not identify. Suddenly, she understood something.

    Qianmo was not angry, apathetic, or fearful because she was extremely conscious of her position and what she should do. Even professional police or soldiers might not possess such quality. It was something that came with training.

    Though this calmness might seem easy, it was extremely rare to see it on a young person who was not even twenty and had never undergone training.

    After the instructor and the others with him left, another instructor next to him hesitated. “The way we treat freshmen… You should stop when it’s good enough?”

    They knew that there was a student who had to take a leave of absence for a few days due to family matters. She should be given some time to adapt. Although strict requirements were necessary, doing this felt like it was going overboard.

    “What is ‘good enough’? Are we an average school? Since she dares to take leave, she has to be mentally prepared. Can’t even withstand this small test? It’s not like you’ve not seen the Aviation Special Forces training held a short distance away from us. Compared to them, we’re not even asking her to parachute, kick sandbags, or run cross-country while carrying equipment. It’s just folding quilts, yet they’re grumbling? Does she deserve to put on this school uniform then?!”

    Hearing what the main instructor of Qianmo’s team had to say, it was hard for the instructors of the other teams to say anything else. They could only pray for the new campus belle in their hearts. Some of them were even speculating to themselves if she had offended her instructor.

    The instructor bellowed at Qianmo and the girls with her, “Why are you dilly-dallying? Hurry up!”

    This scene fell into the eyes of a man dressed in casual clothes.

    With Yu Changmo’s identity, it was easy to come in. After informing the relevant parties, he used the sponsorship as a pretext to enter the grounds. Initially, he had just wanted to sneak a peek at Qianmo in military training. However, who would have thought that the moment he reached the field, he would hear a mule braying non-stop.

    “Chen Qianmo, are you a snail? Even an old lady crawls faster than you!”

    Yu Changmo narrowed his eyes. What did he hear?