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Chapter 13

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 13: Let’s Break Up

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    She saw a few sticky notes on her wardrobe.

    On the sticky notes marked some of the events that were important to her.

    On X month X day: Going to have lunch with a small-time celebrity, Lin Qingbei. He has booked one of the private rooms at Taser, the French restaurant.

    On X month X day: Going to have dinner with xxx. He has booked a private room at this Huaiyang cuisine restaurant.

    On X month X day: Going to watch a movie with xxx. He has bought the movie tickets.


    The old her was dating three men at the same time. It was no wonder that she was known as an unfaithful whore. Immediately, Ning Meng tore off all the sticky notes and threw them into the bin. After inspecting the room one more time, Ning Meng did not manage to find any other useful stuff other than all those luxurious goods that the old her had bought. Left in disappointment, Ning Meng went to her bed and laid down.


    It was the second morning. A loud bang on her door woke her from her sleep. She pulled her blanket over her head and tried to muffle out the sound, but the insistent knocking continued. Left with no other options, she had to get up from her bed and open the door with her half-opened eyes.

    A handsome young man was standing outside the door.

    “Ning Meng, I’ve waited for you at the cinema the entire night. Why didn’t you show up?”


    Seeing that one of the boyfriends had shown up in front of her door, Ning Meng decided to take this opportunity to tell him everything.

    “Let’s just break up,” said Ning Meng.

    It seemed like the man was baffled.

    “I have a husband and I’m a changed person now. Please leave and don’t come looking for me anymore!”

    After that, Ning Meng closed the door immediately. She then yawned and wanted to go back to her bedroom and get more shuteye. Just before she could fall asleep, someone was knocking at her door again.


    “I just told you that I’m breaking up with you! Who the hell are you?” shouted Ning Meng after she opened the door.

    “You missed our dinner date last night! And the first thing that you want to tell after I’ve waited for five hours is that we’re done?” said the tall and muscular man in surprise.


    “That’s right! Let’s break up!”

    Another one bites the dust.

    She then went back to bed.

    The moment she laid down, someone rang the doorbell.

    Ning Meng rushed to the door and shouted, “Let’s break up!”

    And she closed the door almost instantly.

    However, the doors were stopped from closing by a pair of strong hands. The door was reopened. In shock, Ning Meng took a good look at the man that stood in front of his door. He was a mature looking man in a tuxedo. Ning Meng could not guess his current age because he was rather well-groomed. He appeared much older than Ning Meng. He had perfectly crafted facial features and emanated a very gentle aura.

    “What break up? I think you are not fully awake, right?”


    Ning Meng was surprised that the old her had managed to hook up with all these high-quality boyfriends.

    The first one was a pretty boy.

    The second one was tall and muscular.

    The third one was the mature type of man that every woman liked.

    Previously, she managed to chase away the first and two boyfriends easily. She did not expect that this matured mister could be so attached to her.

    “Oh. You are that Lin Qingbei, right? Do you know why I decided not to go for the lunch date? You should really take a good look at yourself! You are so damn old but you are still a small-time actor! Clearly, you shouldn’t stay at the entertainment industry any longer!” scolded Ning Meng.

    Ning Meng guessed that he would never return since she gave him a hard time. Just as expected, the man was angry.

    “I’m your father!” shouted the man.1