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Chapter 21

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 21: Poor Qi Shan

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    Ning Meng was terrified. Seeing that the dog was getting closer and closer to her, it suddenly jumped and bit her… sleeves? It then shook its big head and started to show its fondness of her. The giant Tibetan Mastiff had just acted like a child in front of her.

    Ning Meng gulped and extended her hand to touch its head. Immediately, it came down, had its head lifted, and started to wag its tail.

    Seeing that it was not going to bite her, Ning Meng could finally relax. She then started to rub its back.

    “I’m really impressed that the Huo Beichen could train it to become as tame as a little kitty! My idol is really the best!”

    When she turned around, she saw Qi Shan was getting really frustrated about it.

    “Stupid woman! What have you done to Little Tian Tian?!” shouted Qi Shan.

    Before she could say a word, the gentle Tibetan Mastiff jumped at Qi Shan suddenly. It had its front paw pressed on Qi Shan who shouted and it started to bark at him. Its warm and stinky breath was all over his face.

    “Little Tian Tian! It’s me!” shouted Qi Shan with a pale look on his face.


    Seemingly, the Tibetan Mastiff had no intention to let him go. It turned around and sat on Qi Shan’s face. After that, it looked at Ning Meng and started to shake its tail. It seemed like it was waiting for her to praise it. She had a feeling that Little Tian Tian was trying to avenge her. So, she decided to test it out.

    “Little Tian Tian, let him go.”

    Immediately, it stood up.

    Qi Shan had tears in his eyes. Before he could say anything, he heard Ning Meng command Little Tian Tian again.

    “Sit down!”

    Its butt landed on his face once again.


    “Get up!”

    Qi Shan got to see the light of the day again.

    “Sit down!”

    After repeating the command several times, Ning Meng was pretty sure that she had complete control over the Tibetan Mastiff. She could not figure out why it hated Qi Shan. In the end, Ning Meng decided to let Qi Shan off the hook.

    He got up with his shirt roughed up and he started to run away with tears in his eyes like a little girl that was bullied by others. After she fed the dog and played with it for a while, Ning Meng was exhausted. She then went and touched its head and said, “Little Tian Tian, I’m going to rest now. I will play with you tomorrow!”

    She did not notice that Huo Beichen was actually observing her from the study room that was located on the second floor of the house. Right until Ning Meng entered the villa, he then walked away from the window.


    Her cellphone rang the moment she walked into her room.

    “Meng Meng, there are a few new men coming to my company today. Do you want to have a look at them?” asked Ning Wentao.

    Ning Family had an entertainment company.

    “No. I don’t want to.”


    Ning Wentao was trying to talk her into it. Suddenly, he was interrupted by someone.

    “CEO Ning, Lin Qingbei wants to end the contract with our company…”

    Lin Qingbei?

    Ning Meng was shocked to hear the name. She had heard this name for at least a few times. And, she never paid too much attention to it. Suddenly, she remembered that he was going to become someone really famous when she heard that he was going to end the contract with her family’s company.

    His voice was really unique and he was regarded as a music prodigy. Unfortunately, no one paid extra attention to him in Lemon Entertainment. The first step that Su Tiantian did to Lemon Entertainment was to steal Lin Qingbei away and accuse Lemon Entertainment of bullying the newcomer. No matter what, she would not let Lin Qingbei end the contract.

    “Dad! I’m coming to the company now!”