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Chapter 3

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 3: Divorce Paperwork

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    Seconds later, her arm was grabbed by a big and rough hand. She was then dragged back to the rooftop and collided into a sturdy chest. Everything happened so fast that Ning Meng had all her limbs clinging on the man that saved her. His unique breath had slowly filled Ning Meng’s up, and his heartbeat was so surreal that it slowly calmed her down.

    “Come down.”

    A rough and deep voice was heard. Ning Meng then lifted her head and looked at the man that had saved her. His eyebrows were furrowed, and his stare was frosty. It was as if he did not want to have Ning Meng in his embrace. But for Ning Meng, he was like a hero that had come from heaven to save her. And of course, she was grateful for it. All those compliments that she made about Huo Beichen had paid off.

    “About that…”

    Before Ning Meng could say thank you, Huo Beichen made her sit on the floor and stared at her in disdain before coming down from the rooftop.


    Ning Meng was rendered speechless.

    “Meng Meng, are you okay?”

    Cao Xuehua rushed to her and pretended to show her concern for her. Ning Meng had a clear view of her split-second toxic stare and disappointment in her eyes. She suddenly realized that Cao Xuehua did that on purpose. It was not an accident at all. The reason she wanted to kill her was because she had chosen not to divorce Huo Beichen anymore.

    In the book, Ning Meng could not accept that someone poor from outside became her elder sister all of a sudden. So, she reacted by teasing her with words. Because of that, the main character’s mother had made the decision to kill her.

    When she was reading this book, Ning Meng had always complained about how the author always killed off those that went against the main character of this novel. In reality, the stepmother and her daughter were the worst of all.

    “I’m fine. Are you disappointed?” asked Ning Meng.

    “What are you talking about? I’m glad that you are fine! I wouldn’t know how to tell your dad if something bad happens to you!” said Cao Xuehua.

    Clearly, she was guilty as charged. The old Ning Meng was not as witty and observant as the new Ning Meng right now. Knowing that Ning Meng had seen through her schemes, Cao Xuehua was feeling guilty about the whole thing.

    She then pretended to cough.

    “Meng Meng. I’m going to head back to the house first. I have forgotten that I have to deal with something! Just hang in there. I will make sure to end your suffering!” said Cao Xuehua while standing up.

    Cao Xuehua had no intention to let Ning Meng off the hook.

    Over the years, Huo Beichen had purchased plenty of property. After the wedding, Ning Meng had chosen to stay in an apartment. There was only one unit on each floor. The unit that she stayed in was three-hundred square meters. It was more than enough for one person to stay comfortably.

    After leaving the rooftop, she saw that Huo Beichen did not leave the building. Instead, he went into her room. She could not help but feel nervous about that. In the novel, the author did not describe Huo Beichen much. All knew about him was that he was a loner and ruthless individual. Even the almighty male protagonist was afraid of him. In her head, she still hoped that she could salvage the marriage after complimenting him.

    Feeling nervous, she opened the door. She saw that Huo Beichen was sitting on the leather sofa. His assistant, Qi Shan was reporting to him.

    “Sir, this is the divorce paperwork that you asked me to prepare earlier…”

    The moment Ning Meng opened the door, Huo Beichen and Qi Shan turned around and looked at her. She was shocked by the way her husband stared at her.

    Divorce paperwork?

    Could it be she had failed to change the outcome of the plot?