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Chapter 29

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 29: Best Song Ever!

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    The name of the song was Wrong Love1.


    Lin Qingbei’s face became really serious after that. The lyric of the song had stirred his emotions. He could imagine the beautiful love story behind the song. Whoever that wrote the song was clearly really good at what he or she did. If the songwriter meant what he or she said, this song could very well be the song that was going to last for a century! He then looked at the song again.

    Lin Qingbei himself was a songwriter as well. With a single glance, he knew that this song that Ning Meng wrote was really unique. He looked at the tune and started to sing it softly. With the crumpled paper in his hand, Lin Qingbei was practicing on his own in the room with his head bowed.

    “Can we start now?” the staff asked.

    “Hold on. Give me some time. I have to practice more to not ruin the song.”

    “Fine. Take your time. We can use this recording room for the entire day.”

    Everyone chuckled when they saw Lin Qingbei in love with the song.

    Actually, the process of recording and producing a song can be really complicated and troublesome. And Ning Meng knew nothing about it. That was why she was on the cellphone all the while.

    It was now noon and they were not done recording the song. Everyone was working really hard to make this song to become a one-hit-wonder. None of them were feeling tired. As for Ning Meng, she could not help but rub her belly.

    After all, she was now a rich lady. She would not subject herself to that sort of torture and thus went outside and tapped on the delivery application on her cellphone to order a good meal for herself. Suddenly, she saw that there was a restaurant that served noodles nearby the recording studio. A picture of tomato and egg noodles was displayed outside it.

    Ning Meng then touched her chin and remember the noodles that she cooked last night. She realized that this place was where Huo Group was and Huo Beichen traveled here every day for business. In other words, this was the best time for Ning Meng to improve her relationship with Huo Beichen.

    Knowing that her husband really liked tomato and egg noodles, she ordered two sets. Soon, someone delivered the food to her. With her hands holding the food, she went to the front desk to ask which floor was Huo Beichen at.

    “Hi. Do you have an appointment?” asked the receptionist politely.


    “I’m so sorry. CEO Huo is busy right now. He’s not available to meet you.”

    “I’m his wife.”

    “I know. I have seen you before.”

    Just when Ning Meng wanted to use her ‘wife’ privilege to meet Huo Beichen, she heard the receptionist talked again.

    “CEO Huo mentioned that you are not allowed to go and look for him without making an appointment earlier.”

    Someone she knew came in from outside when she wanted to talk to the receptionist more about it.

    “Qi Shan!” Ning Meng yelled.

    “Why are you here?” Qi Shan asked cautiously with both of his hands in his pockets.

    Ning Meng then showed the food in her hands and said, “I’m here to deliver food to my husband. Bring me to his office!”

    “That’s impossible! Dream on!”

    “Do you want everyone to know what Little Tiantian did to you that day?”