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Chapter 90 - Revoke Tang Jinyu’s Position As an Instructor

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 90: Revoke Tang Jinyu’s Position As an Instructor

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    Chu Yu was dumbfounded when Tang Jinyu allowed her to decide. She looked at Director Liang for assistance.

    Director Liang nodded to her as if he was telling her to say whatever that was on her mind and he would support her!

    Chu Yu then said, “I just feel wronged that I was beaten up. The Principal should decide.”

    Chu Yu did not mention anything as to how she would like to settle the issue. However, the way she worded her feelings made Jian Qi’s actions seem wrong.

    After hearing what Chu Yu had to say, Deng Guofeng smiled and said, “If that’s the case, Jian Qi will apologize and the both of you will go back to training like nothing ever happened.”

    “Principal!” Director Liang was not happy with the outcome. It was as though they were helping Jian Qi.

    “Chu Yu already said so herself, Director Liang. Do you still have any comments?”

    Deng Guofeng cut him short and gave him a stern look, he was exuding a dignified aura.

    Director Liang decided to hold it in. Deng Guofeng turned away and looked at Tang Jinyu. Just as he was about to talk to him about apologizing, Tang Jinyu said, “Jian Qi did not do anything wrong, Principal!”

    His words stunned everyone.

    This was the best way to settle the problem, but Tang Jinyu objected to the decision!

    Chu Yu also looked at Tang Jinyu in disbelief.

    Why would he protect her to such an extent?

    Jian Qi knew that she would not apologize for this matter as well. She had been merciful to Chu Yu for not breaking any of her bones. If she really did injure her badly, she might apologize for being too harsh, and that would be all.

    Jian Qi thought that she would have to extend her rage to everyone in the room with the prospect of having to apologzie. However, Tang Jinyu rejected the request on her behalf before she could say anything!

    Jian Qi thought about what Tang Jinyu had to say at the field and she realized that he never wanted to punish her. Hence, he never thought that she was wrong from the beginning!

    Jian Qi was slightly surprised.

    She always thought that he was too strict and by the book, but now he seemed rather smart as he knew that she was not wrong.

    Seeing that he was trying to help her now, she decided to forgive him for asking her to run laps.

    “What do you mean, instructor Tang?” Director Liang was unhappy. He had already decided to let it slide but Tang Jinyu was being arrogant.

    He should not be so biased!

    “This was supposed to be a proper training. Chu Yu knew well enough why Jian Qi would hit her!” Tang Jinyu’s words made Chu Yu feel guilty.

    What did he know?

    He was not even looking when they were at the field. How would he know that she was the one who started the fight?!

    “Don’t be too arrogant, Instructor Tang. What do you mean? You are not saying that Chu Yu is the one bullying Jian Qi, are you?” Director Liang looked at Deng Guofeng, “I really did want to give her a chance and accept her apology, Principal. But I have had enough of Instructor Tang’s attitude. Now that he’s trying to frame Chu Yu for Jian Qi, I highly recommend that you expel Jian Qi and revoke Tang Jinyu’s position as an instructor. He’s not suitable to be an instructor!”

    Deng Guofeng frowned. He was clearly upset.

    The Liang family had crossed the line.

    Tang Jinyu did not wait for Deng Guofeng to start talking. He laughed scornfully and pulled Jian Qi along with him out of the office.