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Chapter 28

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 28: Lin Qingbei’s Face Slapping Moment

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    “Can’t look for me on Baidu? That’s weird. I will ask my assistant to check it out later,” said Su Tiantian, bewildered.


    “Thank you for telling me about it.”

    Right after Su Tiantian finished her sentence, someone called out for her.

    “Teacher Tiantian, we can begin now!”

    Su Tiantian then bid Ning Meng and Lin Qingbei farewell and headed to the recording studio. Seeing that Su Tiantian had walked away, Ning Meng started to laugh out loud.

    Lin Qingbei tried to connect everything that Ning Meng had just said after seeing her giggling nonstop. He finally figured out that Ning Meng had just called Su Tiantian a dog without her knowing it.

    A row of pearl-white teeth was shown when Ning Meng smiled after she did something bad to Su Tiantian. She laughed so hard that both of her eyes were half shut. Charm exuded from the corner of her eyes. When her eyes became teary, it made her eyes sparkle. And her entire face was flushed. It made people have the urge to take a bite on it.

    Seduction and purity were presented in her at the same time. She had no idea the way she behaved was extremely seductive to most men. Even Lin Qingbei had to force himself to look away. He suddenly realized that this Ning Meng was different than the Ning Meng that he knew. Spending time with her was no longer suffering. He then frowned and had no idea what to do with his sudden revelation.

    “Let’s go and listen to Su Tiantian’s singing! I want to know what song is she going to sing!”

    After a good laughing session, Ning Meng signaled Lin Qingbei with her eyes and brought him outside of Su Tiantian’s recording room. From where they stood, they could hear her voice but it was rather soft.

    Su Tiantian’s voice was really flexible. She could make her voice turn husky or sweet. Since this song was written by a man, the key would naturally be lower. When she sang it, one could feel how sad the song was.

    Immediately, the goodness Lin Qingbei felt about Ning Meng was gone. Initially, he was supposed to be the one to sing this song. He wanted to use this song to make a major breakthrough in his career. And now, he blamed Ning Meng for ruining everything for him. Just when he was thinking how much he hated Ning Meng, he heard her comment about the song.

    “This song, not bad, right?”

    ‘Does this woman know what is music? How can she say this is not bad?!’

    “What kind of song would you consider good?” Lin Qingbei asked sarcastically.

    “Did you check out the song that I wrote for you yesterday?”

    “Is it even worth checking out?”

    Lin Qingbei was really talented at singing. Usually, what he needed to do was look at it once and he would remember everything; that included the music and lyrics. That was why he thought it was not necessary for him to practice beforehand.

    “Okay. That’s totally fine. Just practice later then. I have faith in you, my future star!”

    Lin Qingbei was not going to forgive her that easily even though she complimented him. After that, he left Su Tiantian’s recording room without saying a word. He could foresee that this song would dominate the billboards for at least a few months! This song would become the most famous song of the year!

    Ning Meng was waiting outside when he arrived at his recording room. She had left what needed to be done to the professional staff around her. Through the glass, Lin Qingbei could see Ning Meng was wearing a yellow dress and using her cell phone casually. He then took out the paper that had Ning Meng passed to him yesterday…