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Chapter 2

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 2: I Have A Great View Here

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    Ning Meng put on a tough front by forcing herself to look at the view once again. From her height, she could see the entire magnificent city. However, she was not in the mood to enjoy it. In contrast, her hands started to sweat like there was no tomorrow. Knowing that she had acrophobia, she was fortunate that she did not lose consciousness.

    “Look! Isn’t the view great?!” asked Ning Meng nervously.


    Upon noticing her pale look, Cao Xuehua started to realize something.

    “Meng Meng, I know now! Are you being threatened by someone?”

    The truth was no one had threatened her. One should know that the Ning Meng in the novel was a woman that attracted trouble. Within two years of marrying Huo Beichen, she had mentioned that she wanted to divorce him at least sixteen times. Each time Huo Beichen denied her request, she would go and date other men. She was actually very blessed that Huo Beichen still chose to be by her side.

    In order to make sure that Huo Beichen would not divorce her, Ning Meng was witty enough to figure out a solution.

    “That’s not possible! Nobody threatens me! Look at my husband. He’s so tall, muscular, gentle, knowledgeable, and charming… Why would I leave someone like that? Most importantly, he has been treating me like his most precious treasure! He will never threaten me!”

    Ning Meng then looked at Huo Beichen and smiled at him. At that moment, his stiff expression softened once again. That meant that her strategy was working really well.

    Before letting her catch a breath, Cao Xuehua interrupted her.

    “But, he is vicious and ruthless! And he is supposed to bring bad luck to his parents! He is destined to be a loner!”

    “How can you say that about my husband?!”

    “Meng Meng! Have you forgotten that you are the one that said all these things? I’m just repeating what you’ve said. You’ve also mentioned that if he still chooses not to divorce, he might get you killed as well! People like him should die alone!” said Cao Xuehua while looking at Huo Beichen.

    After that, she pretended to cover her mouth for spilling Ning Meng’s secret.


    It was obvious that Cao Xuehua was trying to destroy their relationship. Immediately, Ning Meng turned around to look at her husband. And, she saw that Huo Beichen was glaring at her suspiciously.

    “I was blinded back then. And, I’m pretty sure there was something wrong with my brain as well. Those are all nonsense! You need to know that you are the best man in this world! Frankly, my heart was captured by your charm the first time I met you. Unfortunately, you have always treated me coldly. The reason why I made so much fuss is to get your attention!”

    It appeared that Ning Meng had managed to find the perfect excuse for her past behavior.

    “I can tell you that I see things clearer now… I realize that I have wronged you. Hubby, don’t you worry. From today onwards, I will be a good wife that will take care of our house, be a good mother, to our children, and treat you well!”


    Huo Beichen was rendered speechless. It was as if he had just gotten to know his wife today. Earlier, Huo Beichen had already decided to say yes to Ning Meng. He would never let her die no matter what. To his surprise, he had never expected that his quiet wife would say so much in one go today. He was not bothered whether was she telling the truth or not. As long as she chose not to divorce him, all is well.

    “Time for you to come down,” said Huo Beichen.

    Ning Meng was relieved when she heard him asking her to come down.

    “My legs are like jelly now,” said Ning Ming with a tearful face.


    She was hoping that Huo Beichen would help her down.

    Before he could say or do anything about it…

    “Meng Meng, let me help you!”

    Cao Xuehua rushed to her and came in contact with her ‘accidentally’.

    Ning Meng lost her balance and was about to fall off from the building.