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Chapter 79 - Do You Have to Be So Harsh and Strict?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 79: Do You Have to Be So Harsh and Strict?

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    Everyone was exhausted by the time they were back from the run.

    Tang Jinyu looked at them and his voice seemed rather frosty in the dark night. “You can go to bed now. If you can’t sleep, we’ll continue running!”

    “Yes! We can sleep now!” Everybody said.

    “Return to your rooms now. If you still want to chat, stay and chat with me!” Tang Jinyu said. “You’re dismissed!”

    Everyone left the scene in a hurry. Jian Qi walked toward Tang Jinyu slowly. She smiled and said, “Instructor Tang, were you seducing us or fooling with us just now?”

    “You can’t sleep?” Tang Jinyu looked at her. He seemed quite dangerous.

    “The main point here is whether you want to chat with me.” Jian Qi smiled playfully. She was trying with all her might to seduce him. “The moonlight is just right. What a romantic night to stand here before the beautiful scene under the moonlight!”

    Tang Jinyu turned to leave. Jian Qi smiled and said, “Instructor, didn’t you say that you want to chat? Aren’t you going to chat with me?”

    Tang Jinyu looked at the girl in front of him. The girl’s long hair was hanging loosely behind her. Her forehead was stained with some sweat. Moreover, her white pale cheeks were flushed because of the run just now. She was even smiling playfully like a mini gangster. It was rather annoying.

    Her exquisite features seemed even more seducing in that way.

    Tang Jinyu narrowed his eyes. “Jian Qi!”

    “Yes? Do you have a topic in mind?” Jian Qi smiled.

    “A hundred push-ups!”

    Jian Qi was speechless.

    ‘Oh my god!’

    Tang Jinyu continued on when he saw Jian Qi standing there motionlessly. “You have ninety seconds. If you exceed by one second, you have to do fifty more push-ups! Start now!”

    Jian Qi bit down on her lips. ‘What happened to chit-chatting?’

    Upstairs, everyone was looking at Jian Qi who had begun to do her push-ups. They were enjoying the moment.

    Chu Yu smiled sarcastically. They stared at Jian Qi because they were eager to see her not being able to complete her punishment and she would then be forced to do more push-ups.

    However, everyone was stunned when they saw Jian Qi speeding up.

    “Sixty five seconds!” Somebody else was keeping track of the time. They were filled with disbelief when they saw Jian Qi completing her push-ups before the time was up.

    They were fully aware of what had happened that morning. Chu Yu used almost two minutes to complete her push-ups that morning. Moreover, it was before their training when everyone still had their full stamina!

    Now, they were completely exhausted. They could never do a hundred push-ups in less than three minutes.

    Chu Yu’s sarcasm turned into frigidity. She tightened her grasp on the handrail subconsciously. She then stared at Jian Qi angrily. Jian Qi was now on her feet once more and she was smiling at Tang Jinyu. After that, Chu Yu turned away angrily.

    Jian Qi got up and looked at Tang Jinyu with a faint smile.

    “Do you think that I’ll praise you?” Tang Jinyu asked her. “It’s not what I want to see given that you completed the push-ups in such a short amount of time. Your stamina is good. It seems that we really need to have a good chat tonight!”

    Jian Qi was speechless.

    ‘What kind of chit-chatting is this?’

    “Lie down!” Tang Jinyu said stoniy.

    Jian Qi smiled playfully. “Instructor, do you have to be so open? We’re in a public place right now. Isn’t it shameful?”

    “Lie down!”

    His voice became so cold that the atmosphere seemed dark and frosty.

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow and she lied down calmly.

    “Raise both of your legs. Hold your belly in! Stay like this for half an hour!”

    Jian Qi smiled playfully, she suddenly had the urge to beat him up. “…Instructor, do you have to be so harsh and strict?”

    Jian Qi lied down flat on the ground. Then, she raised and straightened both of her legs. She closed her legs and kept them at forty five degrees. Then, she put her hands on the ground, and her palms facing the ground.

    Tang Jinyu looked up at the people who were watching the scene from upstairs.

    “If you cannot sleep, you can come down now!”

    What he said made them disappear in a flash!

    Tang Jinyu then glanced at the girl who was still breathing calmly on the ground. “I didn’t think that you would still train even though your time was fully packed with acting!”

    “Your body is important for changing your life for the better. Surely, I need to train up my stamina. If not, how can I have the time to discuss life with you here under the moonlight?”

    Jian Qi batted her eyelashes at Tang Jinyu. She smiled just like a mini gangster.

    “It’s a pity that we don’t have flowers here. But, you’re such a handsome man. Surely, you’re a flower in the military!”

    Jian Qi tried all her might to seduce him. “As the saying goes, one who is even more captivating than the flower. That saying is definitely dedicated to you!”

    Tang Jinyu could not help but laugh. “Stay like that for another half an hour since you have such a good stamina to fool around!”

    Jian Qi was speechless.

    ‘Tang Jinyu! Damn you!’