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Chapter 11

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 11: Promise?

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    Huo Beichen exerted a bit of strength to drag Ning Meng to his side.

    “Let her go!”

    Duo Ruo shouted out loud and wanted to charge at Huo Beichen. Unfortunately, he was stopped by Qi Shan. He then glared at Du Ruo while rubbing his fist against his palm.

    “Come here. Let’s talk about your future and your life…” said Qi Shan while dragging Du Ruo to the back of the advertisement board.

    Ning Meng’s body shook involuntarily when she saw Du Ruo being dragged away. She then gulped and looked at Huo Beichen. There was not a single trace of emotion on Huo Beichen’s face. The way he looked at Ning Meng was like looking at a dead person.

    “Hubby, please listen to me! You are my idol and savior! You know that I will never like a man like him! Besides, Du Ruo is so meek and weak! There’s no way that he can compare to your muscular and tall body!” said Ning Meng.

    Seeing that there was still no reaction from Huo Beichen, she continued to say, “Your presence is domineering! And you are always so energetic and powerful! And… And…”

    Ning Meng had run out compliments this time. Seemingly, everything that she said this time could no longer work on Huo Beichen. Just when she was trying to figure out what to say next, Huo Beichen started to drag her to somewhere all of a sudden. She remembered that the book mentioned that Huo Beichen was ruthless and merciless. Could it be he was going to kill her this time?

    “Hubby, let’s calm down and talk about it. As a gentleman, you shouldn’t use violence on a woman like me! A handsome, talented, charming, and gentleman like you would definitely forgive a small-time woman like me, right? Killing me would only dirty your hands…”

    “Just shut up!”


    Immediately, Ning Meng clamped her mouth shut and realized that Huo Beichen had brought her to a sink. He then pushed her to the sink and used his giant body to press her down. Lastly, he took the entire bottle of handsoap and poured it on Ning Meng’s hands. With the tap on, he started to use all his strength to rub her hands.

    When she turned around, she could see Huo Beichen’s side face clearly. His slightly flared nostrils, tightened jaw, and the curve of his lips indicated that he was still angry. And, Ning Meng did not dare to move a single muscle in her body. When he washed her hands, he made sure that every single part of her hands were scrubbed thoroughly. The longer he washed, the more strength he exerted into it. It seemed like he was ready to rub off the skin on her hands.

    In the midst of it, Ning Meng was in so much pain that she wanted to move her hands away. Unfortunately, she could not muster enough strength to do so. Soon after her, tears started to fill her eyes.

    “It’s so painful… Too much pain…”

    Upon hearing that, Huo Beichen’s emotions started to gush like water rushing out from a dam. Immediately, he stopped washing her hands, lifted Ning Meng’s chin, and stared right into her soul.

    “Ning Meng, have you forgotten the things that you’ve promised me?”

    Ning Meng could feel that all the blood in her body rush to her brain—causing her brain to short-circuit.

    What promise?

    She had no memory of her past in this story. That was why she had absolutely no idea what was he talking about. However, the look on Huo Beichen’s face was trying to tell her that if she dares to ask what promise again, he would make sure to choke her to death.