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Chapter 19

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 19: Which Room Should I Live In?

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    “Hubby, this is all my fault. I really shouldn’t come up with all these dirty tricks… What did you say just now?”

    Left in surprise, she fixed her eyes upon Huo Beichen.

    Did she hear it wrongly?

    Huo Beichen was a rather mysterious man and Ning Meng could never figure out what was he thinking. He then slowly opened up his mouth and said, “What do you want to bring?”


    Rendered speechless for a while, Ning Meng was filled with joy seconds later.

    “Wait for me! I’m going inside to pack now!”

    The moment Ning Meng entered her room to pack her bag, Qi Shan finally recovered from the shock.

    “Boss, why did you say yes to her?”

    Huo Beichen did not answer his question. The corner of his lips raised a little. He then walked towards the French window and looked at the sky until he lost himself. Just when Qi Shan wanted to comment more on it, Ning Meng walked out from the room with her luggage


    She had just entered her room for only five seconds and now she was out. Clearly, she had packed her bag earlier.

    “What a cunning woman! You have planned everything ahead!” Qi Shan said angrily.

    Ning Meng then winked at Qi Shan to indicate that she had won the battle. The way she acted made Qi Shan want to beat her up. However, when Huo Beichen turned around to look at her; she went back to being gentle.

    “I’m ready, my idol. Can we leave now?” asked Ning Meng politely.

    “Okay,” said Huo Beichen.

    It seemed like he had everything under his control.


    Qi Shan was speechless. From the moment they walked into the house until they left the house, Qi Shan had never stopped staring at Ning Meng. She was no different than her old self, she still had a slim waist and big boobs. And she had always picked the nicest clothes to match. The soul-captivating eyes that she had made her exude a seductive aura.

    The only thing different about her was her eyes. It seemed like she was smarter than before. And her temperament was different as well. Though she was still unpredictable, the old her had always made people think that she was dumb. And now she would still throw herself at Huo Beichen whenever she sees him but the way she did it was not as repulsive anymore. Could it be that was why Huo Beichen had agreed to let her move in with him?

    Ning Meng followed right behind Huo Beichen and she saw a black Cadillac parked in front of her apartment.

    “Wow! Cadillac! Look at this classic masterpiece! Its perfect outline, luxurious interior design, and advanced tech have made it the king of all cars! Only a car like that can match my perfect husband!”


    “This is not my boss’ car,” said Qi Shan.


    The smile on her face was frozen and the atmosphere around her had turned awkward. After that Huo Beichen approached the Cadillac and sat in it.

    She then looked at Qi Shan and he was laughing at her.

    “I was messing with you!”


    “I feel like you are a plate of fish with sour vegetables!”


    Qi Shan could not understand a single word that came out from her mouth.

    “Basically, you are jealous of me and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

    After saving her own face, Ning Meng went into the car with a smile on her face.


    Soon, the car had arrived at Huo Mansion.

    At first, Ning Meng thought that Huo Beichen’s mansion was a top-class mansion with 2,000 miles of land. To her surprise, it was just a triple story villa with a small garden beside it.

    “Where should I sleep?” asked Ning Meng while standing in the common area.

    Qi Shan looked at Huo Beichen and wondered, ‘Is my boss going to sleep with her in the same room?”