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Chapter 163 - Haughty yet Delicate, So Contradicting

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 163: Haughty yet Delicate, So Contradicting

    “Can’t these questions wait until we leave?” asked the Medicinal Pill Tester earnestly.

    “Sure.” For the sake of getting answers, Ye Jiuge decided to go with him.

    Although the Crown Prince would surely pin the crime of escape from jail on her, she didn’t care anymore.

    Liu Yunfei wouldn’t be caught if Ye Jiuge stayed in jail. Why not get out and have a chat with the Little Mute? Perhaps she might discover some useful clues.

    “What did you intend to do with these people?” probed the Medicinal Pill Tester. He kicked the men in black lying on the ground.

    “They are just small fries. Just leave them here.” Ye Jiuge left the small cell. While walking, she turned to the Medicinal Pill Tester and said, “I haven’t asked you for your name.”

    “Luo Tian.” As he replied to Ye Jiuge, Luo Tian was still observing his surroundings. He soon led her out of the jail.

    Hidden in the shadows, they avoided the guards on patrol and successfully left the Medicine Refinery City.

    “Where are we going now?” Ye Jiuge looked toward the gloomy mountains.

    Medicine Refinery City was situated in front of two mountains. No matter in which direction they walked, they would only be heading into the deep mountain forest.

    “Follow me.” Luo Tian headed east into the thick forest.

    Ye Jiuge followed him closely, casually asking, “Luo Tian, how did you infiltrate that group of men?”

    The men were seasoned in their movements, and it was obvious that they were skilled. They would not fail to realize that one of their men had been switched.

    “Secret.” Luo Tian did not want to answer.

    “Then, let’s talk about your consultation fee!” Ye Jiuge flashed him a taunting smile.

    You’re 100 years too early to try and go against me.

    Luo Tian staggered but soon started moving again. His hoarse was tinged with helplessness as he said, “I infiltrated the group by using my Life’s Origin Parasite to control them.”

    “Life’s Origin Parasite? You are from the blood-clad Miao people?” Ye Jiuge looked at Luo Tian in surprise.

    Ever since she’d gotten to know the Little Mute, she had looked into cultivating parasites.

    The most potent parasite cultivators were the blood-clad Miao people who lived near the southern border.

    After a baby was born in the Miao tribe, their parents would select and cultivate suitable parasites for them. Every day, the parasite would be fed the child’s blood. When the child came of age, the child would then cultivate the parasite to become their Life’s Origin Parasite.

    The more powerful the Life’s Origin Parasite was, the greater the cultivator’s ability became. The formidable blood-clad Miao would also gather different types of parasites as fodder for their Life’s Origin Parasites.

    The fate of the Life’s Origin Parasite was closely linked to its master. Some Life’s Origin Parasites with resilient and strong lives could also extend their masters’ lifespans.

    “Yes,” Luo Tian nodded. He avoided a shrub and headed deeper into the dark forest.

    Ye Jiuge followed him as he turned, then questioned, “Then, why didn’t I see your Life’s Origin Parasite while I was treating you?”

    “To save my life, my Life’s Origin Parasite depleted all its powers. So, it hid to recuperate,” Luo Tian offered despite feeling a little reluctant to answer Ye Jiuge’s questions.

    After all, his Life’s Origin Parasite was only able to recover because Ye Jiuge had healed his injuries.

    “I see. No wonder you were able to survive for so long despite your broken heart meridians.” Ye Jiuge did not ask where Luo Tian’s Life’s Origin Parasite was hidden.

    To a parasite cultivator, the hiding place of their Life’s Origin Parasite was as important as their own life. To ask for its location was like announcing one’s intent to kill the parasite cultivator.

    Luo Tian had worried that Ye Jiuge would continue her barrage of questions. He breathed a sigh of relief when she stopped.

    He wasn’t an ungrateful person. He would always remember that Ye Jiuge saved his life.

    But now, his Little Master was his priority. No matter who they were, benefactor or no, everyone else had to come after Little Master.

    “The blood-clad Miao people should be mighty. How did you end up being hunted down? Didn’t your clan help you seek revenge?” Ye Jiuge was confused.

    The blood-clad Miao were famed for their strange parasite witchcraft. They were also very protective of their own and vengeful, too. No one dared cross their path.

    Luo Tian went silent for a long while, then gave a subdued reply: “My clan members are all dead. Only my Little Master and I managed to escape.”

    Ye Jiuge was gobsmacked. She asked immediately, “Who has so much ability that they can kill a whole clan?”

    Luo Tian hadn’t had the time to reply when a high-pitched and indiscernible childlike voice rang out from the forest’s depths. The tone was filled with violence and ruthlessness. “Don’t tell her, Luo Tian.”

    “Master!” Luo Tian stopped in his tracks.

    Ye Jiuge lifted her head, looking toward a large pine tree with a trunk so large that three people could hug it at once.

    Although the area was pitch black, her intuition told her that Little Mute was there.

    True to her intuition, the next moment, a small and thin shadow drifted down from the tree. The figure landed like a falling leaf right in front of Ye Jiuge.

    The Little Mute was dressed in blue clothing made of coarse cloth. The sleeves were dirtied at the hems. Besides, he had messy hair, a pale face, and large, black eyes. Looking at the Little Mute always made one pity him.

    “So, you can speak! Why were you pretending to be mute?” Even if he wanted to hide his identity, there was no need to use such a troublesome method!

    “Because humans are too stupid,” a proud yet delicate childlike voice rang out. Evidently, the Little Mute was replying to Ye Jiuge’s question.

    But when Ye Jiuge looked over, his mouth wasn’t moving. There were no emotions in his eyes.

    It was as if the childlike words were being uttered by a ghost.

    Truthfully, experiencing such a scene in the dark and gloomy forest, where tree shadows lined the forest floor, was slightly creepy. Anyone faint of heart would be frightened to death.

    “The Little Master’s vocal cords cannot produce sounds. He can only speak through his Life’s Origin Parasite,” Luo Tian explained.

    “You should be honored that you can hear my voice.” The prideful voice coupled with the indifferent expression on the Little Mute’s delicate face was somewhat contradictory.

    Ye Jiuge couldn’t help but inwardly ridicule: Truly, the Little Mute makes the right decision by staying silent.

    “Little Master, this isn’t the place to talk. Let’s change locations, shall we?” Luo Tian offered earnestly.

    Although their voices were not loud, the forest was very still. It would be hard to notice if someone were listening to their conversation.

    “Fine, come with me.” Little Mute turned, crossed a few sections of the forest, and brought Ye Jiuge to a small remote cave.

    Deep inside the cave were remains of ashes from a fire and some beast’s bones. The cave seemed to be the Little Mute’s temporary dwelling.

    After reaching the cave, Ye Jiuge asked without delay, “Luo Tian mentioned that you have a deal to discuss with me?”

    “That’s right.” The haughty yet delicate childlike voice was back again. “I will help you with the Bloodthirsty Sect. In exchange, for every life taken, you will give me 100 Spiritual Beast Pills.”

    “You sure have struck a good deal,” Ye Jiuge laughed, raising her eyebrow. “The Bloodthirsty Sect is also your enemy, yet you are charging me for your revenge? Do you really think I’m an idiot?”

    “How do you know that the Bloodthirsty Sect is our enemy?” The arrogant, childish voice sounded astonished and angry. It screamed at Luo Tian in agitation, “Did you tell her?”

    “It wasn’t me,” Luo Tian’s face was helpless. He added, “She’s bluffing.”

    That’s right. Ye Jiuge was bluffing with the Little Mute.