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Chapter 24

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 24: Thank You For Working Hard, Hubby!

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    Within five minutes, Ning Meng had managed to write a song. She then handed the paper to Lin Qingbei.

    “Take a look!”


    This time, he was disgusted by her when he looked at her.

    ‘Is she stupid or what? Does she really think that it’s that easy to write a song?’ thought Lin Qingbei while gripping his fist.

    Immediately, he crumpled the paper and threw it on the floor.

    “Ning Meng, even if you think that I’m not worthy to sing a song written by the top-rated songwriter; this is no way to humiliate me!”

    Knowing that they could not come to an agreement, Lin Qingbei stood up and walked out of the room. She then picked up the paper and went after him.

    “I can guarantee that you will become super famous if you sing this song!”

    Lin Qingbei glared at her and did not say a single word.

    “You have misunderstood me! I didn’t write this song. My friend is a songwriter and he wrote this song! Just take a quick look at it!”

    “So, now you have the right to hand over your friend’s work to anyone you like?” said Lin Qingbei and stopped moving at the same time.

    Ning Meng was trying to gasp for breath after running for a short distance. She sighed after hearing what he said. Logically speaking, one needs to purchase the copyright to use someone else’s work. But the thing was all those celebrities from the real world did not exist here. In other words, she could not purchase their copyright even if she wanted to. If she managed to find a way to travel back to the real world, she would definitely purchase a few albums before coming back here.

    “I can make any decision for the songwriter!” said Ning Meng


    Lin Qingbei chuckled after hearing her excuse. The problem was she did not even ask for her friend’s permission to use it. Either the song was really bad or it was written by her. Lin Qingbei was going to ignore her again. Under such critical circumstances, Ning Meng put the paper into his pocket.

    “I will do some arrangements for you to sing at the recording studio tomorrow! After that, I will upload your singing online before publishing the physical album! This is the company’s decision!”

    Lin Qingbei was not happy when he heard the phrase company’s decision. Before he left the building, he glared at Ning Meng, fists clenched. Ning Meng then went and looked for the staff that was responsible for booking the recording studio.

    “Lady boss, you will need at least two months of prior notice before booking the recording studio.”

    “That’s really long, do I have other ways of booking it for tomorrow?”

    A lot of things could happen in two months.

    “It would be hard for other people but for you, it’s an easy task. The recording studio that we booked belongs to one of Huo companies. If Mr. Huo says yes to it, you can use it tomorrow.”


    She had secretly decided that she would never let Huo Beichen leave her side no matter what. It was late when she returned home. Seeing that Huo Beichen had not come back from work, Ning Meng went and took two packets of snacks, turned on the television, and looked for a random channel to watch while eating her snack.

    Soon after that, the doors were pushed open and Huo Beichen walked into the room. Immediately, Ning Meng jumped up and ran to the door.

    “Hubby, you are back? You must be really tired. Are you thirsty? Are you hungry?”


    Before Huo Beichen could answer her question, a reporter on the television suddenly talked about Ning Meng.

    “According to the reliable source, we are informed that Ms. Ning from an entertainment company was acting in a wild manner. She was trying to signal the newcomer to sleep with her…”