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Chapter 7

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 7: Why Should I Apologize?

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    Left with no other options, Ning Meng had to admit that she had indeed asked for Du Ruo to draw the comic on her behalf. After all, Du Ruo was holding the evidence to prove that he was the original comic artist of Lifebloom.


    A liar?

    Ning Meng pursed her lips. She would never allow her reputation to be tainted. Becoming the original female antagonist was not an option. With the female fan accusing her on the stage and a group of people that were instructed to anger her fans even further, everyone started to change their mind and criticize Ning Meng.

    “Liar! You are a liar! Ning Meng! Get the hell out of the comic industry!”

    “You disgust me!”

    “Why are you smiling?! Apologize right now!”


    There was a group of reporters live-streaming what had happened here to the audience that was watching from home.


    At Ning Mansion.

    It was surrounded by water and the mountains. The scenery here was really pleasant for one to live here permanently. However, the atmosphere in the mansion right now was rather gloomy. At the common area, a good-looking middle-aged man was furious with Ning Meng.

    “Damn it! This useless daughter! How dare she do such a shameless deed?!”

    “Uncle, please watch your health. Don’t let your anger worsen your health. I’m pretty sure Ning Meng has a good reason to do what she did…” Su Tiantian said gently in her snow-white dress.

    “A reason behind it? I have used so many of my connections to send her to the best art school! I wanted her to fulfill her mother’s unfinished dream! How could she do such an unspeakable thing!” Papa Ning roared as he threw the glass of water in his hand on the ground.

    After hearing what Papa Ning said, Su Tiantian had to conceal her anger. Ning Meng was after all the fruit that he bore with his deceased wife. Though she had passed away for some time, he had never stopped loving her daughter. No matter what Ning Meng did, she would always be his favorite daughter.

    Unfortunately, what Ning Meng did this time had crossed his line.

    “Uncle. I know it’s not an easy task to draw comics. Since young, Meng Meng was given the best of the best. It’s normal that she can’t endure the hard life out there. Let’s look on the brighter side. Though she is not as talented as her mother, she did at least inherit her mother’s shares. That would mean she does not even need to work for the rest of her life…”

    The words, ‘inherit’ and ‘share’ further infuriated her father.

    “Since she failed to fulfill her mothers’ dream. Then the shares…”

    Suddenly, he paused it right there.

    Su Tiantian was really nervous. She could not wait for him to say that he would take away her shares, freeze her credit card, and chase her out of the house. Looking at his face, it seemed like he could not bear to do so. Just when Su Tiantian wanted to comment on it, there was voice coming out from the tablet on the table. It was Ning Meng.

    “Apologize? Why should I apologize? I have never lied to you guys!”

    Upon hearing that, Su Tiantian and Papa Ning turned around to look at the tablet. What she had just said baffled everyone.

    “What do you mean by that? Does that mean you can’t bear the consequences and deny that Du Ruo is the author of Lifebloom?”

    Looking down at all the angry fans, Ning Meng lifted her hand.

    “I have never said that I’m the one that drew Lifebloom.”

    “How can you say that right now? Your name is printed on every single comic book! And you are the one that did the signing session earlier! Are you going to deny all of that?”

    “The name that I signed is Ning Meng (Lemon), not Ning Meng (original name). Look carefully.”


    Was there any difference? Wasn’t Ning Meng (Lemon) her pen name?