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Chapter 9

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 9: Who Told You That I Can’t Draw?!

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    At the Ning family.

    After Ning Meng turned the tide around, her father’s expression relaxed a little.

    “That was rather smart,” said Papa Ning while smiling. Seeing that he was smiling, Su Tiantian frowned and started to figure out a way to infuriate him further. She then took out her phone and sent a message to the female fan.

    After being reminded by Su Tiantian, the female fan started to use words to attack Ning Meng’s mother. No matter what, she was determined to kick Ning Meng out of the house. Just as she had anticipated, the loving father was furious by this matter once again.


    Papa Ning kicked the small table and it fell over.

    “What an unfilial daughter!”

    “Uncle, did you mention that you wanted to take away Meng Meng’s shares? Maybe we should let her have a taste of losing something! With that, she might actually put effort into learning to draw comics!”

    Papa Ning had begun to feel like what Su Tiantian had just told him made perfect sense. They then heard the female fan shouted once again on the livestream.

    “Ning Meng! You have been exposed! You don’t even know how to draw! How are you supposed to manage a comic studio? Who are you going to ask to draw the second volume of Lifebloom?”

    This statement had once again triggered Papa Ning, causing him to make up his mind finally. He took out his cellphone and called his assistant.

    “Put all of Meng Meng’s shares on hold. Freeze her bank accounts. Tell her not to come home if she can’t draw!”

    Su Tiantian was delighted by what she had heard.

    A success!

    Before she could smile, she heard an unexpected statement.

    “Who told you that I can’t draw?”

    Su Tiantian’s smile froze. And Papa Ning turned his attention to the livestream again. Ning Meng’s work was drawing comics. It was not possible that she did not know how to draw. Earlier, she had spent some time to read Lifebloom, and she found that the drawing was rather simple. With her skill, she could easily replicate it. Again, everyone was rendered speechless.

    “You were always skipping classes when we were in art school. All your homework scored zero! How is it possible that you know how to draw? That’s the funniest joke I’ve heard this year!” said the female fan.

    Immediately, all the fans started to stare at her in suspicion.

    Even the staff approached her and whispered into her ears.

    “Boss, don’t do it! You…”

    Before he could finish his words, Ning Meng interrupted him.

    “Bring me a pen and paper.”

    The staff was shocked by it. Seeing that he was not moving, Ning Meng took a pen and piece of paper. She then started to draw on the paper. All those reporters had their cameras focused on her as well. She looked really different when she started working seriously. After a short moment of moving her pen on the paper, the female antagonist of Lifebloom was drawn on the paper. With such speed and focus, she could definitely be considered as a master-level comic artist. And it was even better than the one that Du Ruo drew. All the fans could not shift their attention from her.

    After half an hour.

    Ning Meng put down the pen and lifted her head.

    “My mother created Lifebloom! And I’m going to give all of you a perfect ending! I now announce that I will personally draw the second volume of Lifebloom! I hope all of you will continue to support me!”

    Shortly after that, everyone started to clap for her. Ning Meng could see her fans truly idolized her right now.