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Chapter 8

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 8: A Fruitless Attempt

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    “The name of the comic studio is called Lemon. And Du Ruo did sign a five-year contract to work for Lemon Studio. All of his work belongs to Lemon Productions!” Ning Meng explained calmly.

    Everyone was shocked to hear that. None of them knew how to respond to it. Seeing that everyone was rendered speechless, Ning Meng could finally let out a breath of relief. Fortunately, her pen name was exactly the same as the name of the studio. If not, it would be really hard for her to get out of this sticky situation.

    “I cannot accept this explanation! If Ning Meng is the name of the studio, why are you the one that did the signing earlier?” asked the female fan.

    “My mom was the one who handed LemonStudio over to me. In other words, I’m the boss here. What’s wrong with signing on behalf of the studio?”


    The female fan was shocked by Ning Meng’s reply. She knew that this was not true, but she did not know how to counter her anymore. On the other hand, Du Ruo was frowning in the corner then glared at Ning Meng.

    ‘This woman is driven by greed! She has all the intention in the world to take possession of my hard work! And she is trying to justify her wrongdoings!’

    “I want to cancel the contract,” Du Ruo yelled.

    The main purpose of exposing Ning Meng was to make use of public pressure to force her to cancel the contract with Du Ruo. Clenching his fists tightly, Du Ruo was determined to leave the studio no matter what.

    “Yea! Sure!” said Ning Meng while looking at Du Ruo.


    Du Ruo was speechless.

    Ning Meng then walked toward Du Ruo and tapped on his shoulder.

    “From today onwards, you are a free man!”


    Du Ruo felt that he had just landed a punch on a heap of cotton. He could not figure out what was her real motive. Could it be she was trying to guilt him into drawing the second volume of Lifebloom?

    That must be it.

    Du Ruo once again glared at Ning Meng with hatred. If Ning Meng could hear what he was thinking, she would definitely defend herself. And the truth was she felt that whatever her past self had done to Du Ruo was overboard. Currently, she was just trying to do the right thing.

    Upon hearing that, all her fans nodded their heads.

    “Well, right now she is trying to fix her mistake. I think Ning Meng is actually quite a good person!”

    “You are right!”

    Just when Ning Meng was about to turn the tide around, the female fan took a look at her cellphone after she felt the vibration.

    “Ning Meng, the comic that you published was drawn by someone else! How about your mother? Does that mean she asked someone to draw for her as well?!”

    Immediately, someone responded to it.

    “As the saying goes, a crooked stick will have a crooked shadow. That could very well mean that her mother is a liar as well!”

    “Ning Meng has no talent in drawing. Does it mean she did not inherit it from her mom, or her mom was not talented in drawing as well?”

    “She is saying that he is not a liar! I don’t think she will tell us all this stuff if she was not exposed today!”

    “Her entire family are liars! It’s just that her mom is better at lying than she is!”

    Suddenly, everyone started to attack Ning Meng. She was furious as the thing she detested the most was for someone to attack her family. Though she had never seen her ‘mother’, she at least knew that one should not disrespect a deceased person.