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Chapter 1

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 1: I’m Not Going To Divorce Him

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    Ning Meng regained consciousness. The moment she opened her eyes, she realized that she was sitting at the edge of the rooftop. Her lean calves were left dangling in the air and wind was blowing at her red dress. It seemed like she was ready to jump down from the building. Looking down from such height would allow fear to take over one’s heart. Her body was frozen and she could feel her back starting to drip cold sweat. Immediately, she held on tight to the guard rail that was right beside her. It was at this moment she started to wonder if she was dreaming because it all felt so real for her.

    “What are you trying to do?!”

    A deep voice could be heard from her back. She then turned around slowly and saw a man in a suit standing afar. He had a cold stare and his tall figure was exuding immense pressure to others. She could not help but shiver when she sensed his dangerous presence. Ning Meng was on the verge of crying. She wanted to know what on earth she was doing as well. Earlier, she was sleeping in her own bedroom. And she had no idea how she got here.

    “Meng Meng. Please don’t do something so stupid! Huo Beichen is here. He will say yes to whatever you want to do!”

    The one that talked to her was a woman with thick makeup. She was standing right behind the tall man. Right after that, she winked to signal Ning Meng to talk about the divorce matter.

    “Go ahead and talk about the divorce!”

    “Divorce?” said the man in an ice-cold manner.

    The way he looked right now was terrifying enough to make Ning Meng cry again. From what she knew, she had never been in love before. Divorcing a man that she never met before in her life made her feel confused.

    Somehow, she felt like she had heard the name Huo Beichen before. Memories that did not belong to her suddenly flooded into her brain. She started to lose sight of her surroundings and she could feel that her brain was about to explode. After a short while, she finally calmed down. Her mouth was left agape.

    What was happening to her right now was the exact plot that she read in her novel last night. The novel had a pretty exciting typical plot. The main character, Su Tiantian was a toxic person. All those that messed with her would not end well no matter what. She was born into a poor family. After that, she moved into the Ning family when her family married her current stepfather. As for Ning Meng, she was the daughter that was born with a golden spoon in the Ning family. Ever since Su Tiantian moved into the Ning family, Ning Meng had never stopped messing with her and teasing her.

    That was why Su Tiantian swore that she would make Ning Meng pay the ultimate price. The only thing that stopped her from doing was Ning Meng’s husband, Huo Beichen. That was because he was a powerful person.

    It was an arranged marriage that brought Ning Meng and Huo Beichen together. To put it more crudely, they had never loved each other. And this had made Su Tiantian’s mother which was also Ning Meng’s stepmother to encourage her to use suicide to force Huo Beichen to divorce her.

    To her surprise, this entire drama was the prelude of her stepmother’s and Su Tiantian’s ultimate revenge plan. The moment Huo Beichen left her side, the two of them started to mess with Ning Meng. In the end, she was left disfigured and lost her mind.

    After knowing the ending, Ning Meng had decided not to let the same tragedy happened again. She had decided that she would never divorce Huo Beichen no matter what.

    “Who told you that I wanted to divorce with him?” said Ning Meng in a determined manner while turning around to look at Huo Beichen.

    The light from sunset shone on Huo Beichen and his shadow had perfectly depicted his tall and slim figure. His jawline and his red lips on his face were relieved when he heard that Ning Meng had no intention to divorce him. Still, he had this ice-cold look on him.

    “What? You are not going to divorce him?! Aren’t you going to use suicide to threaten him to divorce you?”

    The stepmother, Cao Xuehao frowned, and her thick makeup made Ning Meng worried that the powder on her face might fall on the ground.

    “I have no intention of committing suicide!”

    “What are you doing on the rooftop then?”

    “I’m just enjoying the view here. Do you believe that?”

    Ning Meng held the guard rail even tighter now. Her hands and legs were shaking involuntarily.