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Chapter 26

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 26: She Can Be Proud Too

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    From where she was at, she could see Huo Beichen’s long and straight legs. Without his suit, this white t-shirt on him made him less intimidating and fresher. The entire scene was like a printed picture with a handsome man on it. Ning Meng could not help but stare at him for a rather long time.

    Ning Meng was forced to come back to reality when someone knocked on the door.

    “Sir, I’m here to deliver your food.”

    Ning Meng saw a middle-aged man walk into the house. He then walked toward Ning Meng. He was slightly startled when he saw her living in the same house with Huo Beichen. However, he soon regained his composure and put the thermal insulation food box on the table. Different kinds of dishes were presented in front of her when the man opened up the food box.

    There were sweet and sour pork ribs, steam fish, stir-fried beef, spicy chicken, stir-fried vegetables, tofu, fragrant warm rice, and a pot of duck soup. Ning Meng then looked down her plate of noodles and gulped.

    Comparing with others was never a good idea. So, she decided to pick up her chopsticks, let out a sigh, and continue to eat her noodles while sniffing the goodness of all those delicacies that were placed in front of her. Suddenly, she could feel that the air around her was frozen.

    Before she realized it, Huo Beichen had already come down the stairs and stood right beside her.

    “Do you want to eat them?” asked Huo Beichen while pointing at all those delicacies.

    Ning Meng then nodded her head.

    “You can have them.”

    “I want this. Exchange with me.”

    Ning Meng’s eyes widened in surprise. There must be something wrong with this man since he was willing to exchange all those delicacies with her simple bowl of noodles. Just as Ning Meng wanted to say yes to it, she suddenly thought of how Huo Beichen refused to help her earlier.

    “Erm… Suddenly, I feel like I don’t want to eat all those dishes anymore,” said Ning Meng after she fake coughed.


    Huo Beichen glared at her without saying a word. It seemed like he was in deep thought. Ning Meng then pretended to stuff all the noodles into her mouth. Finally, she heard him talking again.

    “Regarding the recording studio, I will make some arrangements for you to use it tomorrow!”

    The moment he finished talking, Ning Meng was so excited that she handed the bowl of noodles to him and started to drink the duck soup. The taste lingered on her tongue, leaving a cleansed and fresh feeling.

    The soup was so good that it made Ning Meng thought that it was cooked by some internationally awarded chef.

    “Hubby, do you want more noodles? I can cook more for you if you want.”


    While Ning Meng was eating, Huo Beichen was holding the bowl of noodles and sitting in the furthest spot from her. All he did was stare at the noodles. It seemed like he was cherishing the noodles.

    After some time, there was no more steam coming out from the noodles. Huo Beichen then started to eat the noodles. A familiar taste had entered his mouth. It made him squeeze on the chopsticks. When he looked at the noodles once again, all his mixed emotions were buried. The full-course meal that sent by the butler was only meant for one person.

    Not too long after that, Ning Meng had emptied all the plates on the table. She then rubbed her full belly and looked at where Huo Beichen sat earlier. He was no longer there and he had finished all the noodles in the bowl.

    Were her noodles really that yummy?

    When Ning Meng was washing the plates and bowls, she found some tomatoes and eggs in the wok. So, she picked it up and put them in her mouth. Immediately, she spat them out. Just as expected, she had put too much salt in it again.