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Chapter 32

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 32: Su Tiantian’s Bad Ending

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    Su Tiantian had almost been scared to death. She spilt the soup with the intention of finding out if Huo Beichen would show Ning Meng any concern if the hot soup scalded her.

    Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that Huo Beichen would use his body as a shield to block everything for her! Right now, in fact, Huo Beichen was so angry that all he wanted was to kill Su Tiantian! His murderous rage had managed to make Su Tiantian shake in fear.

    Seeing the bodyguards walking towards her, Su Tiantian knew that she would not be able to walk out of here if she did not figure out a way to get herself off the hook right now.

    “Mr. Huo! You can’t do this to me! I’m Li Yichen’s woman!”

    Upon hearing that, Ning Meng looked at Huo Beichen. Li Yichen was the male protagonist of the novel. He was supposed to be the new rising star of the business world. Due to his unique perspective and adventurous nature, he soon gained a lot of fame in his industry. The two of them were celebrities in the world of business. That was why Su Tiantian had thought Huo Beichen would never dare to do anything to her.

    To her surprise…

    “Bring her with me!” said Huo Beichen dominantly said.

    Ning Meng found it really hard to look away from Huo Beichen. The combination of his tall figure and dominant aura around him made him practically glow. Since his arm had been injured, the lunch meeting was naturally canceled.

    After that, Huo Beichen turned around and went into the elevator. As for Ning Meng, she followed right behind him. No one dared to stop her anymore after witnessing what just happened. Su Tiantian, on the other hand, was being restrained by bodyguards, gagging her to prevent her loud screams from getting out!

    Upon exiting the elevator, they arrived at Huo Beichen’s private office. Immediately, Ning Meng followed Huo Beichen out. Suddenly, she heard loud screaming behind her! Turning around, she saw Su Tiantian being dragged by the bodyguards by her hair. They then landed a kick on her knees, making her lose balance, and she dropped to the ground! One could see that her eyes were welling up with tears.

    Of course, Ning Meng would not show any sympathy for her. If the hot soup had landed on her face earlier, she would have been disfigured. And right now, Huo Beichen was the one that got her anyway.


    The private office had a luxurious grandiose about it. Upon entering, Huo Beichen changed to a loose black shirt and plopped on the sofa. At the side, the family doctor, Su Ye, was curing his wound with his head bowed. On his muscular arm, one could see it what seemed like a painful a blister. Ning Meng could not help but feel disgusted by it. Despite all that. She was genuinely impressed by Huo Beichen’s high tolerance to pain.

    “Boss, remember to change the dressing before you sleep,” advised Su Ye while applying ointment on the burn wounds and wrapping it with bandages.

    Huo Beichen did not bother replying, though. He had his hands placed on the armrest and was staring at the door. It seemed like he was waiting for someone. Out of curiosity, Ning Meng took a look outside at the same time.

    After kneeling for an hour, Su Tiantian’s hair had become messy, the makeup on her face slowly fading away. Her eyeliner and blush were smeared all over her face. She looked like she was in a bad state.

    When Ning Meng turned around, she noticed that Huo Beichen looking at her.

    “Hubby, what you did today is definitely a heroic move! You sacrificed yourself to save me! I will remember that forever! From now on, you are my hero! I will pray for you every morning as well! If you ever need my help, just give me a call! I will never say no to you!”

    At that, Su Ye was left speechless.

    Suddenly, the door pushed open!

    “Boss, Li Yichen is here,” exclaimed Qi Shan.