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Chapter 30

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 30: My Husband Loves Me A Lot

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    “Meng Meng!”

    Just when Qi Shan was going to say yes to her and bring her to Huo Beichen’s office, she heard someone that she hated call out to her.

    “Fancy running into you again! What a coincidence!” Su Tiantian exclaimed with a fake smile plastered on her face and her white dress fluttering when she walked toward her.

    “Why are you here?” asked Ning Meng.

    After all, the recording studio was located right beside Huo Group’s building. And these two buildings were not connected with each other.

    “I have been chosen as the ambassador of Huo Group! I have just finished recording my song. It’s only right for me to come and check the company out since the recording studio is just right beside it!”

    Ning Meng was bothered by the fact that she kept seeing her today.

    “Luckily you are not living in Shanghai. Not only you know how to sing, but you are also an ambassador as well! And you know how to act as well! You do realize that you are involved in a lot of things, right? You will definitely feel troubled if you live in Shanghai. I wonder if you are dry or wet1.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    Ning Meng was saying that a trashy person like Su Tiantian could never be recycled.

    “I’m complimenting you!”

    Su Tiantian narrowed her eyes and stared at Ning Meng as she was being very strange today. Since she could not understand what Ning Meng was talking about, she had decided that she was not going to care about it. She then shifted her attention to the items that Ning Meng was holding in her hand.

    “Meng Meng, this is…”

    “I’m here to deliver lovely lunch to my hubby,” Ning Meng answered sweetly, with the expression to match.

    She had been waiting for Su Tiantian to ask that question all along. This surprised Su Tiantian. It was hard to believe that Ning Meng was so in love with Huo Beichen. Su Tiantian had thrown a fit when she heard the news from Cao Xuehua about Ning Meng refusing to divorce.

    Hence, she was there to check on Ning Meng’s and Huo Beichen’s relationship. If they were still on bad terms, she reckoned that Huo Beichen would not stop her if she were to do something bad to Ning Meng. Now, she wondered if Ning Meng and Huo Beichen made their relationship work.

    “Meng Meng, I thought you have always hated CEO Huo? What’s happening now…”

    “That’s the old me and now I have discovered a secret…”

    “What kind of secret?”

    “Now I know that my hubby loves me a lot. I was immature and flirty around other men. That was he was angry at me. After I realized my mistake, I found out that he has always treated me well. Not only does he allow me to stay with him, he even prepared a good dinner. Oh right! He’s the one that made the arrangement for me to use the recording studio today!”

    “You guys are living together?”

    “That’s right. I was used to living alone. Recently, he persuaded me to move in with him. And the way he cares about me is so good that I will need some time to get used to it.”

    Qi Shan was shocked to hear what Ning Meng had just said. Today, he finally witnessed the power of making up stories with a thick face.

    Just when Qi Shan wanted to say something about, Qi Shan suddenly shouted, “Bos… Boss?”

    “Qi Shan, are you trying to trick me again? I know that my husband is really attached to me. He wants to stick with me all the time! That’s why I want to go upstairs and look for him. How can he… Hubby?!”

    Ning Meng turned around and saw Huo Beichen was standing right behind her, wearing a suit. It made him look like a member of the royal family. She wondered if he had heard everything she said just now. Her mind was blank. She needed an explanation if Huo Beichen had heard everything she had said earlier.