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Chapter 17

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 17: Can I Stay At Your Place For A Few Days?

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    Soon, her post was liked and replied by her friends.

    “Did someone kidnap Ning Meng?” said Friend 1.

    “Are you serious? You are going to give up all the nightlife?” said Friend 2.

    “Did someone hack her account?” said Friend 3.

    “Too late for that,” said Qi Shan.


    Ning Meng figured out if Qi Shan saw her post; that would mean Huo Beichen would notice her post as well. After that, Ning Meng went through her contact list, looked for Huo Beichen, and mustered up enough strength to call him. Soon, she heard someone talking on the other side of the phone.

    “Sorry. The number that you dialed is not available. Please try again later. Sorry…”


    She then waited for a while before calling him again. Still, it was a fruitless attempt. Could Huo Beichen have blocked her? Ning Meng’s mouth twitched and decided to call Qi Shan instead. It rang for a while, and Qi Shan hung up instantly.


    Shen then proceeded to call two more times and Qi Shan turned off his cellphone to stop receiving her call. She would not be able to talk about living together with Huo Beichen if he refused to pick up her call. And she needed to come up with a good excuse as well. After strolling around the room for a while, Ning Meng managed to figure out a great way to resolve this issue.


    In the evening on the second day.

    Ning Meng’s house’s common area was a mess. All his furniture and carpets were wet.

    “During the renovation, we did make sure that the water from the bathroom will not flow to other parts of the house. How did the water flow to your common area? And this is pretty darn serious. I’m pretty sure that you will have to renovate the place again,” said the property staff.

    “Don’t tell me all these stuff. You should let the owner know about it instead,” replied Ning Meng.


    “I have just called the owner. He said that he will come over here right now.”

    Ning Meng then nodded her head, feeling proud. She assumed that her plan was a huge success. A flooded house was a huge deal. The owner had to sign some documents if one wanted to renovate the whole place again.

    Seeing that Ning Meng was not worried but happy about it, he could not help but ask, “Miss, may I know what’s your relationship with the owner?”

    Just when Ning Meng wanted to answer the question, she saw someone tall standing outside the door.

    “The owner is my husband! He’s the kind of person that likes to help others! And he is really generous as well! To be honest, I really idolize him! He is like a godlike being among peasants!”


    Huo Beichen was rendered speechless when he entered the house.

    “And my hubby treats me really well! I’m pretty sure that he will make sure that I will have a place to stay! He cares about me more than anything in this world!”


    The door was pushed open when Ning Meng was done talking. Immediately, his aura flooded the house. Ning Meng then suppressed her fear, jumped down from the dining table, and stepped on the soaking wet floor to run to him.

    “My idol, my house is flooded all of a sudden. It needs to be renovated. For the time being, can I stay with you for a few days?”

    “What did you say?” said Huo Beichen in a husky voice while glaring at her with murderous intent.

    Ning Meng was so scared that she did not move a muscle. She could not figure out what was wrong with him.

    ‘The way he looks at me is so damn terrifying… Could it be he found out something bad about me?’ thought Ning Meng.

    Suddenly, Qi Shan found out something when he checked the house out. He found and picked up a hose under the sofa.

    “Boss! Look! There’s no flood! This woman connect this hose to the tap in the bathroom to flood her own house! She did it on purpose!” shouted Qi Shan.