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Chapter 25

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 25: Husband And Wife Should Help Each Other

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    Ning Meng was stunned. She could feel a continuous flow of icy aura coming out from Huo Beichen.

    “All this entertainment news is nonsense! They always report something that is not true! How can they put it in the news when they don’t have solid evidence?! And the TV station is not strict enough to prevent this kind of nonsense from happening!” said Ning Meng.

    Right after she finished explaining herself, they heard the reporter talking again.

    “Our reporter has managed to capture some pictures. It seems like the entertainment industry needs an overhaul on their moral standards…”


    She then turned around and glared at the television. She saw the picture of her ‘harassing’ Lin Qingbei at the parking lot. She wished that the television would change to another channel right now. She did not want to listen to the news anymore.

    The atmosphere in the room was so awkward that Ning Meng felt like she could not lift her head anymore. All she wanted to do right now was to look for a hole and hide inside it.

    “Is there something wrong?” asked Huo Beichen in a deep voice.

    And the room’s silence was broken. He then walked past her. His tall and huge frame had made the room became less spacious.

    Ning Meng was really glad that Huo Beichen did not hear the news from the television. Seeing that Huo Beichen was about to go upstairs, Ning Meng quickly went after him.

    “Hubby, I think husband and wife should help each other during hardship, right? You are a hero that always helps others and you will never let injustice slip through your fingers. So, I’m pretty sure you will not deny me a small favor, right?”

    She then extended her hand, used her finger to swipe the air, and stared at Huo Beichen in a wishful manner. Huo Beichen did not show her any expression. After ignoring her, he continued to walk up the stairs. His tall figure had allowed him to take two steps at once. And Ning Meng had to run towards him to catch up to him.

    “What do you want?” said Huo Beichen.

    “I want to use the recording studio tomorrow. The person from the company did not make an early booking. Do you think you can make some arrangement to let me cut the queue?” asked Ning Meng with a smile.

    “Oh…” replied Huo Beichen.

    His eyes were droopy and his lashes were illuminated in the light, casting a shadow on his face. He then parted his thin lips and said, “No.”

    Ning Meng was so shocked that she stood on the ground, unmoved.


    Huo Beichen entered his room and shut her out. Ever since Huo Beichen allowed her to stay with him, she thought that he had changed the way he looked at her. To her surprise, Huo Beichen had actually refused to help her without even thinking twice. She wanted to knock at his door but her hands stopped two millimeters from the door. Clearly, she did not have the guts to do so.

    ‘You are such a coward! It’s just knocking at your husband’s door!’

    Ning Meng chided herself in her mind. She then walked down the stairs but her eyes were still fixed on Huo Beichen’s room. Suddenly, her stomach growled. She realized that she had not eaten anything since noon. So, she walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. And, she saw that there were all kinds of raw ingredients inside it. In the end, she took two tomatoes and two eggs before closing the fridge doors. The only dish she knew how to cook was stir-fried tomatoes with eggs and noodles.

    First, she went and cooked her noodles. After that, she poured some oil in the wok and stir-fried the cut tomatoes before mixing the two eggs inside it. With a light stir, the tomatoes and eggs were combined perfectly.

    This was her lazy way of cooking this dish. It might not look nice but it was actually quite delicious. After mixing it with the noodles, Ning Meng moved the plate to the dining, and prepare to feast on it. Suddenly, she could feel an ice aura surround her. She lifted up her head and saw Huo Beichen standing at the second floor and looking at her noodles in a serious manner.