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Chapter 27

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 27: The Female Protagonist, Su Tiantian!

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    Ning Meng returned to her room and was ready to do some yoga at the balcony. When she looked down, she saw Huo Beichen was walking with Little Tian Tian at the backyard. He was wearing casual gray attire and walking with Little Tian Tian in the backyard. Little Tian Tian wiggled its butt and following closely behind him.

    Under the street lights, their shadows were stretched considerably. A man and his dog walking on the street gave out a sense of immense loneliness. Ning Meng then shook her head and told herself that she was overthinking.

    A capable man like Huo Beichen would never need a friend. With all the power that he had, all he needed to do was sit tight on his throne.


    On the second day, Ning Meng woke up from the sound of a door closing downstairs. She was late by five minutes when she arrived at the recording studio. Lin Qingbei was standing in the hallway impatiently. He scowled when she appeared in front of him.

    Just when Ning Meng wanted to greet him, she heard a female voice call out to her.

    “Meng Meng.”

    A lady in a white dress was walking toward her gently. She looked really kind and polite. It made her look like a girl-next-door.

    “Sister Tian Tian!” Lin Qingbei exclaimed.

    Ning Meng finally realized that this was the lead female character of this novel, Su Tiantian!

    Ever since Cao Xuehua married Ning Meng’s father, Su Tiantian had ventured into the entertainment industry. The fact that she could sing and dance really well had made her stand out among all the other new celebrities. And with Ning Wentao’s connection, she managed to gain her fame faster than expected.

    After that, she was recruited to act in a drama series. Because of that, her name was known all over China. Right now, Su Tiantian had become one of the most famous celebrities in the entertainment industry.

    “Qingbei,” said Su Tiantian with a smile.

    “Why are you here? Are you here to record a song as well?” Lin Qingbei asked with his head bowed.

    “You know that I went and look for Xiao Yaojun to write a song, right? Initially, I did this for someone but the person is not coming anymore. So, I have decided to sing the song myself.”

    Ning Meng was not happy after hearing what Su Tiantian had to say. The reason why she said what had just said was to incite Lin Qingbei’s hatred towards Ning Meng. After all, Xiao Yaojun was the most famous songwriter. All those people who sing the songs that he wrote would definitely become famous after that. Just as expected, Lin Qingbei started to look really depressed.

    “Meng Meng, why are you not talking?” asked Su Tiantian.

    Ning Meng could sense Su Tiantian’s hatred toward her. In the beginning, she did think about becoming friends with Su Tian Tian but both her stepmother’s and stepsister’s attitude told her that even if she apologized, it was never going to happen.

    “I don’t think I can call your name,” said Ning Meng while folding her arms.


    “I got to know a friend recently and his name is Tiantian as well. I will introduce him to you next time. I’m pretty sure that he and you have a lot in common to talk about!”

    After all, they were both dogs.

    Su Tiantian did not realize Ning Meng had just insulted her. She thought she was being nice to her. So, she nodded her head in surprise and said, “That’ll be great!”

    “Oh right. Su Tiantian, let me ask you a question,” Ning Meng said with the corner of her lips lifted.

    She was laughing at her secretly.

    “What question?”

    “I can’t seem to look for you in Baidu. But I can look for your information on the Sogou1 website. Can you tell me why?”