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Chapter 12

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 12: No More Next Time!

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    There were countless thoughts running through Ning Meng’s mind right now.

    “There’s nothing between me and Du Ruo! I don’t like him at all…” said Ning Meng fearfully.

    Still, the look on Huo Beichen’s face did not change. It was at that time Ning Meng knew that he was not happy with her answer. It was actually understandable. The old her had been in relationships with other men and Huo Beichen had not said anything about it before. It was quite unusual for him to get angry over an ex-boyfriend.

    While he was deep in thought, Huo Beichen decided to squeeze Ning Meng’s chin harder. It was on the verge of crushing her chin. Immediately, the teary Ning Meng suddenly thought of an answer that might satisfy him.

    “I’m sorry. This is an accident! I promise you that there will be no next time!”

    Just as expected, Huo Beichen did not exert more strength into squeezing her chin. Ning Meng could finally let out a breath of relief.

    “People make mistakes all the time. This is all my fault. Can you please forgive me this time? Please…”

    Not knowing what the promise was, Ning Meng figured out the best move would be apologizing to him first. Huo Beichen then narrowed his eyes. It seemed like he was trying to decide whether to believe her or not.

    Left in fear, Ning Ming decided to speak again.

    “I can promise you that there will be no next time. Don’t you worry. If there’s next time, I will personally cut off my own head and you can kick it around like a ball!” said Ning Meng while waiting for Huo Beichen’s reply.

    He finally let her go. He then washed her hands gently before heading out.

    “Boss. I’m done on my side. That kid will not get close to your wife anymore!” said Qi Shan while running toward them.

    Seeing that Du Ruo was beaten badly, she was glad that all Huo Beichen did to her was wash her hands. After beating Du Ruo up, it seemed like Huo Beichen had no intention to explain the whole thing to her. All he did was take his leave. Qi Shan wanted to go after his boss but he took some time out to glare at Ning Meng and scolded her.

    “How dare you do such a thing? I will bring the divorce papers to you tomorrow!”

    With a frown on her face, Ning Meng knew that she would not let it happen no matter what.

    “I’m not available tomorrow.”


    “I’m not available the day after tomorrow as well! I will never be available for you!”


    Ning Meng was being ridiculous on purpose and this infuriated Qi Shan greatly.

    “Stupid woman! Do you really think that you can avoid me forever? According to the law, once the husband and wife have lived separately for two years, either one of them can initiate the divorce procedure without the consent of the other partner!”

    Ning Meng’s face turned pale when she heard what Qi Shan told her. She had completely forgotten about it. She was twenty-six when she married Huo Beichen. It had been six years. That would mean Huo Beichen could divorce her three times!

    She could feel a sense of urgency approaching. Seeing that she was frightened, Qi Shan left with Huo Beichen in satisfaction. After that, Ning Meng called an ambulance for Du Ruo before she left.

    Upon returning home, Ning Meng kept on thinking about the thing Du Ruo said to her when he was brought into the ambulance. She had to cover her mouth to stop herself from giggling.

    “Meng Meng. Don’t worry, I will not abandon you,” said Du Ruo, with two of his front teeth missing.

    All these while, Huo Beichen was fine with her dating other men. She could not figure out why Huo Beichen would respond in such a way when she held hands with her ex-boyfriend. Something must have gone wrong. It had something to do with the promise, but Ning Meng had no memories of it at all. So, she went around her house to look for some clues. When she entered her cloakroom…