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Chapter 84 - You Take Yourself Too Seriously!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 84: You Take Yourself Too Seriously!

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    “You’re going to train for close combat today. Two in a group. You’re free to choose your own partners…”

    Everyone started to look for their partners from among their classmates who were standing beside them as soon as Feng Yi gave his command.

    Mu Zi was standing beside Jian Qi. She smiled and said, “Jian Qi… how about the two of us…”

    Mu Zi was interrupted by someone else. Chu Yu walked to them from the other side. She said rather proudly, “Jian Qi, I’m sure you don’t mind being my partner!”

    Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. She said directly without the fear of embarrassing Chu Yu, “But, I do mind.”

    Chu Yu’s face fell slightly.

    “Why? Are you afraid of being beaten up by me?” Chu Yu asked coldly.

    Jian Qi smiled playfully. “You’re even more shameless than me!”


    Chu Yu was angry. She still remembered how Jian Qi had humiliated her during shooting practice the other day.

    She wanted to use the opportunity to beat Jian Qi up openly without any repercussions.

    Anger rose in her like bile, she raised her hand and threw a punch at Jian Qi.

    Mu Zi was worried looking at the two of them. She wanted to say something to stop them from fighting but Zhang Xiao came and stopped her. “Mu Zi, it’s fine. Chu Yu knows what she’s doing. Let’s train.”

    Mu Zi glanced at Feng Yi and Tang Jinyu. They did not show any response. Then, she turned to look at Jian Qi and Chu Yu again.

    Chu Yu was attacking Jian Qi relentlessly. However, Jian Qi managed to dodge her attacks the whole time. The situation did not seem all that dangerous.

    “Faster! One attack, the other defend. Change every ten minutes!”

    Feng Yi said.

    Mu Zi had no choice but to practice with Zhang Xiao.

    Chu Yu was the one attacking now. She did not slow down her pace. Her attacks were fast and strong.

    Jian Qi retreated and dodged her attacks every single time.

    “Chu Yu, don’t cross the line!” Jian Qi reminded her.

    Chu Yu’s face darkened. “Jian Qi, aren’t you very outstanding? Don’t you want to be the champion everytime? Today, I just want to see who is stronger. Your fist or mine?”

    After that, she quickened her pace and approached Jian Qi again.

    She threw her vigorous punches at Jian Qi with lightning speed. It seemed like she really wanted to beat her up!

    Just by looking at Chu Yu’s attacks, Jian Qi felt as if she had met someone who was utterly insane.

    Ten minutes went by. Chu Yu realized that she did not get to hurt Jian Qi at all.

    She was deeply dissatisfied.

    She then found a chance and she reached out to grab Jian Qi. She was about to push Jian Qi when Tang Jinyu spoke again with his cold voice. “Time’s up. Change your roles!”

    Chu Yu froze. Jian Qi smiled and said, “It’s a pity. You didn’t get to beat me up!”

    Chu Yu’s face darkened. She did not seem to have a care in the world as she pushed Jian Qi directly. Jian Qi then fell onto the ground.

    “What are you doing? Didn’t you hear what I said?”

    Tang Jinyu stonily said to them. Even though she really wanted to attack Jian Qi, she could no longer do that.

    Jian Qi smiled at her. Her smile was rather irritating for Chu Yu. Chu Yu felt like she was challenging her.

    Chu Yu could only calm herself down. It was now Jian Qi’s turn to attack. Her movements were light but her speed was so much faster than Chu Yu just now.

    Before Chu Yu could come to her senses, she was hit by Jian Qi and she toppled over onto the ground.

    “Although I don’t like to look for trouble on my own initiative, it doesn’t mean that I’m a coward. Do you really think that I wouldn’t beat you up? Chu Yu, you take yourself too seriously!”

    Jian Qi said coldly. Then, she pressed Chu Yu’s arm with one hand. Her aura was powerful and she seemed quite overbearing at the moment.

    “We’re classmates. I don’t want to be on bad terms with you. It’s not nice. This is my last advice for you!”

    Jian Qi then shoved her directly.

    Chu Yu staggered and fell onto the ground. Her eyes became dark and cold.

    She got up and she sounded sarcastic. “Who is your classmate? Jian Qi, I’m telling you now. Only one of us can stay here. I’ll definitely make sure that you will no longer stay in the academy. Just you wait and see!”

    “Why do you not understand what I’m telling you? If that’s the case, we’ll see. Let’s just see who will be the one who leaves in the end!” Jian Qi smiled playfully. Her nonchalance seemed to imply that Chu Yu was not worth her time.

    Chu Yu truly despised the way she was behaving. It made her feel like a clown who was putting on a show all by herself.

    She could not hold back her anger. She then charged at Jian Qi without any hesitation. Who would even care about the rules right now? She did not care who was supposed to be attacking now.

    Jian Qi smiled coldly. She would not back down since Chu Yu was so eager to die.