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Chapter 15

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 15: Is That My Real Dad?

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    Ning Meng’s body stiffened. She had tried her best to suppress the fear that was currently conquering her mind.

    “Hi hubby. I have not seen you for only a day but you have gotten way more handsome today! Look at your charming posture and perfect figure! You are really the dream of every woman in this world! My idol, can you tell me how can you be so handsome?”


    “Madam! What are you doing here?!” asked Qi Shan with his anger suppressed after talking a good look at the room that Ning Meng had just walked out from.

    Ning Meng took a glance at Huo Beichen and said, “I think I have just entered the wrong room. I wonder who would watch strip shows! That is so inappropriate! Hubby, let’s take our leave. Don’t let those inappropriate stuff dirty your eyes!”


    Ning Meng could care whether they believed in what she just told them. All she wanted to do right now was to leave this place as soon as possible.


    “Meng Meng, have you finished watching the show? That’s fast.”

    Ning Wentao’s voice could be heard when Ning Meng turned around.

    “What do you think? Not bad right? His waist… Eh? Meng Meng, what happened to your eyes?”

    Ning Meng was trying to signal him intensively with her eyes. Suddenly, she felt a cold breeze run down her spine and she was frozen. Once again, she was dragged into trouble by someone insensitive.

    When Ning Wentao walked closer to her, he realized that Huo Beichen was standing right beside his daughter. Immediately, he set aside his casual look and turned serious.

    “My son in law, why are you here?”

    Huo Beichen then stared at Ning Meng and said, “I had my meal here.”

    Seemingly he was not that angry since he was willing to answer Ning Wentao’s questions. Ning Meng was praying that her father would talk to Huo Beichen more about other stuff to make him forget what she had just done.

    To her surprise….

    “I see… Meng Meng, you don’t look too happy. What do you think about the male dancer today? Do you want me to arrange another show for you to watch tomorrow? This time, it’s going to be a small-time celebrity!”

    Ning Meng was dumbfounded. She could not understand her father brought this up again. If the book did not mention that Ning Wentao loved his daughter, she would suspect that he was actually not her father. She knew that she was now dead meat. After mustering enough strength, Ning Meng took a look at Huo Beichen with teary eyes. She was planning to play the victim and beg for his forgiveness. To her surprise, Huo Beichen did not look at her. What he did was leave the place without saying a word.

    As compared to the Qi Shan’s glare, Huo Beichen was rather calm. It was as if Ning Meng was invisible to him.

    Ning Meng felt that she had just been through a dream even though they were out of her sight. She was wondering if Huo Beichen would bring this up when she returned home later.

    “Meng Meng, why are you still afraid of him?” asked Ning Wentao while tapping her shoulder.

    “Are you not afraid of him?” asked Ning Meng.

    “I am…” answered Ning Wentao while tapping his chest.


    “Huo Beichen is ruthless and merciless! Everyone is afraid of him! Remember what I told you? As long as you keep your promise that you made during the wedding. Just remember not to cross his line. Huo Beichen will not lay his hands on you.”


    “What promise? What line?”