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Chapter 87 - Ridiculous Qi

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 87: Ridiculous Qi

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    “You’ll start as the attacker. Begin!” Tang Jinyu said.

    Jian Qi looked at him cunningly.

    She raised her hand holding up a fist and charged toward Tang Jinyu.

    Instead of dodging her, Tang Jinyu held onto her fist. He used quite a bit of strength and flipped her over, making her fall onto the ground. His movement was fast.

    Tang Jinyu cracked his knuckles and looked at Jian Qi who was lying on the ground. He said emotionlessly, “Get up and continue.”

    After Jian Qi fell onto the ground she stayed put and refused to stand up. “You made me fall. I need Instructor to hug me first, then I’ll get up!”

    “Are you trying to be ridiculous now?” Tang Jinyu kicked her leg. “Get up.”

    “I can’t, I’m hurt. My whole body is in pain…”

    Jian Qi was not stupid. Even though she had been training for some time, she was still no match for him.

    She knew when she should back down.

    The other students who were training from far away were confused. The last they saw, the instructor was touching her head, and now Jian Qi had been flipped over onto the ground.

    Tsk… The instructor was really cruel and violent.

    It took him less than a few seconds to flip her over, and now she could not even get up.

    Feng Yi was observing from a distance and he saw everything.

    Was the boss not being way too harsh on her?

    He would never take internal fights into his own hands. Why would he beat her up this time?

    Feng Yi then thought about Jian Qi’s skinny legs. Boss would break them like twigs!

    Should he stop them?

    She was still lying on the ground teasing him. “You’re really strong, Instructor. My whole body seems to be falling apart!”

    Tang Jinyu bent down and grabbed her by her shirt.

    “Stand properly!”

    Jian Qi reached out her hands and wrapped them tightly around his neck. She hung onto him like a koala bear would hang onto a tree.

    Tang Jinyu frowned. He tried to pull her arms away but she was way stronger than he thought. She hung onto him so tight that he could not push her away.

    Jian Qi snickered cheekily.

    She had her ways in dealing with such a situation if she were not able to fight against him.

    “Let go!” Tang Jinyu warned her.

    “I can’t stand properly…” Jian Qi replied.

    Tang Jinyu was frustrated. He tried to pull her away again, but she was clinging onto him too tightly.

    As he was struggling, he fell backward and hit a rock.

    Jian Qi quickly pushed him down on his back and sat on top of him.

    Jian Qi wanted to laugh so badly looking at the irritated Tang Jinyu. But she was rational enough to keep it in as she said, “Aren’t you taking things too quickly, Instructor?!”

    “Jian Qi, run ten laps. Get up and run now!” Tang Jinyu said.

    “No more close combat, Instructor?” Jian Qi replied.

    “I’ll train with you again after you finish your laps!” Tang Jinyu gritted his teeth, wanting so much to tear her apart.

    Jian Qi giggled, with his frosty eyes on her, she got up leisurely and started her laps.

    Tang Jinyu wanted to follow her but a man wearing an army camouflage shirt came by and said to him, “Sir, the principal wants to see you.”

    Tang Jinyu nodded. He looked at the girl who was running slowly on the field, and his lips stretched into a fine line.

    There were a few men wearing army uniforms in the principal’s office. A man stood up when Tang Jinyu walked in. He looked at Tang Jinyu. “Instructor Tang, your student has openly beaten up another student. How do you plan to settle this issue?”

    “Director Liang, that is a serious accusation! Accusing a student of something like that is too much, isn’t it?”

    Tang Jinyu had a strong and oppressive aura, yet he was not disrespectful, nor displayed any weakness.