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Chapter 23

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 23: Future Famous Star

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    Sitting in the CEO office, Ning Meng was checking the information that was available online. She found out that this world was different from the reality that she came from. Five years ago, the author completed this novel. That was why this world was still the same as five years ago.

    Ning Meng felt like she had traveled back in time where Tiktok and streaming websites were not available. When Ning Meng was looking through some websites online, Ning Wentao walked into the room furiously.

    “This new guy is stubborn! I can’t believe that he just said no to the benefits that I’ve offered him! He even told me that he will pay the penalty for breaking the contract! I have done a thorough background check on him when I signed him into this company. He is born into an ordinary family! There’s no way that he could afford to pay us millions of yuan!”


    Lin Qingbei might not be able to afford to pay them but Su Tiantian’s company was rich enough to do so. That was the company that the male protagonist set up for her and they had plenty of liquidated assets.

    “Let me try,” said Ning Meng.

    She then went into a small meeting room. Lin Qingbei was sitting there and there was a set of paperwork to terminate the contract placed in front of him. He then started to knock on the table when he saw Ning Meng enter the room.

    “Sign the paperwork. I will not stay in this company no matter what!”

    It seemed like it was going to be really hard to change his mind. Ning Meng’s mouth twitched at his cocky behavior. Usually, she liked to resolve all her issues peacefully. Right now, Lin Qingbei had officially managed to push her to use a forceful method to deal with him.

    “Lin Qingbei! You have to understand that you are begging the company to terminate your contract! And my answer is I DON’T AGREE TO IT!”


    “What you? Because I have a good relationship with you, the company has decided to give you more benefits as compared to others! If you are still not fine with it and insist on terminating the contract, let’s meet in court!”

    The thing that all these small-time celebrities were afraid the most was court cases. At first, Lin Qingbei thought that he was just a new guy, the company would let him go if he insisted to leave. He never thought that it would end up in such undesirable circumstances.

    “Why do you insist on keeping me around?”

    “That is because you are going to be really famous in the future! You are going to shake the entire entertainment industry! I’m not stupid. Why would I let you go?”


    They were arguing not too long ago. Lin Qingbei could not figure out why Ning Meng would praise him all of a sudden. He then glared at Ning Meng with his eyebrows furrowed. In the entertainment industry, some people have tried all their lives to become famous. And most of them have failed. The way that Ning Meng talked to him just now was filled with confidence. He wanted to know what made her think so highly of him. This was the very first time Lin Qingbei received such high praise.

    Seeing that Lin Qingbei did not talk back to her, Ning Meng softened her tone.

    “The company has decided to give you the best of everything. I know that you were planning to work for Sweet Scent Studio. Whatever they’ve offered you, we will provide you the same!”

    “They manage to get Xiao Yaojun to write a song for me to sing. Can you guys find someone better than him? Hmph!”

    Xiao Yaojun was the most famous songwriter for these two years. All the songs that he wrote were not extremely famous all over China.

    “Song? That’s a small problem!”

    Ning Meng picked up the pen and a piece of paper, thought for a while, and started to write a song. From where she came from, there were a lot of popular songs. All she needed to do was to pick one of them and it would astound everyone.