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Chapter 14

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 14: Father That Sabotaged His Daughter

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    The two of them were staring into each other eyes. Ning Wentao was usually calm and steady. Yet Ning Meng had just destroyed his character in a matter of seconds.

    “What is going on here? How can you not recognize me?”

    “There must be something wrong with my eyes!”

    Realizing she had just made a ridiculous excuse, Ning Meng knew that her dad would not believe her. She then started to imagine all kinds of wild stuff that would happen after this. She reckoned that her dad would realize that his daughter’s soul was no longer in her body. That would mean he would hand her over to some research facility to study her.

    “This is all my fault,” said Ning Wentao while sighing.


    “I don’t think I can afford to go against Huo Beichen. You have to know that you will suffer even more if someday I muster enough courage to stand up against him. I’m so sorry that you have to suffer for now.”

    “No! No! I’m not suffering right now!” answered Ning Meng while waving her hands.

    “Meng Meng, everyone told me that you are immature. To me, you will always be the best kid in this world. Look at what the world has done to you! Your mind is starting to play tricks on you! You couldn’t even recognize me just now. How can I not worry about you?”


    She was glad that her dad managed to find a way to make sense of her current circumstances.

    “Daddy is here today to bring you to have some fun. Get change and come with me! I have a surprise for you! I can promise you that you will love it!” said Ning Wentao while tapping on his chest.


    At Glamour Club.

    “We are here! I’m going in there with you. Have fun inside. I will wait for you at the side. Come home with me after the thing is over.”


    Ning Meng could not figure out why her dad would bring her to a club. And what kind of surprise was waiting for her? Her curiosity was piqued when she saw her dad acting so excitedly. After that, Ning Meng pushed the door opened and all she could see was darkness. Just when she wanted to turn around to leave the place, she heard some exciting music.

    Immediately, she turned around and saw two beams of light directed at the man that was performing his street dance. The way he moved along with the music was so good that it made whoever that was watching get excited. Suddenly, she found out that something was wrong with the male dancer. Maybe the room was getting warmer; that was why the dancer took off his jacket.

    After a short while, the dancer took off his shirt. His tanned and muscular body was revealed. The longer the dance went on, the more clothes the male dancer took off. Finally, she figured out what was this about. This was a strip dance! Ning Meng was so shocked that she covered her mouth. There was no word to describe how she felt right now.

    Seemingly, this kind of entertainment was rather normal to the rich. Just when the male dance wanted to take off his underpants, Ning Meng quickly turned around and ran out of the room.


    She did not see that there was a group of people who passed by her when she left the room. With her eyes closed, she ran into someone that she recognized. His ruthless aura had soon made its way to Ning Meng’s nose.

    Shaking in fear, she started to turn around and saw Huo Beichen glaring at her murderous intent.

    The warning that she had received yesterday came to mind suddenly and her body started to shake nonstop.

    ‘Dad! You got me into trouble this time!’ Ning Meng screamed inwardly.