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Chapter 20

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 20: Little Tian Tian

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    Qi Shan was waiting anxiously for Huo Beichen’s reply.

    After putting some thought into it, Huo Baichen said, “204.”

    ‘That’s great! Room 204 is the room that is furthest from Boss’ room. It seems like boss is still going to keep some distance between him and her.’ thought Qi Shan while glaring at her.

    It seemed like he had something evil planned for her.

    Immediately, Ning Meng carried her luggage to her room without thinking much about it. The room that she entered was rather big. It was at least thirty square meters. It had an independent bathroom. And the things on the bed were really tidy. It seemed like someone was here to clean the frequently.

    Ning Meng then opened up her luggage and hung all the clothes before lying on the bed. Those things did not go according to her plan today, she was happy that she could stay under the same roof with Huo Beichen. Just when she was enjoying her comfortable moment on the bed, someone knocked at her room door.

    Qi Shan was standing outside with a suspicious smile when Ning Meng opened the door.

    “Come down with me. There is something I want to tell you.”


    Qi Shan had always gone against her since the first time they met. There was no way that Qi Shan would change the way he treated her all of a sudden. She then twitched her mouth and followed Qi Shan downstairs.

    By the time they went downstairs, Huo Beichen had already gone to his study room to deal with his own personal matters.

    “Boss likes serenity. He lives here alone. Sometimes, the maid from his mansion will come here to clean the villa,” said Qi Shan in a stern manner.


    Now, she knew that Huo Beishan did own a mansion. All the butlers and maids were staying in the mansion. And the owner himself was staying in this villa.

    “Since you have moved here, I will need you to do all these simple house chores.”

    Ning Meng nodded her head and felt that what he said actually made perfect sense. After all, she had no intention to stay here for free.

    “What do you need me to do?”

    “I need you to feed Little Tian Tian at certain hours of the day.”

    Little Tian Tian?

    “Is that a cat?

    “Close enough. Little Tian Tian is a dog.”

    “Dogs and cats are not the same at all!”

    At first, she thought that Xiao Tian Tian was an adorable Chihuahua. The thing that she could not figure out was why a man like Huo Beichen would name his dog, Little Tian Tian. Well, a big boss like him would bound to have his quirks. And this was not the first time he displayed his quirky side.

    “Where is the dog?”

    Qi Shan then passed the dog food to her and led her to the backyard.

    “Little Tian Tian lives here. Usually, I’m the one that feeds it. I will pass the task to you right now.”

    Holding onto the bag of dog food, Ning Meng could feel that something was not right.

    Suddenly, Qi Shan took a step back and shouted, “Little Tian Tian, time for food!”

    Seconds later, a shadow charged at her from far. She could see that a ferocious creature that had the same height as she was running towards her. She was so scared that she was frozen completely. To her surprise, the dog named Little Tian Tian was actually a Tibetan Mastiff1!

    Qi Shan had his arms folded and prepared to watch Ning Meng deal with Little Tian Tian. Due to its ferocious nature, other than the boss himself; Qi Shan could only get close to it when he fed it. A thief’s leg was bitten off when he tried to break into the villa.

    Though Little Tian Tian was extremely fierce, it was actually well trained. It would not simply bite anyone that passed by it. Right now, Qi Shan was planning to use Little Tian Tian to put some fear into Ning Meng. He did not want Ning Meng to continue to act in such a cocky manner.

    Qi Shan started chuckling as he imagined Ning Meng falling to the ground and crying out loud.