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Chapter 31

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 31: Mr. Huo Is Here

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    No one dared to say a single word at the lobby the moment Huo Beichen came down. One could hear the sound of a dropping pin. The air around him was frozen still. Ning Meng gulped and mustered her courage to talk to Huo Beichen.

    “Hey, my hunk! Why are you here? Can’t wait to see me?” asked Ning Meng nervously.

    The words just blurted out with no inkling on why she would say something like that.


    As Huo Beichen glared at her, she could feel a chill running up her spine.

    “This suit that you are wearing fits perfectly on you! You are so handsome! The way you look right now is worth the respect of hundreds of thousands of people! No one in this world can compare to you! One look at you, and I know you are the kind of man who sees the bigger picture in every matter!”

    Ning Meng had activated her boot-licking mode. Still, Huo Beichen continuously glared at her in an icy manner. Feeling the pressure, Ning Meng shut her mouth after that.

    “Boss, you have a lunch meeting with Boss Zhang later. You should depart from here now.”

    Ning Meng finally knew what Qi Shan was willing to bring her to Huo Beichen’s office. It was because Huo Beichen was heading out soon.

    “So, you have a lunch meeting later! How can I forget that? This is all a big misunderstanding. You should attend to your matters now. Don’t worry! I don’t mind at all!”

    Everyone was rendered speechless.

    After Ning Meng talked to Huo Beichen, she started to look at him nervously, hoping her husband would not bother to explain everything for her to get off the hook this time. The more time passed, the more nervous Ning Meng felt.

    In the end, Huo Beichen decided to walk away from them, with Ning Meng finally letting out a sigh of relief. All this while, Su Tiantian had been observing them from the side. She could see that Huo Beichen treated Ning Meng in an ice-cold manner. That clearly meant Huo Beichen did not love her.

    From the beginning till the end, Ning Meng was the one who did all the talking. To prove that Ning Meng and Huo Beichen were having a relationship, Su Tiantian came up with an evil thought. Now, she stared at the food Ning Meng was holding.

    Seeing that Huo Beichen was gone, Ning Meng lifted the hand that was holding the food and said, “Bye-bye!”

    Suddenly, someone knocked over the food, causing it to almost spill on her face! Ning Meng’s eyes were as large as two full moons from her shock! There were two sets of noodles in the plastic bag. One of them was tomato-egg noodles, and the other one was noodles with hot soup! Undoubtedly, she would have definitely suffered severe scalding if the soup did spill on her face.

    Just as Ning Meng wanted to dodge it, her arm was being pulled by someone! A muscular, tall body stood resolute in front of her!


    The soup splattered over the floor.! Lifting her head up, Ning Meng saw Huo Beichen had attempted to block the soup for her by using his arms as a shield! The noodles and soup that were supposed to land on Ning Meng’s face were now on Huo Beichen’s arm. And his shirt was soaking wet!

    However, it looked it he was suffering no pain. The first thing he did was look at Ning Meng.

    “Are you okay?” asked a nervous Huo Beichen.

    With her pupils contracted, this was her first time witnessing Huo Beichen getting this nervous about her. This time, it looked as if he was very concerned. He used his rough fingers to touch her face and checked on it with a concerned look.

    After seeing that she was alright, he finally stopped worrying about her. Seconds later, anger started to consume him. Immediately, he turned around and looked at Su Tiantian. This had unleashed a robust murderous rage from within him!

    “It seems like you have a death wish!”

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